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  1. Training practice 1: "PERFORMING UNDER PRESSURE" ( the most efficient ways to avoid stress and burnout at work; buy the e-training / 1 page)
  2. Training practice 2: "WELL FIT FOR WORK" ( the most comprehensive proactive mental wellness training in the whole Internet; buy the e-training / 1 page)
  3. Training practice 3: "GETTING THINGS DONE" ( learn practical intrapersonal skills for boosting productivity and creativity; buy the e-training / 1 page)
  4. Expected release 2020: "MOVING BEYOND DEPRESSION" ( upcoming mental wellness training / 1 page) 
  5. Expected release 2021: "DEAL WITH ANXIETY" ( upcoming mental wellness training / 1 page)


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  1.  FREE MINI TRAINING:  "FOCUS & STRESS REDUCTION" ( get a taste of mental wellness gym now / 1 page)
  2.  FREE COFFE BREAK INSIGHT:  Stress and Burnout ( enjoy the world's first mental wellness gym for free / 1 page)
  3.  FREE COFFE BREAK INSIGHT:  Mental Wellness At Work ( enjoy the world's first mental wellness gym for free / 1 page)
  4. Published Articles ( published scientific paper and free mental wellness article collection from around the globe / 1 page)
  5.  FREE MENTAL WELLNESS e-BOOK  "The Proactive Mental Wellness Approach At Work" (1 page)


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  1. Annual membership and second e-training are available (1 page)
  2. Burnout classified as an occupational phenomenon (1 page)
  3. Dr. Helena Lass’ revolutionary approach to mental wellness (1 page)
  4. Dr. Helena Lass interviewed by Bill Fox – including the audio link to the full interview (1 page)
  5. Dr. Lass has mental wellness article featured in New Zealand HR magazine! (1 page)
  6. Dr. Lass has mental wellness article featured on (1 page)
  7. Excellent mental wellness boost productivity (1 page)
  8. Finally, an e-training that makes mental wellness easily accessible for companies (1 page)
  9. High profile mental health panel with the link to the video (1 page)
  10. How Accessible is Inner Wellness? (1 page)
  11. How to be a mental wellness hero who can lead others?  LAST MONTH  (1 page)
  12. How to maximize professional skills? (1 page)
  13. How to prevent stress and burnout in the workplace? (1 page)
  14. How to remove a toxic work environment? (1 page)
  15. How to secure mental wellness at work and in a crisis (1 page)
  16. International Stress Awareness Week (1 page)
  17. Intrapersonal skills are the foundation of work-life integration (1 page)
  18. Intrapersonal skills enable professional skills to shine (1 page)
  19. Intrapersonal skills secure excellent mental wellness at work – (1 page)
  20. The very first introduction of pro-active mental wellness training concept (1 page)
  21. Mental fitness – the source for good life and business (1 page)
  22. Mental Health Awareness Week (1 page)
  23. Mental wellness got more attention than ever before (1 page)
  24. Multitasking is an illusion that kills your productivity  LATEST  (1 page)
  25. The new path towards mental wellness - article by Dr. Helena Lass in Thrive Global (1 page)
  26. New Ways to deal with stress (1 page)
  27. New Year is coming. Where are you headed? (1 page)
  28. Personal initiative as the key to success and mental wellness (1 page)
  29. Pre-introduction of at Latitude59 start-up conference (1 page)
  30. Productivity is directly dependent on intrapersonal skills ( 1 page)
  31. Strategic partnership with Progress People for making proactive mental wellness accessible in New Zealand (1 page)
  32. Stop self-sabotaging mental health at work (1 page)
  33. The cost of being superficial (1 page)
  34. The proactive mental wellness approach for all employees has the best ROI (1 page)
  35. The year when pro-active mental wellness was born in a scalable format (1 page)
  36. Time for self-care (1 page)
  37. Use your next coffee break to find out how to avoid stress and burnout (1 page)
  38. Why intrapersonal skills matter more than interpersonal skills (1 page)
  39. Why Mental Wellness Matters for your team? (1 page)
  40. Why should your team strive for excellent mental wellness? ( 1 page)
  41. Why we have the potential to shape a different future in human capacity and build a path to mental wellness? (1 page)
  42. Why work/businesses depend on mental wellness –  MOST READ  (1 page)
  43. Work related stress at Christmas: how to take care of myself? (1 page)
  44. You can now join mental wellness e-trainings one team at a time (1 page)



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