How to secure mental wellness at work and in a crisis?

How to secure mental wellness at work and in a crisis?

The world has been experiencing a workplace mental health crisis for years as stress and burnout levels are sky-high and anxiety and depression are among the top causes of all illnesses.

Now, the global coronavirus pandemic is taking an added toll on mental health, those who have suffered from anxiousness, stress, or are on the path to burnout feel now even more alone.

This is the mental wellness challenge

We need to remove the ignorance around wellness by focusing on:

  • What is our normal inner state of being?
  • How to achieve mental well-being?

This is a real challenge that you can start solving here by watching Dr. Helena Lass’s video NOW.

Your mental sharpness and wellness is up to you

Everyone who has stayed home knows that during this unprecedented social isolation we have two options: looking into ourselves and facing our problems or suffering by failing to do so.

Those who have been on the frontline know that besides external resources also our inner resources can deplete when we lack practical intrapersonal skills (not the theory, but real skills) that enable us to deal with pressures out there.

Most of us who have experienced an economic setback now understand that besides the lack of money to buy something we need/love/want can also cause enormous inner stress. And yes, even going shopping or to work can cause stress, as the invisible virus is now out there.

Alone we cannot change the external situation, but we can be responsible for our inner calmness. Knowing how to have a fit mind enables us to seize the day and do our best where we are with the recourses we have.


Proactive mental health courses as a solution

No problem has been ever solved by solely focusing on the problem, all problems are solved by focusing on solutions.

Only by taking initiative and focusing on solutions enables you and your team to create a problem-free state and use your mental superpowers. The same applies to mental health problems.

Mental health scale has two ends: It is time to focus on mental wellness!

Now, more than ever, addressing mental health at work proactively and providing preventative measures to those who work from homes or are on the frontline matters. And here fully digital proactive mental health courses by mental wellness expert Dr. Helena Lass are the solution that outshines all other approaches. Such e-trainings are already easily accessible 24/7 with a fraction of the cost compared to mental health first aid courses or other reactive mental health solutions out there.

How workplaces respond to the growing uncertainty and different stressors that employees face will define them. The systematic intrapersonal education that Dr. Lass brings forward for you isn't a theory but includes practical guide exercises that everyone can apply.

Only learning practical skills that you can apply enable you to change real-life situations.

Why mental fitness matters now more than ever before?

When we open up our society after the lockdowns we will see:

  • More automation, as the development of AI and robotics, has been fast, and as automated systems don't get ill;
  • Benefits of local production, as global supply changes have failed during the pandemic;
  • Focus on soft skills, as we need to be creative, innovative, and solution-focused to find a sustainable path to solving our environmental and financial problems (currency creation and piling dept).

And all this has to take into account the huge supply change shifts, ongoing monetary system change, and environmental crises that also unfold due to our loan-dependent economy that again tries to boost our old consumerism-focused habits.

Dr. Lass argued in her scientific paper that also the root cause of consumerism is a lack of intrapersonal skills.

You cannot buy your way out of stress or anxiousness or burnout or even work-related mental illnesses. If you could have, we would have lived in paradise without mental illnesses a long time ago.

Click here and watch the free video about mental wellness at work

Most of us in the western world have had quite comfy lifestyles. Comfort hasn't removed our inner pressures and we have consumed more medicines than ever before.

While we have very efficient treatment options for physical illnesses, modern psychiatry has been stuck for decades. There is no single pill capable of removing your stress, anxiety, or depression. There probably will never be as our habits and our subconsciously learned brain patterns vary.

There is no magic pill to fix mental health issues

Learning mental sharpness and mental wellness as a solution

There probably never will be, as you cannot fix your mind with pills. Otherwise, there probably would be a learning pill, you swallow it and know the whole encyclopedia or handbook.

We all accept that we need to learn, we accept that we need to train our physical fitness and still we hope that our mind just somehow magically stays well. It is a false hope.

The fact is that everyone who develops any mental illness over the course of their life starts it from the high and chronic stress levels that lead to burnout, anxiety, or depression.

Somehow we just don't notice the extremely slow path towards our mental health problems before it turns into illness. It is no wonder, most of the schools around the globe have lacked education on intrapersonal skills that can secure our mental wellness and fitness for work and healthy relationships (including work relations and family life alike). The result of this lack is stress, stress, and even more stress that causes toxic workplace problems and family life conflicts, and a lot of personal trauma as well as a lack of employee engagement and low productivity.

Mental wellness stems from practical intrapersonal skills

Mental fitness is based on awareness-based intrapersonal skills. We need to train those inner skills for leading our minds just as we train our physical skills at the gym. Only instead of the body, the object of training here is our mind. It is as simple as that.

But, have you really ever trained your mind?

No, the question wasn't has your memory been trained to store some new data (that is what we mostly did in schools, memorized lesson after lesson)! The real question is: Do you have practical skills that keep your mind well?

Skills like:

  1. Having inner silence and peace;
  2. Relaxing when you have 15 minutes;
  3. Falling asleep at will fast and without disturbing inner reactivity;
  4. Noticing your inner reactions and replacing those with the aware response;
  5. Accessing creativity and intuition at will;
  6. Focusing on what you want as long as you want;
  7. Integrating all aspects of your life into a holistic one.

Conclusion – excellent mental wellness doesn't just happen, it needs to be trained

You need to know how to secure excellent mental wellness for you and your team.

By learning practical intrapersonal skills, you can lead your thoughts and emotions at your own will. Among other things, it will enable you to find work-life integration that works for you in your current location and situation.

You can end your unhealthy work patterns, frustration, and toxic relationships today. When things to do to be mentally healthy become the norm for everyone in your team, you can soon see better work engagement and focus. More human-centric work and personal relations will allow you and others around you to thrive.

However, the key for this isn't out there, the key is within you. Once you and your team learn intrapersonal skills, you can apply those in all life situations.

A practical and applicable approach to intrapersonal skills that you can apply right away is what makes this mental wellness gym different from many other wellbeing websites out there.

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