In her story Dr. Lass writes: "Awareness forms the cornerstone of intrapersonal skills, enabling us to overcome the limitations of passive mindfulness and meditation practices. Intrapersonal skills based on awareness can lay a solid foundation for professional excellence and business success. By learning, training, and directing intrapersonal skills, a vast amount of inner potential will open up, ultimately advancing our human capacity leading us towards better mental wellness. Only when we have internal wellness, can we solve external problems, be creative and take initiative as is expected in the modern startup world.

She continues, "People are finding their work is becoming more and more emotionally and mentally demanding. It is therefore imperative that start-ups and companies make up where state education institutions have failed by providing skills for staff to be more engaged, autonomous and proactive, and protective measures against mental health hazards.

A recent study by Deloitte has positively confirmed that investing in early proactive mental health solutions has a considerably better ROI than dealing with a reactive approach. That is for every leader and founder mental health should remain your utmost priority. People who feel well and have a sharp mind, innovate and work well.

Mental wellness matters for everyone

Let’s be honest, being part of a start-up or being an entrepreneur is actually more stressful than working in an established company. The risk of mental health-related problems – such as stress, burnout, anxiety, depression, etc. – is even bigger here. So, the benefits of improving mental wellness here are even more obvious than in old and established companies. You can't just replace your founders or your key players!

The good news is that every single Wellness Orbit e-training is taught to you and your team in a way that is simple, practical and most importantly, creates more mental fitness and improves productivity for your team. That means that you can use more of your team's inner recourses and be more productive.

Come and take a free stress test!

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You are most welcome to test your stress level and as a bonus, you can also enjoy a short 23-minute online training video about some key aspects that you should know before you come face-to-face with performing under pressure. We assure you that this mental wellness test is unique and comes with instantaneous feedback about your stress level.

Learning good intrapersonal skills enables one to stay stress-free and achieve excellent productivity. It also improves your ability to hold the focus on the tasks you need to perform and thus enables you to boost your business results as less time goes towards distractions.