How to train your mind to achieve success?

How to train your mind to achieve success?Intrapersonal skills allow self-leaderehip

We all desire success. However until you take personal responsibility and commit to achieving it, it keeps slipping away. Let’s observe why mind health is the key to your success.

Your brain is neuroplastic, and thus something you can train to comprehend and lead various inner processes of your mind. Understanding your own inner processes represents the key to establishing a sustainable path to success.

While you can try to learn positive affirmations and external motivation, until you don't deal with the negativity within your own mind, you are preventing your success.

When you put positive affirmation on top of the negative patterns and beliefs, you build inner conflicts. Your own subconscious inner fight between "I can do this", and "I can't do this" isn't helping you along. Two opposite affirmations just build an inner conflict and freeze you and make procrastination become your dominant activity.

While every person might possess diverse beliefs that sabotage success, the pattern is always similar. Learning to spot your inner patterns and letting go of the unhealthy ones matters here is the key to desired change.

Until you aren't living a fully conscious life, you aren't probably aware of the numerous inner processes that sabotage your success.

Changing the inner sabotage

The simple truth is our inner sabotage is something that most of us are so used to that we fail to notice it. Can you say you are free from such inner sabotage?

Are your colleagues free of such inner or intrapersonal sabotage?

As our attention is constantly outside, it is probably easier to detect such inner problems of other people than to distinguish those within your own mind.

The next time you spot your colleague's or friend's negative thought pattern or emotional reaction, look within. Is the same pattern present within you?

Why don't you observe your own mind?

The fact is, today we lack intrapersonal education in our schools and workplaces.

Without proper mind training based on learning intrapersonal skills, we can't understand our inner processes. To such a degree that we fail to observe how our inner patterns and mental health issues develop slowly. Gradual change is something that your untrained mind can't notice.

The key to positive change has two aspects:

  1. Understanding that your habits and inner patterns develop subconsciously. Learning mental and emotional obstacles happens too slowly to be spotted by your untrained mind;
  2. You and everyone else around you can exclusively use your own awareness and your practical intrapersonal skills to transform what is going on within your mind. Changing processes within your mind is 100% up to you. No one else can't do it for you.

Those two aspects are fundamental for understanding in practice. Here the word 'responsibility' represents something positive. It is your ability to respond in a way that keeps your mind fit and well.

Lack of intrapersonal education

When you fail to correctly identify your unhealthy mental and emotional patterns, you can't initiate a positive inner change.

When you lack awareness of what is going on within your mind, you are restricted to repeat and replicate such an unspotted subconscious pattern. Your negative patterns are the outcome of your lack of intrapersonal education.

A fundamental lack of your awareness can't be replaced by something else. Soothing your mind and becoming more aware of your awareness remains the key here.

We as a society talk about mental health awareness of becoming aware of this or that. There really are countless awareness campaigns. What it suggests is other people want you to direct your awareness out there.

Has anyone ever told you to become aware of your own awareness?

Have you taken the time to observe the quality of awareness itself?

Probably not, as you are again and again instructed to direct your awareness on the different external processes. However, directing awareness out there doesn't deliver the profound change you desire.

Exclusively when you become more aware of various processes within your mind, you can naturally start spotting the early warning signs of stress, burnout and mental health issues and nip those problems in the bud. This enables you to prevent a downward spiral and instead build a stairway to ultimate success.

A calm mind is like a calm sea, easy to navigate


You represent the key to your success!

You either build yourself by learning skills or dream in vain. As, Charles McLachlan wrote in his recent post, “success you've got, has come out of the capabilities you have. Any capabilities you are missing, you can develop to stay in that success”. 

Become a responsible person who is truly curious about how to develop your inner domain.

Success will be much easier when you are aware of what is going on within your mind. When you spot and let go of your obstacles, you become freer to focus on what matters and is your actual task at hand at any given moment.

Discovering your intrapersonal domain isn't just a personal matter. Today most work-related success depends more on intellectual work than manual labor.

When you discover the existence of your inner domain, you can instantly start leading different processes within you. And when you do so, you can start establishing a path to success.

Grant Cardone once wrote well “Quit approaching success as an option, and your chances of reaching your dreams will rise exponentially. I can assure you that if you don’t consider it your duty to live up to your potential, then you simply won't live up to your potential. If success doesn’t become an ethical issue for you—an obsession and a must—then you won’t do what is necessary to attain it. Many suggest that success is a journey rather than a destination. After building four businesses from scratch, I can tell you that while success may be a journey, it is more important to understand that the journey is filled with many unexpected obstacles, and lots of people are on the same journey. Other people and obstacles will attempt to stop you from reaching your destination. Those who make a commitment to success as a destination will last longer than those who are just on a journey.”


Prepare yourself and your team for success, it enables you to live up to your potential.

All paths to success, at least in real life, are filled with various unexpected obstacles, so it matters that you can look at those problems as challenges and keep moving forward. That is why we pointed out, that understanding your own inner processes represents the key to establishing a sustainable path to success.

Make a personal commitment to achieving success by training your mind to stay fit and well. Make leading your inner processes with ease your business advantage and the foundation of your success story. 

This blog post is by Kaur Lass