Why is it vital to understand loneliness and mental wellbeing connection?

Why is it vital to understand loneliness and mental wellbeing connection?Nature is relaxing and good for mental wellness

Being alone is necessary for discovering your true essence. It enables you to discover consciousness and your True Self and can empower and relax you.

Loneliness, on the other hand, is a disturbing emotion that can be experienced even if you have a lot of people surrounding you. Longer exposure to the dominating emotion of loneliness can lead to a lack of mental wellbeing. 

The emotion of loneliness isn't the same as being alone. Being alone can be very empowering.

How to improve your mental wellbeing while alone?

The ability to be alone and experience deep inner peace is relaxing and refreshing for your mental wellness and mental sharpness. A person who is mentally well and fit appreciates inner peace when alone.

In contrast, people who lack mental wellness and mental strength dislike being alone. They can be frightened to be alone as this is when their inner emotion of loneliness gets particularly strong.

Lonesome people keep company by turning on the TV or radio. During the pandemic-related propaganda and constant negative newsfeeds, a choice to be part of negativity and worry will make you feel even worse as it adds emotions like nervousness and anxiousness or makes you get stuck with unhealthy thoughts. Downloading anxiousness from media realistically isn't a clever thing when you feel lonesome because it merely compounds your problems.

The cognitive ability to genuinely enjoy time alone shows mental strength.

So let's observe some easy and proven ways to improve your mental wellness while you are alone as this year's world mental health day focuses on the topic of loneliness in some parts of the world.

What are the best 7 ways to remove your loneliness?

If you feel lonely, we recommend you to:

  1. Take a long walk in the wild nature. It is free, and this experience will have some fresh air. The main benefit is that out there you can discover that no tree, plant, insect, animal, bird, or other living being is ever lonely. They exist in symbiosis with others and welcome you to be in the middle of them. Of course, provided that you don't disturb them and act with respect for nature and all living beings in it. Just sit, walk and observe. It is impossible to be lonely once you discover how much communication and symbiosis exists around you.
  2. Listen to soothing music. Listen to any music that truly inspires you, but we recommend avoiding rhythmic club and pop music content. Such rhythmic music may be a party starter or improver, but it doesn't soothe you. Instead, it may leverage your loneliness because there is no dancing or jumping around you as in the nightclub. The music we recommend is classical music, meditative music, easily flowing jazz or different sounds of nature. Even acoustic songs (such as Simon & Garfunkel or the Eagles) or some Symphonic Metal or Power Metal songs (Stratovarius and Avantasia are extremely good samples here) with positive or deeply meaningful lyrics that open up the deeper meaning of life will work well. Just focus on active listening and enjoy the flow of music. Let experienced and grafted musicians take you on the musical journey. On such a journey, you aren't lonely and can experience yourself as part of an amazingly engaging journey with those who play and sing.
  3. When you are braver, then we highly recommend you to listen to the silence. Listen to its profound depth and experience unity with it. Silence is your inner being. Silence is everywhere, just like consciousness. Silence is something you can discover behind every noisy background. Grafted musicians always use silence to amplify their composition and message. Silence is piercing everything just like consciousness. You just need to tune your inner being into silence. Once you are actively experiencing outer or inner silence, there is no loneliness. In silence, instead, you can experience the beauty of peace. Such peace restores your mental wellness and makes you vital. When silence becomes your friend, and you know how to discover it, you can find it to be the background of everything. It is a stable constant. Focusing on it is similar to becoming aware of your awareness and thus discovering the existence of consciousness. Once you know the path to inner silence or can become conscious, it supports you 24/7.
  4. If the previous three ideas didn't work for you, then pick up your phone and call a friend or family member. It is worthwhile to remember you can also use your smartphone for voice calls! Most of us have already forgotten this most basic reason we have phones. Talking to someone with the full ability to talk and listen back with no visual noise might be a refreshing idea. Nothing replaces a warmhearted conversation with a friend or family member. If you are lonely, and your friend isn't, you can learn how to enjoy life again. In case your friend is lonely, and you felt lonely, then talking with each other allows you to let go of using the emotion of loneliness. Instead of feeling bad now, you share what matters to you both. After a first awkward minute, you both will enjoy the conversation. The more you ask questions and listen, the more your relationship is restored. The more you can share your actual situation the more the other person feels that your trust brings you both closer.
  5. Find a good book and enjoy reading it. We recommend a paper version of an old-school book and allow the author to take you on the journey. We recommend biographies, philosophy, self-help books, and novels. Criminal or horror stories might not be the best options here as our TV series and movies are full of crime and fears anyway. Crime and horror trigger also emotions that don't support your mental well-being. However, travel journeys or books that open up nature might allow you to discover a lot new about human life and nature. And why not read about the galaxy, mighty oceans, science, or clever inventions? You may broaden your horizons and discover you aren't alone, there is life and different discoveries everywhere around you.
  6. Take up a new hobby. Learning new skills allows you to develop yourself and conveys more meaning to your life. It additionally allows you to encounter some new people and even make new friends or potential future spouse.
  7. Take a mental wellness gym lesson. Our mental wellness online courses are designed to be relaxing. Taking a lesson here allows you to discover intrapersonal skills that support your inner wellness and mental strength. Mental wellness gym lessons allow to prevent mental health issues and nip inner problems in the bud.
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Accurately, loneliness should be seen as an unconscious emotional choice that typically favors our inner mental problems. There are many opportunities to step out of that emotion and progressively develop yourself to become a happier person who enjoys life and work.

Being alone can be a powerful conscious choice or just an objective reality, be it due to lockdowns, living in a new place, or focusing on your career.

Being alone should be seen as an opportunity to relax and properly focus on your sustainable self-development. If you gently apply some of the practical recommendations on the list above, you now have the power to gently lift your emotional state of loneliness and enjoy your life a bit more.

Adequately understanding what loneliness is allows you to remove the emotional burden and focus on the wonderful opportunity to be proactive about your life and mental wellbeing.

This world mental health day blog is written by Kaur Lass