Reactivity versus aware response and proactivity

Reactivity versus aware response and proactivityScroll down for the video with Michael and Kaur

Proactively maintaining our internal health or mental fitness is the new effective pattern and it starts from letting go of our old inner automatic reactions.

Our society and the nature of our work have changed over the last year more than during the first 19 years of this century. The restrictions that we all face due to lockdowns have made us notice that most of today’s office work isn't at all physical; we dominantly use our heads as our main ‘work asset’. And that can be the case even when we do physical work with our modern tech tools.

As long as we have a fit mind and Internet connection, many of us who worked in the offices can now easily work from any location. This shift to remote working also revealed that our problems aren't so much associated with our surrounding environment, but more within our minds.

When it was challenging for you to focus in the open office environment, it is similarly difficult for you to focus at home where your spouse works and your kids learn or play next to you.

The triggers around us are endless and may change over time, but the triggered reactionary patterns within our minds stay the same. At least until we learn practical intrapersonal skills that allow us to replace those triggered automatic inner reactions with an adequate aware response.

Automatic inner reactivity versus aware response

Most of our automatic inner reactions have become part of our lives and personalities that we never question the rationality and relevancy of those reactions to actual situations. Without using our awareness as a tool for observing those reactions, our mind fails to notice them.

The fact is, our automatic inner reactivity causes blindness to our actual situation. This is also a blindness to new opportunities and solutions that could benefit us and our businesses or workplaces.

Now more than ever before, we see that some businesses and workplaces adapt and succeed and some fail. Those who fail, leave behind desperation that can easily lead to stress, burnout anxiousness, as well as to serious mental health and physical health issues. This failure can cause debt that is impossible to pay back and further speed up the financial crises. To successfully navigate in this external turmoil you need your inner calmness and objectivity as a compass.

External peace supports your inner calmness

What we know from nature is that no winter or storm lasts forever. It all passes. What you can do here is simple – you can learn how to stay well. Here proactive approach matters, just as dressing up with warm clothes before we go out in the middle of winter can protect us from the harsh climate, inner calmness can safeguard us from any external turmoil.

How to bring peace and calm to your life?

When we use our awareness, it allows us to listen attentively and observe what is said before we have the freedom to respond in such a way that adds value to the conversation. And of course, while we listen, observe and talk awarely, we are can keep our inner calmness.

You are welcome to listen more about this topic in the interview that Michael Nulty did with Kaur Lass. This new 'Conversations With Michael' video will give you an idea of how to find your inner calmness in midst of the external business.

Michael Nulty is a well-known author who worked as Head of Marketing for Dell in Europe and has been successful in many other leadership positions. He currently is working as a Life & Wellbeing Coach and is easy to find on Twitter, Instagram, and Linkedin.

Kaur Lass is our Managing Director who knows how to keep a calm mind in the midst of external pressures and during busy times.



Enjoy this beautiful time of inner silence.

May the New Year bring you inner calmness and prosperity!

This blog post is written by Kaur Lass