Why should your team strive for excellent mental wellness?

Why should your team strive for excellent mental wellness?How to get to the right end of this scale?

Mental wellness is a proactive approach to mental health – it is the discipline that helps to keep all our inner capabilities in good shape.

When people are equipped with effective methods to handle everyday challenges, pressures will not escalate to stress and from there on to burnout and mental illnesses like depression, anxiety, etc.


Rising stress levels lead to:

  • Poor productivity and lack of ability to hold focus on the task at hand;
  • Presenteeism and absenteeism that raise the administrative and business costs;
  • Mental health problems and illnesses and more sick leaves.

However, this isn't all, sooner or later those contributing factors mentioned earlier will amount to more pressure on the rest of your key employees, typically causing a dangerous ripple effect among your team members. Those who were initially well now need to promptly take on an additional workload.

This extra workload means that sooner or later people who put out fires also face unexpected pressure. Unless they have learned practical intrapersonal skills that enable them to sustain good mental wellness, they also face stress and burnout.



Why do you need intrapersonal skills?

Often people aren't aware of the dangers of stress and the warning signs of burnout. Why?

It comes down to the fact that no one taught us about proactive mental wellness or intrapersonal skills at school. So, enabling intrapersonal education for your team reduces health-related costs and improves overall mental wellness. But it’s even more than that, intrapersonal skills also improve productivity and open up the so-called mental 'superpowers'.

According to feedback from our customers, learning and applying intrapersonal skills have in some cases doubled the productivity of existing employees as people are more focused, aware of their situation and surroundings, and take fewer sick leaves. So, in that sense, Wellness Orbit e-trainings should be seen as a crucial investment to save costs and support the bottom line.

For example, our e-trainings enable your employees to:

  • Assess their current stress situation and burnout risk – self-evaluation test is built into the 'Performing Under Pressure' e-training;
  • Be more aware of their emotions and mental events and see how successful is their own work-life integration – this self-evaluation  is built into the 'Well Fit for Work' e-training;
  • Understand their ability to sustain focus and take personal initiative – this self-assessment is integrated within the e-training 'Getting Things Done'.

Stress and burnout reduction trainingProactive mental wellness trainingProductivity and mental wellness training


Your employees take those self-assessments both before and after the training sessions, enabling them to witness their individual development and progress. So, all your e-trainings here are much more than pre-recorded professional FullHD videos.

In our mental wellness gym, your teams are immersed into a systematic, well-designed, and digitally facilitated learning experience with instant self-assessment feedback, a workbook (that enables you to set up personal plans for the change), quizzes, and suggestions for group discussions. This is a powerful symbiosis that most training providers fail to offer (even in a live format).


When you google 'mental health courses near me', you may or may not find high-quality mental wellness training. Professional mental health experts usually work with treatments and aren't focused on training how to keep healthy minds sharp and fit.

Here the mental health awareness course is more about conscious awareness and intrapersonal skills that wisely keep you well than about overcoming illnesses. However, our mental wellness courses also support recovery as you learn how your inner domain functions.

Workplace mental fitness has never before had such a systematic approach.

Dr. Helena Lass, as the world's leading mental wellness expert, has taken her theory into practice. And yes, she presents all the e-trainings personally. In all the e-training video sessions you experience an absolutely unique one-on-one feeling that is more intimate than classroom training.


Since people in your teams spend about one-third of their lives working, it’s important that they are well while they’re there. What may be somewhat surprising for you is that people actually do prefer to learn while at work – the 2018 Workplace Learning Report by LinkedIn stated that:

  • 68% of employees prefer to learn at work;
  • 58% of employees prefer to learn at their own pace;
  • 49% of employees prefer to learn at the point of need.

All our e-trainings are designed to meet those preferences from the start.

Excellent mental wellness brings benefits

Mental wellness and intrapersonal skills are needed to improve productivity, lessen employee turnover, and significantly reduce stress levels and the risk of burnout.

Preventative mental wellness is a systemic long-term strategic approach. It isn't a thing you can learn by a reading short article with 5 or 7 stress avoidance tips. It is more about having access to the right know-how when you need it and about repeating the most important aspects until they become integrated into your new ways of life.

Mental wellness should be trained as we train our physical bodies – for a longer period of time – that is the main reason why we designed Wellness Orbit as a mental wellness gym for you and your team! That is why all our e-trainings are open for at least 3 months and that is why we offer annual membership (prepaid annual membership is 25% off compared to a single training and gives your team access to several training courses at once).


According to our existing customers, Wellness Orbit e-trainings are very effective and easy to manage and leave you relaxed.

For example, the staff from the University of Tartu gave the 'Performing Under Pressure' e-training an average rating of 8,7 out of 10. This shows a lot, considering that those ratings came from European top-level lecturers and scientists who rarely give the highest ratings to anyone!

The feedback from the University of Tartu is especially significant for us as our mental wellness expert Dr. Lass has graduated in medicine from there.

Conclusion – Mental wellness has never been more easily accessible

Self-discovery is beneficial and enables boosting productivity and employee engagement without losing people to mental health problems.

We offer wonderful prices per user and joining the e-trainings in our Mental Wellness Gym is hassle-free. Your location doesn't matter, the e-trainings are available anywhere where there is an Internet connection that can play FullHD video.

We have done everything to ensure that training the intrapersonal skills in Wellness Orbit mental wellness gym is easy and provides a powerful ally in contributing to the mental wellness of your staff.


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This blog post is written by Kaur Lass and Chad Palmer. Latest update  9.02.2023