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The employees of Hurtigruten used the e-training "Performing Under Pressure" for 3 months. They concluded that every workplace should provide that kind of e-training to its employees.

Jekaterina Mishina (Trainer) summarized their experience this way: "When you come out of this training there is a feeling of fulfillment and distress instead of a stressful situation that you normally do feel after so much training. So just face to face in a calm situation, this I think is a new way of thinking how to conduct e-learning at all."


The employees of Danske Bank came to the conclusion that Wellness Orbit e-trainings enabled them to get things done and be more focused on the task at hand without sacrificing their mental wellness. Their team had access to e-trainings "Performing Under Pressure", "Well Fit For Work" and "Getting Things Done" for 14 months.

Külli Meier (HR Partner) summarized their experience this way: "When I think about mental wellness then the understanding of this is now much broader than we had acknowledged previously or before this e-learning. If you decide to take his course, it is most beneficial for yourself."

Danske Bank

The employees of FCR Media took e-training "Performing Under Pressure" for 3 months. Their employees found that this training helps to focus while working in an open office environment. The skills for stress and burnout prevention are for sure a must-have for any manager or person who is participating in several projects.

Hannes Linno (Head of IT) summarized their experience this way: "It’s kind of interesting approach to have a video and layers running, so it’s easier to follow then just looking youtube videos, so I would recommend it that sense. The most valuable thing I learned is how to put my full focus into my work and I am basically not disturbed anymore by other discussions in the room."

FCR Media

Külli Meier (HR Partner): "My first expression was related to the mini training and it was inspiring for me, so I decided to go further and take this training for my team."

"I would firstly recommend Wellness Orbit e-trainings to people or employees who haven’t covered mental wellness topics before because these e-trainings are very good insight on how to understand what is stress and what is burnout and also what are the qualities of the personal life. If you decide to take his course, it is most beneficial for yourself."

"After taking Wellness Orbit trainings I can say that awareness and mental wellness influence every day life and work performance."

Danske Bank

Inga Möllits (HR Manager) "It was really the first time I have used the environment like this. I used this as an administrator. It was easy to add all employees, send invitations and get feedback on who joined, started and who completed the training."

"I am really satisfied that our company provided this kind of digital training for us."


Jekaterina Mishina (Trainer): "When you come out of this training, there is a feeling of fulfillment. Face to face in a calm situation - this is a new way of how to conduct e-learning. The online trainings I have seen or used before, are mostly done in the way of PowerPoint presentations or some kind of videos, but not the way it is done here, where you can see face to face with the trainer."

"I learned about the arrow of awareness and how to link it. So if you are focusing on one task and suddenly realize that you are watching out of the window and see the flowers blooming, you would still come back to your task to fulfill that. Before I did not notice it, so I stopped at flowers, started to think about them and did not go back to my tasks for a while."


Hannes Linno (Head of IT): "I enjoyed it, it was something that I would recommend for my colleagues, I even did. What I liked was the quality of the video and audio and these extra slides that were coming in-between and helping me to understand the technical terms behind the discussion."

"For me, awareness helps to understand what is going around me and to notice small things around me that I did not notice before, that could potentially take away my focus from me. I now know how to sustain my full focus in open office meetings, I am basically not disturbed by other discussions in the room."

"Skills for stress and burnout prevention are for sure a must have for any manager or person who is participating on several projects. I rated the e-training 9 out of 10."


Heleri Nisu (AML Compliance Officer): "For me, the most valuable thing from this training was how to be present, how to draw your attention and awareness where it has to be at this moment. Being present actually effects a lot to my life, because it reduces my stress. You do not have the feeling that you are all the time overloaded with given tasks. You know that you have only 8 hours in the office and 24 hours in the day and that has to be used wisely."

"When I took Wellness Orbit training I really felt like I had a personal connection with the trainer. This training is definitely worth investing your time."

"After going through thee trainings I think I am better at planning my professional life, better planning my tasks during the day."

Danske Bank

Maia Mäe (Sales Consultant): "When I look back, I remember the words check-in, being present, being aware, being more conscious about your surroundings. The feedback was definitely very beneficial, a good way of getting an idea of how it went. The things we learned are connected to our work every day, in order to do better at work you have to take care of your mental wellbeing as well."

"I rated it 10 out of 10. The overall experience was very positive, the course was very well built up and easy to follow and I would definitely recommend others to take it as well."


Kristianne Kraan (Sales Agent) "It was very interesting and opened my eyes to easy methods on redirecting my awareness. I now have started to notice more things in my day and do not just go with the flow."

"By this learning, you get a really good insight into yourself. I especially liked the workbook, because I really took the time to fill it out and write down what I noticed."

"I think it is very important that every company provides that kind of training for their employees. I rated it 10 out of 10."


Ly Hõbe (Area Manager): "I took all 3 courses and I liked the most the part that was concentrated on mental wellness. The professional side of the training was very good, for me it was interesting would it just be a text and readout or the person is talking to me and Dr Helena Lass talked to me personally. The graphics and drawings were supportive, so it was not just a lecture. For me it was interesting and valuable, I rated this training 10 points out of 10."

"Now when I went through this training I can understand myself better and so I can be a better colleague to my colleagues."

Danske Bank

Kirsten Virks (e-learning training coordinator): "It is important to know about awareness during a workday to prevent burnout. It was very easy and straight forward as digital learning. I feel that digital learning is better in a way that you can go back to a certain point in training, which is not possible in the classroom training."

"I feel it is very difficult to work in an open office environment and this wellness training actually helps you to understand how to remain calm and think before you say anything."