Why Should Working Parents Make Mental Wellness Priority?

Why Should Working Parents Make Mental Wellness Priority?Let hugs matter more than screens!

Knowing how to have a healthy mind is the key for working parents to meet what is expected of them at work and home.

That's because parenting is no easy feat, even more so if parents are juggling it with work. It can take both a physical and mental toll that could manifest in how one would run their household.

That mental load can also affect how parents raise and treat their children, the effect of which impacts their kids' development and character.

It is now widely known that caring for one's mental health is as crucial as looking after their physical health. That importance is emphasized if they are also tending to other people — in this case, it's their children.

However, not everyone realizes that parents' mental wellness is an investment in their overall health, to the point that some may even completely disregard its importance.

Mental wellness improves parents' ability to focus

Having a calm mind allows people to focus on the things that matter the most.

For working parents making mental wellness a priority allows caring for their family and fulfilling their responsibilities at their jobs. Tending to their hobbies and other relationships are also things that they can easily work on when they have a calm inner domain.

At home, parents can concentrate on taking better care of their little ones. They’ll be able to help with homework and ensure that the kids are safe. Prioritizing mental wellness also ensures parents are in the best condition to support their children in pursuing their interests.

On the other hand, having a healthy mental fortitude allows working parents to meet what is expected of them at work and excel at their jobs. They’ll be more productive, have better relationships with their colleagues, and easily adapt to sudden changes in their roles.

For a fit mind, handling kids is easy

Another reason why working parents should make mental wellness a priority is so they can tend to their kids better.

How parents handle their mental health affects how they treat and deal with their children. So, parents who strive to care for their mental well-being can also help in developing a healthy mindset for their children.

Having a sense of inner calm allows parents to guide their children in establishing and maintaining focus, building resilience and independence, and nurturing a more positive outlook in life.

What’s more, a healthy mind helps parents make the right decision for their kids — whether that’s giving them the best nutrition or getting them out of their comfort zones to try new things.

Allows parents to cope with difficult situations

The stress that comes with running a household seems to be different from the pressure in the workplace. However, the source of it is the same, inner creativity originating from a lack of intrapersonal education. Still, parents cope with challenging situations easily when they know how to handle the mental toll and inner pressures. Intrapersonal skills support caring for the family and tending to job responsibilities.

Having a clear and open mind allows them to rationalize the situation and come up with an appropriate solution. For instance, when dealing with their kids’ mistakes, the parent will be able to explain what the child did wrong in a way that will not make the little one feel scared.

Working parents can also handle workplace issues and politics more effectively if they maintain mental calmness. For example, when it comes to bargaining for their employee rights, such as securing the right to parental leave or securing a pay raise, they are better able to do so when they have a peaceful inner space.

Mental wellness creates positive and stronger family relationships

Parents who look after their mental health are likely to have better and healthier interactions with their children.

The presence of a calmer mind gives parents the patience they need while caring for their kids, especially at times when their little ones are not behaving well.

Being less irritable and not lashing out at their children also makes parents more approachable. This is crucial for kids as they grow up since that will allow them to confide in their parents about their stress and problems.

Having stable mental well-being also allows parents to be good role models for their children.

Kids absorb and copy how the people around them behave while dealing with different situations. So, if they see their parents handling a circumstance gracefully and calmly, they are likely to act that way when facing a similar situation in the future.

Caring for parents’ mental wellness

Prioritizing mental health is important, but it can also be difficult if you have so many responsibilities. However, there are simple things parents can do without jeopardizing their duties.

Make time for yourself – A working parent’s schedule is packed, so this step can be difficult to accomplish. Still, it’s a key process to support parents’ mental wellness. One can do so by being alone for a few minutes just to walk, read, or even do nothing. Anything that feels restorative and eases the mind of any worries even for a few moments.

Be aware of your primary needs – Eating right, getting enough sleep, and maintaining good hygiene are simple things that parents can focus on to build their foundation of self-care. Doing so allows them to remember and focus on the basics of mental wellness, while possibly uncovering personal issues that need their attention (lack of sleep, unhealthy diet, etc).

Ask for help – It can be difficult for parents to ask for help in tending to their family. But having an extra hand wouldn’t hurt anyone, especially if that means ensuring the well-being of themselves and their loved ones. Whether it’s asking extended family members to babysit, opting to use supportive apps or using hired help for homework, or seeking the guidance of a mental health expert, a little support is sure to go a long way.


The load of responsibilities that working parents carry makes it difficult for them to tend to their mental well-being. Still, systematic self-care and training your intrapersonal skills provide immense support in establishing and maintaining a fit mind that will help them perform their duties as parents and as employees.

When working parents have a healthy mindset, navigating their responsibilities at home and work becomes much easier. A strong mental fortitude allows them to think clearly, process situations quickly, and resolve issues accordingly whether they are dealing with their kids or their colleagues.

Taking a nature walk with your family supports mental wellness and overall fitness

The author of this blog post, written for Wellness Orbit, is Katie Pierce