Be the calmest person in the room

Are you aware it is 100% up to you to be calm?

All your reactivity is learned. When your mind is reactive, it is hard to stay calm. However, your core essence isn't reactive, angry, stressed or anxious.

Your essence is calm. Your essence is silent.

On this mind health website, you can learn how to be the calmest person in the room.

You can easily spot irritations and distractions in your mind and deal with those before they turn wild and cause problems when you take time to invest in learning awareness-based intrapersonal skills. Such skills are with you for life. Such skills give you the power to be calm.

Excellent intrapersonal skills allow you to be the calmest person in the room!

A calm person has a choice to choose how to respond.

A calm mind fully owns the power to stay sharp and well.

For employers, mind health is an excellent investment opportunity with up to tenfold ROI. The result or such investment is achieving mental wellness and inner calmness.

You too can learn how to become calm

The starting point of this journey is an acknowledgment that you have a mind.

In reality, the different processes in your inner domain keep your mind more occupied than the external stimuli. 

An untrained mind is always after novelty. When untrained, the mind keeps running for the strongest stimuli and it quickly gets bored when such novelty is lost. However, the good news is, you are not your mind!

Remember a meeting where you sit and a late coming person walks in, you automatically look and lose track of what was said in the meeting. Is it so? Has it happened to you?

You can also call another meeting that was long. How often your body was there, but your mind planned a holiday, or some other event, or is thinking about something that is disturbing you?

The good news is, you are not your mind!

You can choose to replace mind wandering with being present and focused (see the image below).

Does your mind wander or are you fully present?

Learn the right inner perspective

You have thoughts and feelings that make up your mind. When you add subconscious habitual patterns you have very little control over your life. Your train of thought runs wild, and your emotions are influenced by other people's emotions, situations and your activity more than by your conscious will.

You have learned your thoughts. Try to think of something you don't know. Can you?

You have learned to use or misuse your emotions. Mostly you let emotions appear and leave you as the emotions please to do. You lack mastery in using them or letting them go as opened up in this blog and book. Thus, your emotions run you.

Only when you take time to discover your inner calmness, you can become the master of your thoughts and emotions. When you do so, you can also start leading all the other intrapersonal processes and enjoy a greater amount of inner freedom.

Such inner freedom allows you to stay calm, stay focused and perform well. It also allows you to become more insightful and creative.

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Training your mind will allow you to learn how to stay calmer and more stress-free. 

Let us remind you that a fit mind enjoys inner wellness and mental sharpness.

Would you love to have such a fit mind?

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