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Dr Helena Lass is a practicing psychiatrist and mental wellness expertDr. Helena Lass is a practicing psychiatrist and global proactive mental wellness approach pioneer. She is passionate about medical science, the functioning of the human mind, entrepreneurship, and the role of awareness in each of these areas.

How Dr. Lass describes her values & journey: "Aside from being a medical doctor, I found my true calling when I started my first businesses (including a private medical practice Unego, where I still work with patients). That's when I found my true inspiration and saw possibilities to improve lives and help people obtain excellent mental fitness by teaching awareness-based intrapersonal skills.

By learning practical intrapersonal skills it becomes possible to direct one's own awareness at will. Everyone can take their self-development to the next level and improve their life and professional career as a result of systematic intrapersonal education.

I consider life without knowing how to direct our own awareness at will an ultimate tragedy – it is the root of confusion and unnecessary suffering. Practicing awareness enables me to acquire any skill that I focus upon as I discern what is important and orient well in fast-changing situations. Also, awareness gives me access to creativity and inspiration. As I have learned to release my automatic emotional reactions, there is no unnecessary leakage of energy and bias in my perception or action.

Discovering and learning how to direct our awareness at will is the most basic intrapersonal skill. Understanding and leading our inner processes enables us to spot the early warning signs of stress and other inner problems and nip them in the bud. I see that systematic intrapersonal education enables us to avoid burnout, anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues. Lack of practical intrapersonal skills is the main contributing factor to why we find ourselves amid an unfolding mental health crisis.

Success for me is to see people applying awareness-based intrapersonal skills that enable them to stay mentally well while they face different pressures and deal with their professional challenges."


Dr Helena Lass is a well-known speaker on proactive mental wellness topics



As a medical doctor, Dr. Lass treated patients for more than 10 years. In 2013 she saw that there is way too little focus on preventing mental health issues and developed a new proactive approach to mental wellness that can be easily applied in all workplaces.

Besides medical science, this awareness-based and revolutionary approach to the internal realm relies on the practical teachings of her main mentor and source of inspiration Ingvar Villido, a renowned awareness teacher with 25+ years of experience.

She aspires to lay a cornerstone for wider education on intra-personal skills and human capacity, which is easy to apply in practical work and life situations by everyone. As she wanted to make this approach accessible 24/7, she founded the world's first fully digital mental wellness gym for teams, where employees and leaders can train their minds.


In 2018 Routledge published globally her scientific paper 'Developing Intra-Personal Skills as a Proactive Way to Personal Sustainability - The Preventative Side of the Mental Health Equation' in the book ‘Personal Sustainability. Exploring the Far Side of Sustainable Development’. This paper established her internationally as a proactive mental health expert.

Dr. Lass has written several articles that open up a pro-active approach to mental wellness and those have been published around the globe:

  • United Kingdom
  • New Zealand
  • Ireland
  • USA
  • Canada
  • India
  • South African Republic
  • Estonia
  • Latvia etc.


This innovative approach to education about the intrapersonal bridges the gap between:

  • Work and life
  • Medicine and spirituality
  • Own needs, social and/or work contribution
  • Money and meaning

She desires people to be more satisfied in what they do, actively take part in life and suffer less as they discover ways to lead their inner processes.

Dr. Lass is a well-known mental wellness coach, active mental wellness trainer, and highly sought-after public speaker on the topics of awareness and mental wellness. She has been speaking about the importance of proactive mental wellness in front of HR's, medical doctors, business leaders, etc. since 2013.


Dr Helena Lass, pioneer in proactive mental wellness


Dr. Helena Lass – educational and medical background:

  • Graduation from Tallinn English College 1998;
  • Obtained Medical Degree (1998-2004 – University of Tartu);
  • Residency in Psychiatry (conducted at The Psychiatry Clinic - part of The North Estonia Medical Centre 2004-2013); 
  • Specialist Diploma in Psychiatry (University of Tartu 2013);
  • Specialist registration in psychiatry (Registered in Estonian Health Board, EU 013);
  • Practicing psychiatrist at her own private clinic Unego (2013 - ongoing);
  • Founder, Development Director at Conscious Initiative PLC (owner of Wellness Orbit) (2015 - ongoing).

      +   Awareness studies:


Dr Helena Lass (Author) – 'Developing Intra-Personal Skills as a Proactive Way to Personal Sustainability - The Preventative Side of the Mental Health Equation’, published in the book ‘Personal Sustainability’, Routledge 2018.




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