How to silence the mind and benefit from inner calmness?

How to silence the mind and benefit from inner calmness?

A fit mind is capable of sustained focus when needed. It is equally qualified to remain calm when there is turmoil and pressure.

How can employers benefit from a calm and fit mind?

A sharp mind can access creativity and intuition at will and express ideas with precise descriptions.

Workplaces stand to win from fit and sharp minds. However, while most of us train our physical bodies, only very few people train our brains. The result is a massive amount of inner reactivity that may cause stress, burnout or anxiety, and in the long run more serious mental health issues.

People who worry and are stressed can't focus on the task at hand. As a result, employers often notice a room full of people whose minds wander elsewhere. 

Without mental wellness, people do not work effectively or even rest well.

We have covered how to be an inspirational leader, reduce stress, prevent burnout and keep your mind fit and well. There are several online trainings that support this.

An easy way to invest in employee engagement and mental sharpness is just a click away.

Let's now take a look at how to relax your mind and take steps to wellbeing.


Most people around us constantly use thinking and feelings in 'autopilot' mode. Are you one of them? 

Do you consider constant inner talk, imagination, using memories and slipping from one feeling to another as something normal? 

Are you afraid of inner silence? Are you looking for action, instead of peace? Both within and around you?

In wild nature silence is easy to discover.


René Descartes stated centuries ago, "I think, therefore I am". This statement is not correct and his myth lives on and on. 

You are not your thoughts. You are not even your emotions. You have never been those inner "objects", however, you repeatedly choose thoughts and emotions over your inner silence. Too often!


Instead of the thoughts within your mind, you are in the essence of consciousness – inner stillness.

You can use your thoughts and emotions at will when your mind is properly trained for this. That is why you need mental wellness gym lessons!

There is nothing wrong with using aware thinking or noticing and leading your emotions at will. Leading both with your awareness is an excellent intrapersonal skill.

But when your mind needs to relax, it needs to rest well. For this, you need to quieten your thoughts and emotions and become inwardly silent. Otherwise, your 'autopilot' will keep your mind busy and wear you out.


When you can't become silent inside at will, it is pleasantest to seek an externally serene environment. Such an environment is wild nature. In wild nature, silence represents the most natural 'thing'. In the evenings, at night or during the winter, untamed nature is often silent.

To discover stillness, you genuinely need to be still and observe.

In our modern world and workplaces, silence is something that most of us have lost contact with. Be it due to busy office/business life or due to loving active holidays. Wellbeing meaning to people is often action, instead of pausing and enjoying the silence.

It is constant activity that will lead people to burnout as we, as humans, lack the proper ability to enjoy a silent pause.

Do you keep seeking both external and inner action, instead of seeking to be free, inwardly still/silent? Don't worry most people do! However, this has a price – a lack of grasping our true essence.

In nature, consciousness (= silence) always is. It is similarly always present within you. However, it is often 'covered' by constant noise. Only when you look behind the noise, you'll become capable of discovering silence. It is equally valid externally and internally.

A fit mind can notice and enjoy silence.


Silence is always in the background. It doesn't need to "boss around" or dominate. Silence tolerates noise as it knows it is not the noise. Noise cannot corrupt or spoil true silence.

All noises come and go. Just like your thoughts and emotions come and go.

You need time to discover your inner silence as it is your natural state. If you can't find it among people and work situations, it is best to take some silent time to restore yourself.

The most enjoyable place for such restoration is to spend time in nature. Go out there. Walk and find some lovely silent spot and then stop. Stop and listen to what is behind the noise.

Become still and naturally notice silence around you. Next, look within and discover a similar quality within you. Feel and incorporate it.

During the winter nature is often still and silent.


Peaceful inner stillness restores your health. This inner silence increases your mental wealth.

Stillness efficiently is your door to creativity, unique insights and intuition. That is why stillness or silence properly represents the most valuable asset to a human being. To you, it is like gold, that never loses its value.

Exclusively in dignified silence, perhaps you may even be capable of discovering your True-Self.

The discovery of inner silence opens up more than most people are aware. That is why it should represent your ultimate goal.

When you become capable of enjoying your inner silence, you'll open up the doorway to creativity and insights. When you train your mind besides those awareness-based skills many other intrapersonal skills may also open up.

Your intrapersonal skills support your work and innovation. That is why those should be 'sexy' for employers and employees alike.

Inner calmness is the superpower that generously allows to stand your ground.


Taking time off from your automatic inner reactivity that consists of thoughts and emotions is refreshing. One vital part of restoring your inner wellbeing is establishing healthy and active contact with your inner silence.

When you become aware of your inner silence, you understand your consciousness, thus becoming free to enjoy the discovery of your true potential that supports your life and work.

Inner silence secures inner calmness. 

Inner calmness is your superpower allowing you to open up many of your intrapersonal potentials that have been asleep.

Training your mind makes inner silence and wellbeing accessible.

Photos and text by our Managing Director Kaur Lass. Updated 12.10.2023