Terms and Conditions for mental wellness training

Welcome to www.wellnessorbit.com – the first fully digital mental wellness gym with a focus on training awareness-based intrapersonal skills that secure excellent mental well-being for your whole team.

You are in the right place – here is the path to mental wellness, productivity, and employee engagement for you and your whole team through unique online mental wellness Training Practices.

Please take a moment so that you can understand our obligations, your rights and see what kind of data we collect and how we secure your privacy.

1. The copyright owner and the service provider

All Training Practices and their parts (training videos, tests, questionnaires, workbooks, feedback to your staff, etc) are the © Copyright Property of Conscious Initiative PLC (Private Limited Company, registered in Estonian Business Register as "Conscious Initiative OÜ" – "osaühing"), the company owning and running the www.wellnessorbit.com Online Training Platform (hereafter referred as Site or Platform; Online Training hereafter referred to as e-training).

Conscious Initiative PLC doesn't sell the training videos or training materials, instead, we grant the user rights with pre-agreed time limitations set forth here; so by obtaining the Training Practice user rights (limited time right to participate in our e-training in exchange for a one-time fee) or a subscription (annual user right to participate in our e-training in exchange of a regular fee), you will not own the videos and training materials. However, you and your team will have an opportunity to learn from these high-quality training materials during the whole training period.

Our contact address and European Union company registration details are:

Conscious Initiative PLC
Pirita Street 20/2, Tallinn 12011, ESTONIA, EU
Registration code: 12963910; EU VAT code: EE101859875

Official e-mail for all contacts: wellnessorbit@consciousinitiative.com
Company homepage: consciousinitiative.com 
Wellness Orbit e-training homepage: wellnessorbit.com


2. How it works and what is included in the mental wellness gym e-training?

After purchasing the Annual Membership (also referred to as a subscription) or Training Practice user right, you (as a private person, referred to as You) and/or company (or any other legal entity such as public authority, agency, local municipality, etc; hereafter referred as Your Company) staff/employees will gain access to the chosen Training Practice(s) (also referred as e-trainings) for the duration of 3 months or up to one year (if you have chosen annual membership).

All the videos in the Training Practice(s) chosen by You are ready for trainees after the purchase of the actual Training Practice. If You pay with a credit card or LHV bank link the customized actual Training Practice is up and running after you complete your profile data. If Your payment isn't made with the credit card or LHV bank link, Your Company e-trainings will be available only after your bank transfer has reached our bank account and in such a case the single Training Practice (chosen by You) is open 3 months and annual membership 1 year from activation date as activation in case of bank transfer is enabled manually by Conscious Initiative PLC within 96 h from receiving your payment into our bank account, but on workdays, we aim to do so within 36 h from receiving Your payment).

Setting up the Training Practice is relatively simple. You can purchase a single Training Practice user right and/or subscription with Master Card or Visa Card in our secure e-shop within a few minutes (You need to enter Your or Your Company details for billing information, credit card details, etc). You can also use a bank transfer based on our invoice (then activation isn't as fast, see the previous section of text). You/Your Company needs to name one (or up to 3) person(s) from Your Company that will manage the participation of the chosen Training Practice(s) - for that, you can provide that (those) person(s) Your Company administrator rights. The administrator decides who can take part in the Training Practices in Your Company (for that he or she enters the e-mail addresses to send out the invitation to Your Company staff, there are guidelines for that on the admin desk). Your administrator only enters the e-mails and our system will send out an automated invitation to Your Company staff/employees (referred to as users or participants). The users then can verify their own personal access (it demands just clicking the confirmation link and choosing a personal password) and start the e-training.

Each of the Training Practices can be used unlimited times during the pre-paid annual subscription or agreed training period. The number of users is limited according to Your Company size that you have declared to us during the purchase moment (once the amount of users is reached, billing will go to the next level of company size and you are asked to pay the additional price or alternatively to reduce the number of users to the maximum level of persons declared to us within 3 workdays).

One Training Practice consists of 5 pre-recorded FullHD videos (duration approximately 35 to 45 minutes each) and questionnaires (Self-evaluation questionnaire before the training and participant-engaging review of key skills and consolidation of new information after each video) that work over the Internet.

All videos are exclusively streamed online; downloading, re-sharing and/or re-publishing rights are strictly prohibited.

Before moving on please read the following Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy carefully before completing Your purchase and logging in to our training area. If you do not agree to all the Terms and Conditions and our Privacy Policy, then You/Your Company should not use any of our e-trainings.


3. By purchasing our Training Practice User Right and/or logging in to the closed training area You and Your Company HAVE AGREED to all of the TERMS AND CONDITIONS and ACCEPT OUR PRIVACY POLICY:

  1. The Training Practice user rights are provided for Your own training purpose and/or Your Company staff's training purposes only.
  2. Once you complete the purchase of your Training Practice user right (also referred to as the Service), the package price (rate) at the time of the actual purchase is considered final and will not be adjusted later. If the price or Training Practice user right or subscription rises, then you can use your service with the old price during the whole prepaid time.
  3. Once you complete the purchase of your Training Practice user right You and Your Company accept not to downloadcopy, transmit, reproduce or re-publish the copyrighted content of Wellness Orbit Training Practices in any way. Doing so, as well as attempting to do so, may lead to immediate cancellation of the right to use our Training Practice(s) without any refund and is considered a major violation of Author Rights and Copyrights. Conscious Initiative PLC is the single owner of all Author Rights, Copyrights, Intellectual Property Rights and Distribution Rights of the Training Practices (including videos, spoken and written text, graphics, illustrations, logos, questionnaires and other information, signature music at the beginning of videos and other e-training and Platform solutions, etc) provided on the e-training site: www.wellnessorbit.com. 
  4. Except as expressly provided in these Terms and Conditions, no part of the Site and/or its Content may be copied, reproduced, republished, uploaded, posted, publicly displayed, encoded, translated, transmitted, or distributed in any way to any other computer, server, web site or another medium for publication or distribution or made accessible to any third party, without Conscious Initiative PLC's prior written consent.
  5. You can apply for a full refund only before you have activated your account. Once you have purchased your Training Practice user right and activated your account, it isn't possible to refund the already activated e-training, unless it is a clear and a proven failure from our side to provide access to the chosen Training Practice within the promised time of delivery (see section How it works and what is included in the training practice?). Your Single Training Practice user right ends automatically 3 months (or any other agreed time) after activation and annual membership one year after activation. In the case of an annual membership, you can terminate your subscription prematurely at the beginning of the upcoming quarter. If your company terminates the annual membershipyou can have a refund for all non-active quarters of the year (the quarter(s) that you have not started, the starting point of the quarter is your original subscription date). At our discretion, if we believe you are abusing our refund policy, such as if you’ve consumed a significant portion of an annual subscription content that want to refund or if you’ve previously refunded a course, we reserve the right to deny your refund. In the case of all refund payments, the terms in clause 7 apply. 
  6. In case You(r) Company purchased our training(s) and will within a month from the purchase find a similar 5 to 8-hour training by a qualified mental wellness professional that is cheaper, we will refund you the price difference between that course and our course. To apply for such a partial refund, please send a written request showing the cheaper training by a qualified mental wellness professional (provide an active web link or other solid proof) and the relevant bank data (see clause 7) via e-mail to wellnessorbit@consciousinitiative.com. We have the right to refuse to refund if the training that was sent to us in comparison isn't by a professionally qualified mental wellness expert, psychiatrist, or psychologist or is free for the end-users but has actual fees that are covered by some other institutions or are paid training courses that are later made available by social media or some video-sharing platforms. In the case of refund payments, the terms stated in clause 7 apply.
  7. Refunds will be made only to the person or institution who paid the fee (person or institution stated on the invoice) and our processing time for refunds is up to one month from the time of the incoming e-mail. To apply for the refund, please send a written request with the relevant bank data (full name of the person or institution who made the payment and IBAN address or other full bank account details that allow us to make international payments as we don't see your credit card details) via e-mail to wellnessorbit@consciousinitiative.com. Note that for avoiding money laundry no refunds are possible to others than the person or institution who made the original payment. In case of the refund, the bank fees for transferring back the money are shared in case of all EU payments or deducted from the sum to be refunded in case of other international transfers.
  8. The Training Practice is provided “as is” for a Your or Your Company's use only, if not agreed with us otherwise. Re-selling or leasing or making the Training Practice user right available for other companies or third parties or the general public is strictly prohibited without a written re-selling contract. Conscious Initiative PLC reserves the right to cancel any Training Practice user right without refund when we have proof that the user of our Training Practice has attempted to re-sell it or has made an attempt to make Training Practice user right accessible to any third parties (see also clause 14). Our system is designed so that the amount of IP addresses and e-mail addresses is limited, so any attempt to re-sell the Training Practice to third parties will probably fail for technical reasons. 
  9. Conscious Initiative PLC reserves the right without refund or compensation to refuse admission to any person or company who violates or has violated our Copyrights or attempts to distribute our Training Practices and/or videos without our written permission. You and Your Company are responsible for the harm as well as for the damage when you enable the re-selling of our e-trainings or their parts to a third party (Your Company is here considered responsible for Your Company’s staff actions). If our Copyright is violated, You or Your Company as a Violator thus will take full responsibility for covering all the costs coming from misuse and violation of our Copyright. Conscious Initiative PLC reserves the right to file a lawsuit against violators of our Terms and Conditions and our Copyrights and can demand full compensation (including costs of removing all illegal copies from the Internet) if such misuse is conducted by You or Your Company. All the capital gains from re-selling and/or all the loss of our earnings due to making the e-training content available to the public or third parties are considered as our business loss and we have a right to demand full compensation from the violator to cover those losses in full amount.
  10. You acknowledge that You and Your Company agree that you will not use any software (malware) or hardware to interfere with the proper working of the Platform. You may not attempt to gain any unauthorized access to any portion or feature of the Platform, or any other systems or networks connected to the Site or to any of our servers, or to any of the services offered on or through the Platform, by hacking, password “mining” or any other illegitimate means.
  11. Training Practices offered on or through the Platform require You and Your Company to have a user account (Your Company and your personal access to e-trainings and administrator tools). You and Your Company are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the information about your account, including your password, and for any and all activity that takes place under your account as a result of your failure to keep Your or Your Company's information and passwords secure and confidential. You agree to notify Conscious Initiative PLC as www.wellnessorbit.com Platform owner immediately of any unauthorized use of your account or password, or any other breach of security. You may be held liable for losses due to someone else using your account and/or password as a result of your failure to keep your account information secure and confidential. You and Your Company may not use anyone else’s www.wellnessorbit.com password or account. Conscious Initiative PLC cannot and will not be liable for any loss or damage arising from your failure to keep your account and password secure. However, Conscious Initiative PLC ensures that Your and Your Company's information and passwords, as well as your personal information, are kept secure according to our Privacy Policy.
  12. The Conscious Initiative PLC may add, withdraw or substitute videos or questionnaires, or other parts in all Training Practices without any prior notice if this is for the benefit of providing better service or improving the Wellness Orbit e-training solution, or providing a better quality of e-training
  13. The Conscious Initiative PLC may terminate the e-training service within 3 months of notifying You and Your Company (sending an e-mail notice to all of our active subscribers and Training Practice users). If in such a case there is a prepayment made to The Conscious Initiative PLC by the client, the unused part of the prepayment will be returned to the client at the latest within one month from terminating the service according to clause 7.
  14. Photography, audio, or video recording of Training Practice videos or other parts are not allowed even with mobile devices for personal use, but You and Your Company employees/staff have a right to re-take the full e-training (including re-watching all the videos) during the activation period as many times as they wish. We encourage group viewing of the Training Practice videos with Your Company employees/staff, but we do not allow public video playback (group viewing within Your company isn't considered public video playback) or third-party access (You can watch your e-training with your or Your Company staff family members so that professional life and personal life could be harmonized for the benefit of Your Company, but in such a case Family members have to agree not to share content and need to respect the Terms and Conditions set forth here).
  15. Conscious Initiative PLC may postpone, cancel, interrupt or stop the e-trainings in case of Force Major events such as any kind of war or hostilities or acts of terrorism, riots, fire, flood, hurricane, earthquake, lightning, explosion, major strikes that make internet or electricity unavailable, lockouts, the slowdown of normal internet provision, prolonged shortage of energy supplies that don't enable us to use electricity, and/or acts of state or governmental action prohibiting or impeding us from performing our respective obligation to happen. In the case of Force Major, we try to inform our clients about the situation and realistic solutions to restore the service unless it is totally impossible (for example in case of war or major natural disaster).
  16. Our site/platform doesn't have age restrictions, however, purchasers of Training Practice user rights or subscriptions by those who are under 18 years of age need to seek parental consent before purchasing Training Practice user rights or subscriptions from our website. By transacting with us on our website, the purchaser certifies that the purchaser (as a natural person) is fully responsible for the purchase (she or he is at least 18 years of age and has a full right to represent Your Company) and understands and fully accepts these conditions of use set forth here.
  17. Any complaints regarding the Wellness Orbit e-trainings (including videos or questionnaires) and their availability, as well as technical problems, should be directed to and dealt with by the Conscious Initiative PLC prior to involving any third partners. All complaints should be sent to our e-mail: wellnessorbit@consciousinitiative.com. We do our best to secure fair and fast handling of all complaints, we provide you answer latest within 10 workdays (if the problem is very complicated we may need additional 30 days to look into it, but in such a case you get a short overview of how we handle the situation within 10 days); if you don't receive an e-mail from us within 10 workdays, please check your junk mail and in case you don't find the letter, please let us know that our answer hasn't reached you.
  18. Given that our Training Practices operate over the Internet, it is imperative for users to assume full responsibility for the functionality of their Internet connections. We aren't responsible if your Internet service or your Internet service provider fails (You can make sure that your Internet is fast enough to stream videos by clicking here and playing one of the videos in FullHD format). Failure to secure an Internet connection on your side doesn't give You or Your Company the right to demand a refund. Kindly be aware that slower internet speeds might hinder the seamless streaming of FullHD videos. However, this occurrence is not indicative of a malfunction; you may need to exercise patience and wait intermittently for the video to load and become accessible.
  19. Conscious Initiative PLC ensures that solutions and Internet connection work between our homepage and our servers and that our server has a full backup. We constantly monitor our system. Conscious Initiative PLC uses only very fast Internet connections and servers, that secure fast streaming of FullHD videos. Still, if for any unforeseen reason, there is a technical problem (for example in rare cases there can be a video rendering queue) or difficulties from our side, we prolong your Training Practice user rights and subscription times with the number of days/hours our service has failed or been delayed. In such a case You will see the change of dates on how long your e-training is valid on your admin account within 3 workdays from the moment the problem was noted and solved. If for any reason it is longer than 24h, we will inform your administrator by e-mail and offer you a situation-dependent proposal for a solution.
  20. The content of our Training Practices is practical, aimed to be pro-actively engaging and preventive in nature. You and Your Company have to take into account that the measure of impact depends on the readiness of the participant to work along, apply the practices given and take personal responsibility. Instructions and recommendations are given in the context of improving the entrepreneurial mindset, workplace wellbeing, and intrapersonal skills. The workbook we provide with every Training Practice supports such development.
  21. Our e-trainings are designed to improve Your ability to understand situations and Your and Your Company’s role in them, Conscious Initiative PLC as a provider of e-trainings cannot be held responsible for the choices the participants of the e-trainings make or do not make or conclusions You or Your Company take or don't take based on participating in the e-trainings. As most of our e-trainings point out we all are responsible for our own actions in any given situation and need to take responsibility for their results.
  22. You acknowledge that e-trainings supplement, but do not replace specific psychiatric, psychological, therapeutic, or other medical advice. In the case of established mental health problems and/or illness, please seek professional psychiatric help as soon as possible.
  23. Conscious Initiative PLC (owner of www.wellnessorbit.com) may not be held liable for You or Your Company for more than the total sum of the paid services provided (the sum of all invoices from Conscious Initiative PLC to the actual client for the services provided through www.wellnessorbit.com). Conscious Initiative PLC, its licensors, its vendors, and its subcontractors aren't liable for any personal injury, including death, or mental or physical disorder, or impairment caused by your misuse of the site or your interpretations of information given. Any claim arising from your utilization of the site/service must be submitted to us within one (1) month from the date on which the event giving rise to such action occurred. All claims should be accompanied by substantiating evidence and founded on verifiable facts. All claims are handled according to the laws of Estonia (see clause 24).
  24. The Terms and Conditions are governed by and constructed in accordance with the laws of Estonia (a member of the European Union). Any disputes arising out of this agreement shall be resolved in the Harju County District Court in Tallinn, Estonia, EU.
  25. If any provision of these Terms and Conditions is found to be invalid by any court having competent jurisdiction, the invalidity of such provision shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions of these Terms and Conditions, which shall remain in full force and effect. 


Your privacy is important to us. All your personal data is handled by Conscious Initiative PLC in accordance with the valid laws of Estonia. Conscious Initiative PLC does not sell Your Company staff/employees' personal details nor make those personal details available to others. However, if Conscious Initiative PLC sees that it is necessary for us to provide better service, we might share your registration data with the parties who are in direct cooperation with us (in such a case our partner has signed a confidentiality agreement with Conscious Initiative PLC prior we share your data with them and they don't have any rights to forward your information to anyone except in case of rightful legal claims or according to normal bookkeeping rules stated below in clause 1) with the aim to improve your experience at our homepage (www.wellnessorbit.com) or closed training site area.

Conscious Initiative PLC implements security measures to maintain the safety of our client's information. For example, www.wellnessorbit.com site/platform is custom-made a secure solution; the Wellness Orbit e-training site and server with your data are kept separate from the rest of our company data (our internal office server) and public homepage server and only carefully selected and authorized persons have access to it.

Wellness Orbit e-training server with your data is not physically accessible to others and it has a firewall and other necessary safety measures (for your security exact measures are not described here) in place. Our homepage and closed training area both use hypertext transfer protocol secure ('https:'), so all communications between your browser and our website or Wellness Orbit e-training server are encrypted to protect information flow. We use third-party video sharing services (CDN services), but your personal data isn't shared with that service provider.

Our data protection officer can be contacted at e-mail: wellnessorbit@consciousinitiative.com.

Cookie Policy

To improve your browsing experience and understanding visitor statistics we use cookies. Conscious Initiative PLC uses cookies on the basis of our legitimate interest as a business in improving our understanding of client needs and preferences in order to constantly enhance our services and improve client access to information that the Wellness Orbit website publishes. Wellness Orbit website uses cookies to collect your browsing information, such as the sections of the website that you have visited or the time you have spent on each page and allows the Website to remember your system and preferences. Conscious Initiative PLC may use website visitor statistical data to analyze trends and demographics of Wellness Orbit visitors. However, we don't assign each visitor an individual profile or track individual users.

Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer or device when you visit our website. They help us provide you with a smoother browsing experience by remembering your preferences and settings on our site. Cookies can stay on your device for different periods: session cookies vanish when you close your browser, while persistent cookies remain until deleted. Cookies make your browsing unique by recognizing your choices and showing you tailored content that enhances your site experience. We also use third-party cookies to analyze how you use our site, aiding us in troubleshooting and performance monitoring. We don't use cookies to identify individuals, although certain third-party applications we utilize might do so (see Privacy in case of Third-Party Applications that we use on our homepage).

How to control cookies? 

You can control and/or delete cookies as you wish – for details, see https://www.youronlinechoices.com. You can delete all cookies that are already on your computer and you can set most browsers to prevent them from being placed. But if you do this you may have to manually adjust some preferences every time you visit a site as some services and functionalities may not work.

What information does Conscious Initiative PLC collect and how do we use it?

  1. Conscious Initiative PLC collects information from You and Your Company when you sign up for our e-trainings (services), You are asked to enter: (1.1.) Your first name and (1.2.) Your family name for the creation of your account; (1.3) Your valid e-mail (it will be your user account ID) and phone; (1.4) Your Company administrator name (it can be the same as Your name if you purchase it as a private person or single person company); (1.5) Your Company official business name; (1.6) Your Company official registration code; (1.7) Your company e-mail address and (1.8) Your Company web site domain name (1.9) and Your Company logo (optional). In case Your Company has an EU VAT number you are asked to provide one (1.10) Your company's valid VAT number (Note: Without a valid EU VAT number we have to add country-based VAT to your invoice within the EU, as it is demanded so by EU and Estonian bookkeeping rules). You may, however, visit our homepage's open part anonymously without entering any of those details, as they are only needed when you make a purchasing decision and start using our e-trainings
  2. Your and Your Company's information, whether public or private, will not be sold, exchanged, transferred, or given to any other company (the only allowed exception of information transfer from our side is if starting a new business entity owned 100% by us and transfer all our business related to the Platform there); but Your information may be given to Estonian State or EU officials if there is a rightful legal request (for example Your company name, registration code, and VAT number are given to Estonian tax authorities with our monthly tax reports as this is demanded by Estonian bookkeeping rules).
  3. The information Conscious Initiative PLC collects from You and Your Company may be used: (3.1) To personalize Your experience (You see Your name and your Company name when you log in to our site as a user, etc); (3.2) To improve our websites e-services and our customer service (Your information helps us to more effectively respond to your feedback, Your name as an individual will not be published on our website without Your approval), however, we may publish Your Company name in the list of our clients; (3.3) to process Your and Your Company transactions according to valid bookkeeping rules; (3.4) to send you letters providing help or other information requested by You, etc. (3.5) We also may generalize our user data and publish average results without pointing to You or Your company.
  4. Your or Your Company staff/employee answers to the e-training questionnaires are not open to viewing by anyone else besides the person who answers them (even Your Company administrator), but based on Your answers to the questionnaires on our e-training user area Your Company administrator may get generalized overviews (without seeing the names of actual persons who provides answers to questionnaires) to understand the overall situation and mentality in Your Company. Conscious Initiative PLC protects the privacy of every single natural person (individual) in Your Company and Your Company doesn't have a right to request from us information that connects the actual person and his/her answers to the questionnaires (all such requests will be denied). Nor do we provide that information to any third party. Still, if You wish to share Your answers to the questionnaires with someone from Your Company or with Your family you are allowed to do so (this cannot be done from within our system, but You can print your answers or show Your results on screen) by taking full personal responsibility for how this information is distributed and used.
  5. Your name, e-mail, and phone number are visible to Your Company training account administrator during the whole training period. The aim of this is to enable feedback to Your Company who in their team joins, starts, and finishes the actual e-trainings. It also enables your company to promote the training within Your Company.
  6. The e-mail address You and/or Your Company provides to Conscious Initiative PLC for order processing may be used to send Your and Your Company training invitations, information, set-up instructions, e-mail verifications, and updates regarding Terms and Conditions or Privacy Policy. In addition, the e-mail address You and/or Your Company provides may be used to send you occasional company news and updates related to product or service information (if you have chosen to allow us to do so on our homepage) or to answer the questions that you have asked from us (answers are always personal and customized to you); if at any time you would like to unsubscribe for receiving future news related e-mails, we include unsubscribe instructions at the bottom of each newsletter or periodical e-mail. Please note that help, instructions, verifications, and/or invoicing related e-mails are sent only when needed and lack unsubscribing possibility (if you end Your Training Practice user right or Your subscription with Conscious Initiative PLC services those e-mails will stop automatically and will not be forwarded until you choose to join with our e-trainings again).
  7. You can access your personal information that we collect about you as a private person by logging in to your account while your training account is active. When it isn't active anymore (the training period has ended) you can request information about the data we store about you by e-mail. Requests should be sent to wellnessorbit@consciousinitiative.com and we answer your e-mail within 30 business days.

Privacy in the case of Third Party Applications that we use on our homepage.

  1. We use the “Custom Audience pixel” of Facebook Inc (1601 S. California Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA ) on the www.wellnessorbit.com website. With its help, we can keep track of what users do after they see or click on a Facebook advertisement. This enables us to monitor the effectiveness of Facebook ads for purposes of statistics and market research. Data collected in this way is anonymous to us, so we cannot see the personal data of individual users. However, this data is saved and processed by Facebook. Facebook can connect this data with your Facebook account and use it in accordance with Facebook’s Data Policy (https://www.facebook.com/about/privacy/). You can allow Facebook and its partners to place ads on and outside of Facebook and a cookie by Facebook can also be saved on your device for these purposes. You can withdraw your consent from Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/settings. We don't use pixel for our closed training area.
  2. Our website www.wellnessorbit.com uses Google Analytics, a web analysis service of Google Inc, (1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043 USA). Google Analytics employs cookies that are stored on your computer in order to facilitate analysis of your use of our website. The information generated by these cookies, such as the time, place, and frequency of your visits to our site, including your IP address, is transmitted to Google’s location in the US and stored there. We don't store or use this data ourselves. The use of Google Analytics on our website employs the extension “anonymizeIp”. In doing so, Google abbreviates and thereby anonymizes your IP address before transferring it from EU/EEA member states. Google uses this information to analyze your use of our site, to compile reports for us on Internet activity and to provide other services relating to our website. In some instances, Google may share this information with third parties, either due to legal obligations or when such third parties process the data on behalf of Google. However, Google asserts that it will never correlate your IP address with other information held by them. You retain the ability to prevent the installation of cookies by modifying your browser software settings. Google Analytics also offers a deactivation add-on for most current browsers that provides you with more control over what data Google can collect on websites you access. The add-on tells the JavaScript (ga.js) used by Google Analytics not to transmit any information about website visits to Google Analytics. Google Analytics also uses electronic images known as web beacons (single pixel gifs) along with cookies to compile aggregated statistics to analyze how our site is used. You can find additional information on how to install the browser add-on referenced above at the following link: https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout?hl=en. For the cases in which personal data is transferred to the US, Google has self-certified pursuant to the EU-US Privacy Shield. We don't use “Google Analytics” for our closed training area.


  1. The TERMS AND CONDITIONS and PRIVACY POLICY are valid from 01.09.2016 and apply for all who use our e-trainings. If we decide to change our Terms and Conditions or Privacy Policy, we will post those changes on this page The new changes will be valid to Training Practice user rights bought after publishing the new Terms and Conditions and/or Privacy Policy on this page: https://www.wellnessorbit.com/terms-and-conditions/. If You or Your Company purchased Training Practice user right or subscription under the prior version of the terms, you will continue to abide by the previous version until you and your company agree to the new ones.
  2. This version: TERMS AND CONDITIONS and PRIVACY POLICY is v.2.2 and dated 08.08.2023.
  3. Conscious Initiative PLC also operates websites other than www.wellnessorbit.com. The Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy applicable to www.wellnessorbit.com e-services don't apply to any other websites than www.wellnessorbit.com (only the shorter domain name wellnessorbit.com is considered as the same site as it is an alternative domain address to the same site) e-services. Conscious Initiative PLC’s other websites have different terms of use, posted on those websites.
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You may use what You have heard and learned for the development of Yourself and Your Company, but You do not have a right to downloadcopy, transmit, reproduce or re-publish the content (videos, spoken text, graphics, illustrations, questionnaires, or screenshots) of our Training Practice in any form. 

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