Intra-personal skills are the foundation of any successful career. The term intra-personal (‘intra’ meaning inside) has been taken into use by Dr Helena Lass to separate our inner functions and processes from the physiological functions of the body. These are basic skills that open up other skills, much like learning to read does: when one learns to read, many other skills and competencies can be developed as a result. 

According to Invar Villido (teacher, founder of The Art of Conscious Change courses), there are three main types of internal functions (the meta-functions) that every person needs to direct every day, but has not been educated to do so in school:

  • awareness-related;
  • mental and cognition-related;
  • feelings and emotions.



  1. Learning and gaining new knowledge;
  2. Attention and noticing;
  3. Thinking, analysis and problem-solving;
  4. Cognitive-mental activities, planning;
  5. Use of memory;
  6. Mindset and belief systems;
  7. Emotions and behavior;
  8. Adjustment to and implementation of change;
  1. Prioritizing, discerning and perceiving;
  2. Listening and seeing attentively;
  3. Gaining insights, inspiration and intuition;
  4. Creativity and spontaneity;
  5. Executive functions and decision making;
  6. Noticing the needs of the body;
  7. Taking responsibility for the consequences;
  8. etc


Awareness in itself is not mental knowledge, emotions nor the body. Awareness is an ability to register what is going on, in present tense and is our most intimate connection with the world. Being beyond the mind, it is the very thing we use to investigate the mind itself, among other things. As an agent for discovery, it forms the base for all intra-personal skills. All of us intuitively relay on awareness during unexpected situations, but slip back to automatic default mode for the rest of the time. This is waste of human potential.

Once discovered, observation with awareness provides access to fresh knowledge, skipping the habitual thinking. It is like upgrading your brain's operation system from mental train of thoughts to having instant insights. Similarly as it happened to Newton when he was sitting under the apple tree and gained a revolutionary insight after being hit by the falling apple. Introducing awareness means to wake up from the autopilot of thoughts and reactions - everything becomes more colorful, more real, acquiring sharper lines and aliveness.