Sustainable Success Starts Within

Sustainable Success Starts WithinInner knowledge lives in Tamil Nadu temples

We as humans currently know extremely little about who we are as human beings when it comes to our inner domain.

When your contact with the silent True Self within you is lost and you fail to notice where your awareness is, you feel trapped and under pressure.

The flow of life and purposeful change becomes possible when we understand that awareness of our awareness allows us to employ it. To truly understand this, you need to know in practice that only your True Self or awareness can lead awareness. You can't lead your awareness with your thoughts or emotions.

Until we don't apply awareness our thoughts and emotions run wild.

Emotions that run wild are not actual messengers but confusion causing waves that collide in the room causing toxicity and misunderstanding. Thoughts that run like freight trains are not better.

Instead of being tools to express your intuition and insight your thoughts on autopilot mode become self-managing reactive patterns that repeat old stuff and prevent you from being present and able to make conscious choices. In the combinative mode, today's AI is already way better than this human subconscious mode! We need to upgrade and start using our awareness and intrapersonal skills.

We tend to experience reactions toward everything and know barely how to remain calm, observe and take responsibility.

As a result, even our known history in the Western world is often more of the story of conflicts than the history of harmonious human existence. Even our history is written in reactive mode. Why?

Instead of using awareness in conscious mode, we run on subconscious reactive mode based on habits. Habits that are intervened thoughts, emotions and physical actions. This makes keeping inner calm and creating meaningful change and a harmonious life hard.

More than that, most of us are afraid to look within and as a result, we don't comprehend how our inner domain functions. We are afraid as then we have no one else to blame for our problems and misunderstandings.

A long time ago, for example in some parts of India, there were periods in human history where there was balance with nature and within society. It was supported by a deep proper understanding of ethics. In such societies, everyone grasped the true meaning of individual responsibility and intrapersonal skills.

Old Indian temples store etalons of consciousness and True Self. Different question is: Can we read those silent etalons?

Ethics and personal responsibility allowed a peaceful and harmonious society where teachings about achieving tranquility of mind and conscious collaboration were what people strived for.

Such a society lacked greed and ego trips. People took care of each other and strived for harmony. It is something that we lack in modern workplaces and society.

It is time to rediscover the inner path to freedom, joy and conscious action that allows us to ignite our inner potential and for this, we need to be willing to understand the true meaning of responsibility.

Conscious Proactive Action vs Inner Reactivity

In the previous blog, we shared how to acknowledge responsibility accurately.

We are all able to use our response-ability when we perceive what is our role and can listen to our hearts. Habitually, this is limited by repetitive thoughts, imaginations and emotions that run wild. Those all happen on a reactive level, when not led with awareness.

Not awareness of something but awareness of awareness. We as humans shouldn’t operate on subconscious habitual patterns, as those are often incorrect. Not based on what is happening NOW, but based on previous experiences.

But are your previous experiences objective or subjective?

Even if those are objective, are those experiences relevant now?

Until we are masters of our awareness, those subconscious patterns keep us alive. We aim to avoid bad experiences and look for good ones and while we do this we miss present moment.

The subconscious autopilot allows us to survive but prevents us as humans, society and workplaces from thriving.

Society is mismanaged due to those constant inner reactions. As a result, companies lose the most brilliant minds as this autopilot mode fails to notice processes that need to be changed to make things efficient and purposeful both within us and around us.

Breaking Myths Around Focus and Skills

Focus in essence is not hard concentration but a relaxed ability to stick to a consciously chosen path.

Relaxed focus allows corrections and learning from being present.

We all commit some mistakes until we lack practical skills. Skills are always personal and no theoretical knowledge replaces skills. This was well-known in ancient India. This is rightly perceived in some of the modern thriving businesses. But such businesses are few.

In most cases focus and business results happen, as there is pressure. Results are forced and thus people become anxious, get stressed and tend to burn out.

When people who manage or lead things lack intrapersonal skills, they force solutions with external means. Be it monetary motivation, hope for promotion or recognition. All such means are manipulative in their true essence. Sooner or later people see through all manipulations, the bright minds then leave and others lose their passion and only work for salary security.

Sustainable Path to Success

Using our free will in a conscious mode is what is the path to success. Only when people willingly partner up, as they understand the bigger picture and their role in it, can they thrive and businesses see good work results.

The natural path to success rolls out when good intrapersonal and interpersonal skills meet. The result then is harmony!

Can you spot grounded loving harmony on this picture?

All good interpersonal skills originate from good intrapersonal skills as we have pointed out many times.

How skillful are you at noticing, correcting and changing your own inner processes? That is the most relevant question in today's workplaces and society.

Intrapersonal skills are learnable.

You can learn to notice subtle details that subconscious autopilot mode overruns.

You can learn how to access intuition or creativity. You can learn purposeful thinking and remain thought-free when you no longer need thinking as a tool.

We warmheartedly invite you to learn such skills as those secure good work results and mental wellness at the same time.


Learning how our own human minds in the subconscious mode limit us is a must. At least if we desire to see good engagement, excellent work results and experience an abundant and happy life.

We have made learning intrapersonal skills and training your mind easy. Mind health is a beneficial investment with a tenfold ROI, so stop procrastinating and start improving your work and life.

This blog post and pictures of Tamil Nadu temples are contributed by Kaur Lass