Intrapersonal Education

What is intrapersonal education? How to become a successful intrapersonal learner in the easiest way?

The term intrapersonal separates different processes within our mind from the physiological functions of the physical body and external world.

Intrapersonal education is about learning such practical intrapersonal skills that allow leading different processes within our minds and allow to equip us with sustainable mental strength. The benefit of inner strength is our ability to focus and work wisely.

Intrapersonal skills are our practical success skills that secure our mental sharpness and mental wellbeing.

This online learning webpage allows you and your team to learn practical and easily applicable intrapersonal skills.

Interpersonal education is something that has been missing entirely in our established school system. Thus, we see that many people experience stress, burnout, and even a growing number of different mental health issues. During the global pandemic, the stress and burnout statistics went through the roof.


The total lack of intrapersonal education means that there is a lack of a proactive approach towards securing our mental wellbeing. That is why we need to discover how our inner domain is built up by becoming intrapersonal learners. 

Learning applicable intrapersonal skills will allow you and your team to become more productive without sacrificing mental wellness in the process.

Intrapersonal education is scientifically based on the essential fact that we can train our minds as the human brain is neuroplastic.

Neuroplasticity allows you to mold your brain patterns throughout your life by learning to lead your own inner processes consciously. Becoming aware of your awareness and inner processes will allow you to alter the existing unhealthy patterns in your brain, and thus you can employ your mind to the fullest.


Our founder Dr. Helena Lass published back in 2018 a scientific paper 'Developing Intra-Personal Skills as a Proactive Way to Personal Sustainability – The Preventative Side of the Mental Health Equation'.

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In this paper Dr. Lass states "in reality all humans possess an internal realm and experience intrapersonal events daily such as feeling emotions, learning, thinking, planning, focusing and leading our attention, having the ability to investigate, gaining an insight, etc." In this context obtaining a proper intrapersonal education gives you the ability to lead such different intrapersonal events within your mind at will.

This scientific paper explains intrapersonal education this way: "By learning, training and directing intrapersonal skills, a vast amount of inner potential will open up, ultimately advancing our human capacity and leading us towards better mental wellness."

Wellness Orbit online trainings will allow you the beneficial discovery of intrapersonal education in the work context. What your employees learn here is vital for your business success and work results.

Intrapersonal education secures mental wellness

Life is dynamic – inevitably changing. Learning how to handle constant changes within your mind and around you, in the physical work environment, allows you to progressively reduce stress, prevent burnout and has the potential to secure excellent mental wellness.

The scientific paper by Dr. Lass takes the explanation even further. "Being awareness-based, intrapersonal skills are the pre-requisites of a fulfilling life and more harmonious and sustainable society."

The benefit here is simple, "One can contribute and reach goals considerably better if there exists know-how about the conscious application of awareness to effectively process data, orient in changing the environment, and become aware of and regulate one’s emotional as well as mental reactions."

Without intrapersonal skills, our own inner processes that lead to worry, stress, and anxiousness remain a mystery that somehow 'happens' to us.

Learning practical intrapersonal skills will allow you to lead your life in a more sustainable way and work with fewer struggles.

Awareness based intrapersonal skills secure a brighter future.

What is the benefit of learning intrapersonal skills?

Intrapersonal skills form the foundation of any successful career.

A very simple intrapersonal transformation example is staying calm and focused. Inner calmness and the ability to keep your focus as long as needed will allow you to become more productive in an open office or in the midst of externally disturbing factors (like all parents face when working from home).

Intrapersonal skills can be seen as the most basic skills that allow to open up all other skills. We can compare intrapersonal skills with the skill to read. When you learn to read, many other competencies open up for you through reading.

Intrapersonal skills are skills for leading your own awareness-, mentality-, and emotion-based processes. Leading such processes equip you with improved self-leadership and a calm and more productive mind.

Intrapersonal education equips you and your team with success skills.

Intrapersonal learning equips you with intrapersonal skills that allow you to eliminate your inner disturbances that have the potential to disturb your work, like lack of attention, constant inner reactivity to external events, worry, wandering thoughts, etc.

Intrapersonal learning can also easily lead to improved employee engagement and better intrapersonal relations both within your team and with your customers. 

The application of intrapersonal competence has the potential to significantly improve your productivity.

It is not intra vs interpersonal. Actually, intrapersonal competency improves all interpersonal relations, such as cooperation/partnership and communication. The ability to lead the inner domain takes emotional pressure and miscommunication out of interpersonal relations and thus improves productivity.

Mental strength empowers productivity.

What are examples of interpersonal skills?

In this table, we have listed the 12 most important intrapersonal skills that support your life and your mental wellness:

  1. Directing your awareness/attention at will;
  2. Keeping your focus on the task at hand as long as needed;
  3. Observing and listening attentively;
  4. Purposeful thinking and setting priorities;
  5. Letting go of old belief systems and repetitive thoughts;
  6. Leading your emotions and behavior at will;
  1. Responding to changes adequately;
  2. Discerning the important factors from the less important ones;
  3. Having access to insights and intuition at will;
  4. Using creativity and inspiration at will;
  5. Noticing the needs of your physical body;
  6. Excellent self-leadership and personal responsibility.

Some examples of intrapersonal intelligence or intrapersonal skills, listed above, are easy to learn, while others have longer learning curves.

When you and your team learn and then apply awareness and practical intrapersonal at work, it will lay a firm foundation for your professional excellence and business success.

Intrapersonal skills improve inner strength.

Intrapersonal education is a win-win game. Intrapersonal skills are your doorway to excellent mental wellness and self-leadership.

So, start improving your mental wellness, productivity, and employee engagement NOW.

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