Mind Health training easily brings tenfold ROI

What is mind health? How to improve the brain health and wellbeing of your brightest minds?

Mind health represents such an inner state that allows a high quality of life and allows you to avail your brain for excellent work results.

Improving mind health is about training the human brain before you face problems within your inner domain.

On this webpage, you can easily discover the secrets to maintaining optimal mind health for your whole team. The approach here is systematic and professionally curated as we are the pioneers of the mind health revolution.

Boost your productivity and performance with our proven mind health strategies

We have made mind health trainings affordable and easy to use for you. Here your investment for a 6 to 8-hour high-quality training per person is never higher than £63 ($77 or 70€).

Optimal mind health isn't a luxury, it is a basic necessity for success and good work results.

Altering your brain capacity and keeping it fit demands a systematic effort to change unhealthy and subconsciously learned brain patterns. Luckily, the human brain is neuroplastic and thus easily trainable. Noticing your existing unhealthy patterns with your awareness allows you to transform them.

New and healthier brain patterns can formulate as a result of intrapersonal education. When you train your brain you can easily improve your life quality and also your work results.

Mental wellness supports productivity.

Mind wellness is the foundation of a healthy life and work

Securing mind wellness at work is a proven path to excellent self-leadership, improved focus and employee engagement. Excellent mind health has the power to take your current productivity to a whole new level and leads also to creativity and insights.

When people experience psychological safety, they feel liberated to try new things and innovate. Good mind health improves personal initiative. Only when we feel well and trusted and dare to play with creativity, can unique innovative solutions be discovered.

This works also vice versa, when our mind withers we focus on problems instead of solutions. This leads to a drop in employee engagement. Currently, in the world, only 20% of employees are actively engaged (see the graph by Gallup 2021 study below).

What could be the realistic employee engagement target? Gallup demonstrates that it can be above 70%, as illustrated by the following graph.

Employee engagement, best practice workplaces vs the usual teams

The employee engagement graph above points out how the best practice establishes a considerable difference. People with fit minds who experience excellent leadership and work culture demonstrate improved employee engagement levels (see the best performing team levels above).

As we argue in this employee engagement-related blog post in such workplaces also stress levels are lower and self-leadership skills are better as people love what they do for work.

How to secure mind health?

Intrapersonal skills allow good self-leadership, but besides dealing with work when things are normal, we need to be ready to meet challenging times and situations. When facing challenges stress reduction skills are an absolute must. Why?

The ability to deal with stress matters to employers as lower stress levels mean improved focus and initiative.

When you focus on training mind health proactively and systematically, people in your team can enjoy the benefits of a sharp mind and thrive.

This mind health webpage opens up how you and your team can train mental sharpness and learn to improve inner strength.

Mind health is founded upon practical intrapersonal skills. Such inner skills will allow you to lead your thoughts and emotions at will, despite your circumstances and work challenges. Naturally provided, that you have trained your brain and keep it fit and well.

How to improve your resilience?

Mind health is about practical skills that make you resilient.

Resilience can be seen as your personal sustainability. Whatever happens around you, your mind stays calm, well and sharp. Such resilience remains only a dream if we avoid training our minds in a systematic way.

Your mind health secures your resilience during tough times. A trained and fit mind copes with any external pressures without suffering from chronic stress that so often leads to burnout.

Would you love to discover:

  1. How to adequately deal with work stress and prevent burnout?
  2. How to improve your focus and easily access creativity?
  3. How to secure excellent mind wellness that supports good work results and brain sharpness to solve challenges?


By taking time to learn practical intrapersonal skills, you and your team will learn and understand how to keep your mind strong and sharp, even when facing external pressure.

Improving mind health is founded upon training your brain by learning awareness-based intrapersonal skills. Such skills are with you for life.

Your skills are always with you, and no one can take your skills from you. Of course, developing skills takes some time and effort. But once you know how to ride a bike, you know it for life.

Training your brain to notice processes within your mind will allow you to spot the signs of stress and reduce your inner reactivity. Keeping a calm mind allows you to use your mental sharpness to the fullest. You can think well and stay focused even in an open office or while working from home full of playing kids.

Intrapersonal skills and a more conscious life is the bright future leaders have been looking for. When people know how to lead themselves, they can lead different processes and others as illustrated in the following graph.

Intrapersonal skills are beneficial in work context



In the long run, your brightest and most talented employees will stay with you and become more engaged. The Great Resignation phenomenon during the pandemic era demonstrated that if people feel unwell at work, they prefer to leave. So, supporting the mind health of your staff is vital for your long-term success.

Investing in mind health makes also perfect financial sense.

Your mind health investment can offer up to a tenfold return on investment (ROI between 9,7 and 10,8, as by 2022 Deloitte UK study) by reducing presenteeism and health risks and improving employee engagement.

To understand the importance of mind health, you need to identify the big picture. Our mind health scale has two ends. Your aim should be to keep yourself and your employees on the wellness end of the graph (explore the right-hand side of the graph).

The mind health scale – reactivity vs proactivity

To the unwell mind problems appear (left-hand side) vs the proactive mind health approach that focuses on training inner powers (right-hand side).

Your mind health is excellent when you can access your inner "superpowers". 

For example, good concentration provides you the ability to compile a report that employs precise words and is easy to read. Attention allows for adding details and skills to manage your activities in time will allow you to deliver the report when agreed with your customer.

Mind wellness has the power to equip you and your team with all the inner skills on the right-hand side of the graph. Such intrapersonal skills allow face different work challenges and cope with external pressure.

Revitalize your mind and improve your quality of life and work

On this new and innovative mind wellness gym, your online training experience will include:

  1. Self-assessment questionnaire when starting and finishing mind wellness online training;
  2. Instantaneous feedback based on your self-evaluation results;
  3. Five video-based mind health training sessions with professional expert Dr. Helena Lass;
  4. Quizzes for consolidating what you learned after every video training session;
  5. Workbook for securing your mind health, including suggestions for group discussions.

Mind Wellness Gym e-trainings

Measuring different mind health indicators allows for identifying stress levels, burnout risk, ability to focus and keep your attention, etc. The learning process here is designed to improve employee engagement and productivity. Find out more about the benefits here.


Your mind health secures your resilience during tough times and allows you to achieve good work results and thrive in your personal life.

Mind health online training has the power to deliver sustainable results regardless of the area of work you do. Intrapersonal skills are universal skills, like reading.

When you are skilled to read you can benefit from any book out there, similarly, when you possess excellent interpersonal skills, you can solve any external challenge with a calm mind.

Employees and leaders with fit minds can be fully engaged, more productive and seize the initiative to solve real-world challenges.

Mind health training will allow you and your team to thrive.

How can I start training the mind health?

We have made it easy! Please click on the link below to get an offer or write to us – all queries are welcome. You are also welcome to click on the training images/titles below and discover mind health trainings that deliver results.


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Training mind health will benefit you as you no longer have to sacrifice your inner wellbeing and calmness for achieving productivity.

Many thanks for taking the time to read this mind wellness webpage!

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