Why Us

Our promise #1

Professional trainer

On intra-personal topics (thinking, decision making, emotional skills, creativity, resilience, attention, intuition etc) you should trust only the best. Engineering your brain, mind and intelligence is best trusted to professionals with practical experience.

Our founder and trainer Dr Helena Lass is a practicing medical doctor and trainer in intra-personal skills (psychiatrist) with the experience of running several companies and in-depth involvement in awareness practices & research.

Our promise #2

New approach

Approaching the last remaining frontier – our intra-personal functions, problems, skills and potentials. The trainings are an unique synthesis of Helena's professional knowledge and 10+ years of awareness practice with Ingvar Villido, the founder of Human2.0

This emerging field of education is derived from empirical experience of intra-personal affecting the whole being and provides the missing key to foster sustainability, self-sufficiency and -management.  

Our promise #3

Easy to use

We combine intra-personal education, digital technology, improvement tracking and active learning principles to amplify behavior and mindset change.

Max 2 clicks user invitation (company admin needs more clicks, but it is still easy).

We help the company to elegantly communicate the training to their staff, providing the needed materials (letters, trailers, posters, banners etc) for high enrollment rate.

Our promise #4

Shared experience

When all of the staff receives the same training, across separate office buildings, towns, branches and continents, a shared background and mutual understanding emerges.

The shared trainings help to break down barriers and increase collaboration. Gradual improvement in company culture and alignment in mindsets is in this way easier to attain.

Our promise #5


Thanks to digital revolution, the best know-how is now available at a fraction of the price (compared to live-trainings / courses / facilitating) and with the comfort of company being in control of the total cost.

Even more - your people can view the training at home with spouse and close family members to amplify the effect on behavior change. 

Our promise #6

Flexibility & autonomy

The trainings can be followed from wherever and on all devices (mobile devices, PC-s etc). Whenever (24/7). Repeatedly, with the pace that fits your staff schedule.

We recommend multiple viewings - gather for a team event and experience the training on the big screen, followed by a group discussion. 

Our promise #7

Quality & personal touch

No hype or over-promising. All that you see, you also get. 

With our augmented formula (integrated questionnaires, graphics, reviews to enhance participant engagement, workbook, feedback etc), FullHD cinema quality and impeccable sound, our trainings are equal to top level live trainings. They feel like 1-on-1 trainings.

All videos are personalized and custom rendered for you with your company logo and domain name. So it feels like in-house training.

Our promise #8

Lasting results

You do not want your people to be manipulated by motivational speakers. As you know, emotional motivation does not last. At least not longer then the emotion that is behind it. It is a fact that emotions change and are no cornerstone.

Our approach is based on awareness, is science- and practice-centric. The insights are easily cross-translated and if applied, support behavior change and provide long lasting results.

Our promise #9

Practical & applicable

Everything we talk about is grounded in practice. Being ready to apply the heard and learned, skills provided will help to tackle everyday tasks and challenges at workplace enhancing career.

When applied correctly people worry less, have better attention, respond adequately, communicate better, solve problem creatively and avoid stress and burnout with better results.