Benefits from excellent mental wellness

Known benefits from Wellness Orbit mental wellness gym wellbeing training are: 

  1. Improved productivity – people who have taken the proactive mental wellness training have even doubled their productivity due to learning intrapersonal skills and improved self-leadership skills; 
  2. Ability to stay focused on the task at hand – this has been particularly beneficial in open office environments and for experts that deal with various projects or topics simultaneously;
  3. Reduced stress levels and lower burnout risk – stress and burnout risks have known to drop more than 75% among employees who have taken the e-training 'Performing Under Pressure' as they have become more mindful and aware of their own inner processes;
  4. Less sick leaves and employee turnover – people have found new ways to take control of their (mental) health and can take more personal responsibility without sacrificing their own mental well-being;
  5. Understanding that mental wellness is a much wider arena than mental illness – people have started to see what their habit patterns mean and where they lead if they remain unchanged. Changing those patterns will improve their personal initiative and mental fitness.

Experiencing those 5 mental wellness training benefits can be seen after your staff applies what they learned into their daily life and work practices.


Excellent focus and less stress is the outcome of mental wellness training

How does mental wellness training support my team?

Currently, only a handful of workplaces address employee mental wellbeing proactively, even there is plenty of proof that investment into mental wellness has an excellent return on investment (ROI). The Deloitte report 'Mental health and employers. Refreshing the case for investment' from 2020 demonstrated that the ROI into mental health in workplaces showed a £5 gain for every £1 spent. However, the up to tenfold ROI is in the workplace-wide proactive mental wellness approach. It is something also our customers and e-training users have often communicated back to us.

Here are our 9 promises to you and your team:

Our promise #1

Professional trainer

On mental wellness, awareness, and intrapersonal skills (such as thinking, leading emotions, being creative, resilient, attentive, etc.) you should trust only the best. Engineering your brain, mind, and intelligence is best trusted by professionals with practical experience.

Our founder and trainer Dr. Helena Lass is a practicing medical doctor (psychiatrist) with in-depth involvement in awareness practices & mental wellness research. The approach we bring forward is much more proactive than in the mental health first aid courses.

Our promise #2

Aware approach

Awareness is the key to opening up the potential of our intrapersonal skills and nipping our mental health related problems in the bud. The e-trainings here are a unique synthesis of Dr. Lass's professional knowledge on pro-active mental wellness and 10+ years of awareness practice with Ingvar Villido, the founder of Human 2.0

This emerging field of education provides the missing key to fostering personal sustainability, self-sufficiency, and self-leadership in workplaces.

Our promise #3

Easy to use

We combine intrapersonal education, e-trainings digital technology, improvement tracking, and active learning principles to amplify behavior and mindset change.

Easy invitations and instant feedback about who has joined, are naturally a part of this staff development training.

We also help the workplaces easily communicate the e-training to their staff, providing the needed materials (letters, trailers, posters, banners, etc.) for a high enrollment rate.

Our promise #4

Shared experience

When all of the staff receives the same training, across separate offices, towns, branches and continents, shared background and mutual understanding for new and more efficient working habits will emerge.

The shared training experience helps to break down barriers and increase team collaboration. Achieving improvement in company culture, teamwork efficiency, and mental wellness. 

Our promise #5

High-value investment

As a digital solution, the best know-how is now available at a fraction of the price (compared to live-trainings / courses / facilitating) and with you being in control of the total cost. According to the Deloitte UK study, the workplace-wide proactive approach has the best ROI (up to 10,2).

An additional benefit is that your people can view this mental wellness online e-training at home with their spouse and/or close family members to amplify the effect of behavior change. 

Our promise #6

Flexibility & autonomy

Mental wellness e-trainings are accessible 24/7 from all devices (mobile devices, tablets, PC-s, etc.) with an Internet connection. Experience repeatedly, with the pace that fits your staff schedule.

We recommend multiple viewings - gather for a team event and experience the training on the big screen, followed by a group discussion. 

You can ask questions or share your insights in our facilitated Facebook group.

Our promise #7

Quality & personal touch

No hype or over-promising. All that you see, you get. 

With our augmented formula (integrated questionnaires, graphics, reviews to enhance participant engagement, workbook, instant feedback to each trainee, etc.), FullHD cinema-quality, and impeccable sound, our modern e-trainings are equal to top-level live training. Your e-training videos have a more 1-on-1 feel than is possible to most people during the live staff training!

All training videos feel like custom-made in-house corporate training!

Our promise #8

Lasting results

You don't want your people to be manipulated by motivational speakers. As you may be aware, emotional motivation doesn't last. It is a well-known fact that all emotions change. People mostly don't understand how their emotions work as they lack intrapersonal education. This lack of education leads to stress, burnout, depression, and other mental health-related problems.

Our approach is based on awareness and is science-centric. The insights are easily cross-translatable, and if applied, support behavior change and provide long-lasting results.

Our promise #9

Practical & applicable

Everything we talk about is grounded in practice. Being ready to apply the heard and learned, practical intrapersonal skills will help people to tackle everyday tasks and challenges at work and can enhance careers.

When applied correctly people worry less, have better attention, respond adequately, communicate better, solve problems creatively and avoid stress, burnout, and even more serious mental health issues.

All our e-trainings are designed to lead to excellent mental wellness and improved employee engagement.


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