Mental health day ideas that support working better

Mental health day ideas that support working betterGet out of the stressful darkness and live!

We all have mental health. When it is great, we shine and work well.

When our mental wellness level drops and we become first stressed, and then start to burn out or experience anxiousness, loss of productivity and a drop in employee engagement level will follow.

You may have experienced a day when your mental wellness is lower than usual. It may even be a day when you barely get by. On such a day you manage to perform the bare minimum of what is needed, but can't put forward any peak performance. Have you had such a day, when you feel tired or depleted?

Why does taking a mental health day matter?

When you keep pushing yourself, without taking a break to restore your brain's wellbeing, you usually become more irritated, more open for additional inner reactivity and start to accuse yourself or try to hide your inner collapse. While in the short run you may fool others and yourself, then in the long run it all builds a path to burnout and mental health issues.

We should take mental health days off when we are tired.

When we take a wellness day or two to restore ourselves, then we can again return to work and perform on an adequate level. However, if we ignore our stress and anxiousness and keep pushing, we tend to end up in a slow and long downward spiral.

Without possessing the proper intrapersonal skills spotting inner tensions is difficult. Hence, until you lack intrapersonal skills taking a day off is a must and when you possess good intrapersonal skills you enjoy taking a wellness day when you need one, as it will allow you to do work and live better later.

Five mental health day ideas

So, what are the ideas that allow you to restore your mental wellbeing in a single day?

1. Mental wellness day packed with different activities: Launch your day with a healthy breakfast by relaxing your mind. For this, listen to some music, preferably something melodic and energy-boosting you love (avoid sad songs unless you need to lament something and cry a little), or read a good book that takes your mind to a relaxing path. After such a relaxing few hours stimulate your body and mind actively. Take a longer (wild) nature walk or a training session that has the power to leave you relaxed. End the day by taking a bath, going to the sauna, or for a swim/spa. A simple version of a hot shower may also do the trick. This way your body and brain get different stimulations, relaxation, following something stimulating and again relaxation. Follow it all up by taking a long night's sleep. This way you have a quality day!

2. Mental wellness training day: Take a (nature) walk. After walking, take a mental wellness gym training session. Listen, follow the guided exercises, fill up the workbook and take a quiz. Then let it sink in and take a healthy lunch. After this we recommend taking a short break and so something you love, meditating, doing some yoga exercises, playing an instrument, or picking up some art activities. After such a relaxation you can take another training session if you desire or repeat the previous one to notice more details that help you to improve your inner domain. All our training sessions leave your mind relaxed. Subsequently, follow it up by sharing the highlights of your training and aha moments with your friend or loved one. 

3. Mental fitness trip day: Take a day trip to somewhere where it is quiet and less stimulating than your routine days. Just forget your daily activities and be fully present on that trip. Observe things and later note those down. Make it a day truly worth living and noticing the beauty around you. No other rules besides enjoying your trip.

4. Mental wellness day with family or a friend: No parties, no massive fun events, merely take a quality day with your loved ones or closest friend. Just real old-school physical face time, tea and some good food! You can include a walking meeting to somewhere calm. Be present and mindful of what happens. This is somewhat the toughest suggestion as we all have become so busy that it is hard to step out of the busy/noisy superficial attitude. Make it a day full of conversations from the heart to heart. Talk calmly about what truly matters to you and listen to what matters to the person next to you. Note what has gone missing while the contact has been more superficial. Say good words and enjoy when you hear good words! Notice their meaning and true value!

5. A silent inner calmness day: Make it a quiet and calm day for yourself. Close every external stimulus down and take a moment to listen to outer silence and then find inner silence. When something disturbing appears, focus again and again on silence. If you feel tired, take a bath or sleep a little. If you feel active, take a silent walk in silent nature. The sole rule is to discover ways to prolong the enjoyment of silence.

Those are just some different mental health day ideas.

All those ideas aid you to relax and take your brain and mind out from the beaten path to a new and different path that you usually don't have time for.

Notice the wonderful life and calmness around you!

Success rule that you need for your mental wellness day!

One key rule in all of those different scenarios is no work-related phone calls, no news and no social media. If needed state at work that you can't be reached, we are sure in 99,99% of cases nothing important happens that day that you can't deal with a day later. 

It is inner and outer calmness that allows you to restore your mental wellness.


Make it your mental wellness day!

It is only about you and improving/restoring your mind health!

Not that most of those mental health day ideas have low or no cost base. Even a single Wellness Orbit mental wellness gym training cost just 60 euros or dollars per person and this cost includes 5 training sessions (in total 6 to 8 hours of active training time). We are certain that is affordable. And if it truly isn't, present your unique case and we try to help you out! Also, we offer free resources! There is also plenty of reading in our blogs, articles and a free e-book!

Walking to the nearest nature spot or park isn't costly or difficult. Even busy city centers include serener parks. And you can always jump on a bus or train or ride your bike or drive your car to such a destination.

Inner silence doesn't cost a penny. You just need to spot your inner silence and then chose to keep your inner calm. It demands a singular focus and letting go of all other options. But such focus allows you to relax.

Being with loved ones or with a most beloved friend presumably gives you a hug and a smile. Provided, that you are willing to invest in your own smile and share a hug! Try it!

If you desire a more practical approach, just take online training on this mental wellness website, which is designed to leave you feeling well.

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While we recommend training your mind on a weekly basis in our mental wellness gym, we also are happy if you find free resources and blogs on our website useful and discover your own path to inner wellness.

What makes Wellness Orbit different is we share a practical and easy-to-apply approach to mind health. 

Just make up your mind and take your mental health day!

Restoring your inner peace before you experience setbacks or get ill is the proactive path! 

A calm mind is free from inner reactivity and allows you to see reality.

This blog post is by Kaur Lass