Free Resources for securing excellent mental health at work

Your mental well-being depends on you more than you know.

Here are some recourses that enable you to start with your inner journey towards mental well-being:

  1. Take a free stress test and enjoy instant feedback. This free proactive mental wellness training comes with a short video that opens up the stress reduction topic:  "Focus & Stress Reduction";
  2.  Enjoy a free video about Stress and Burnout during your next coffee or tea break;
  3.  Get several insights about how to secure excellent  Mental Wellness At Work during your next coffee or tea break;
  4.  Find several content-rich Mental Wellness and Workplace Well-being Articles that are published around the globe that open up different aspects of mental wellness and work-life integration;
  5.  Download and read the e-book "The Proactive Mental Wellness Approach At Work" (also available at Apple Books as an e-book).
  6.  Find additional free videos about #proactivementalwellness, #intrapersonalskills, #leadership and #consciousentrepreneurship on our YouTube channel.

While those free resources enable you to start the journey towards the right-hand side of this mental health scale you can also find high-quality mental wellness e-trainings that secure that your whole team gets there, because in those e-trainings we reveal intrapersonal skills that are easy to learn and apply in real work and real-life situations.


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Note: It takes between 5 to 8 hours to complete one full training in several sessions during the 3 month period. The annual subscription is also available.

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