Free resources for excellent mental health at work

Your mental well-being depends on your skills to lead your inner processes with ease much more than you are currently aware of.

Discover free mental wellness recourses for your journey towards excellent well-being:

  1. Take a free stress test and enjoy instant feedback. This free proactive mental wellness training comes with a short video that opens up the stress reduction topic: "Focus & Stress Reduction";
  2. Enjoy a free video about Stress and Burnout during your next coffee or tea break;
  3. Get several insights about how to secure excellent Mental Wellness At Work during your next coffee or tea break;
  4. Find several content-rich Mental Wellness and Workplace Well-being Articles that are published around the globe that open up different aspects of mental wellness and work-life integration;
  5. Download and read the content-rich mental wellness e-book "The Proactive Mental Wellness Approach At Work" (also available at Apple Books as an e-book).
  6. Find additional free videos about #proactivementalwellness, #intrapersonalskills, #leadership and #mindhealthrevolution on our YouTube channel.
  7. On our LinkedIn channel, we share wellness-related content and valuable articles. Much of it never makes its way to our homepage.
  8. Click here to read more than 100 insightful mental wellness blog posts.
  9. Find out why awareness matters and how it is related to mental well-being, mindfulness, productivity and success.

Mental health scale by Dr. Helena Lass

While those free resources enable you to start the journey towards the right-hand side of this mental health scale you can also discover high-quality mental wellness e-trainings that take your team to a new level.

In those fully digital online trainings, we reveal intrapersonal skills that are easy to learn and apply in real work and real-life situations.

Enjoy the best resources for securing mental wellness.


Benefit from discovery that now mental wellness training is easily accessible and fairly priced.

Your investment here is never higher than £63 ($77 or 70€) per person for a single e-training.

However, you can get even better prices when you book the annual subscription for your team. Let us surprise you!


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Please note: It takes 5 to 8 hours to complete one mental wellness online training course. A single e-training is usually open for a 3-month period. However, you can ask for a custom training period, and an annual subscription that saves money is also available.

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