Introduction of pro-active mental wellness trainings

Introduction of pro-active mental wellness trainingsDr Helena Lass in front of several hundred people

How to be mentally well? How to stay productive while being in contact with different stressors? How to stay focused? What is the efficient way to prevent burnout? Those are just a few unanswered questions that people come in contact with. We strongly believe that people search for answers that produce good results and aren't superficial.

Such practical answers to mental health questions have been difficult to find as the proactive mental wellness approach has been missing. That is why we are launching Wellness Orbit and mental health e-training opportunities for you.

The first pre-introduction of the Wellness Orbit mental wellness e-training solution took place at Conscious Initiative Conference "Workplace. Wellbeing. Performance" in May 2016 in Tallinn. The upcoming video-based proactive mental wellness e-trainings are predominantly developed to answer the specific needs of entrepreneurs and different workplaces. That is why this successful entrepreneurship event fitted well for the public introduction of the mental wellness gym concept.

Focus on proactive mental wellness

Wellness Orbit is an e-learning platform developing a pro-active mental wellness approach to help employees and employers. Our focus is to create a mental wellness solution in a scalable format as mental health problems around the globe keep growing. Our team will bring forward mental wellness coaching in a fully digital format. It will be the world's first mental wellness gym where everyone in your team can upgrade their mental fitness in a digital format.

The upcoming e-training solution re-invents the whole concept of online training. It will have a modern design (the author of the branding concept is Jürgen Salenbacher from CPB Lab in Barcelona; web and closed training design solutions are by Risto Bakhoff). As one of the co-founders of Wellness Orbit has previously programmed online video solutions for the U.S. market and the other one of the owners runs a movie studio, there is a lot of practical know-how in-house.

Branding Wellness Orbit mental wellness gym in Barcelone Our founder's branding Wellness Orbit and Conscious Initiative in Barcelone 2015 with Jürgen Salenbacher (CPB Lab).

Those who expect old fashion classroom-style training videos that convey the impression like you are a fly on the wall or boring old-school PowerPoint presentations voice-over have to be disappointed. Those old ways of doing online training aren't used. Instead, we will see modern self-evaluation options with instantaneous feedback, FullHD videos with one-on-one feeling, and stylish design with a Nordic touch.

A unique combination of entrepreneurial skills, awareness & mental wellness

One of our founders, Dr. Helena Lass has always been passionate about entrepreneurship and the practical application of awareness. Being also a medical doctor (psychiatrist), she knows in detail how the human mind works. Her unique background made it possible for her to merge these three areas of expertise.

In addition, we bring in the value that is the key for every successful entrepreneur – personal initiative. This new, unique and professional content makes the Wellness Orbit mental wellness gym a springboard for companies to encourage employees to maintain their learning curve and become more productive without sacrificing their mental health at work.

We see that awareness-based intrapersonal skills enable every employer to set up a practical road map for excellent mental wellness at work. As we all have mental health, we need intrapersonal skills that can empower us, so that we can keep ourselves and our teams on the positive side of the mental health scale.

Wellness Orbit will soon offer several proactive mental health e-trainings that enable workplaces to solve stress, burnout, depression, and disengagement related problems proactively. This will be different from the currently dominating reactive mental health approach as it isn't about mental illnesses (mental illness = lack of wellness) or treatment but instead focuses on the broadest form of prevention before mental health problems and issues turn into illnesses.

Participating in the preventative mental wellness e-trainings will open up employee's professional excellence and will enable employers to retain a healthy, agile, and creative workforce, harboring an overall growth mindset. 

When is the launch of mental wellness e-trainings?

The planned launch of the new e-training platforms customer area is in January 2017. The whole of the Wellness Orbit team is working to meet this timeline. The video shooting and content development, design, and programming involve about 17 people – all top professionals in their field of competence.

See more photos of the Conscious Initiative Conference and the making of the e-trainings.

Do you want to know more? Do you want to find a mental wellness solution that is easy to use and daily priced?

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Wellness Orbit team in Barcelona and CBP Lab
Wellness Orbit team in Barcelona and CBP Lab.

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