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We currently offer three different mental wellness online trainings accessible over the Internet and support remote working and focusing at work (in open office environments). The e-trainings are focused on keeping people mentally fit and productive without sacrificing their mental well-being in the process. 

Each e-training is presented by mental wellness expert Dr. Helena Lass and includes:

☑️ Trainee self-evaluation tools;
☑️ Instant feedback to self-evaluation for each trainee;
☑️ Mental wellness video training sessions with 1-on-1 feel;
☑️ Quizzes to consolidate the learned after every video session;
☑️ A workbook that enables a personal self-development plan;
☑️ Group discussions guidelines;
☑️ Printable certificate and promo posters.

We reveal right away your investment level, as it allows you to think with it.

Your full-day worth of e-training per person here is never higher than £63 ($77 or 70€) + VAT. However, the bigger your group, the better the deal.

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Please note: It takes 5 to 8 hours to complete one mental wellness online training course. A single e-training is usually open for a 3-month period. However, you can ask for a custom training period, and an annual subscription that saves money is also available.

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