This excellent new book allows you to let go of your disturbing emotions

This excellent new book allows you to let go of your disturbing emotionsIngvar Villodo at Conscious Initiative Conference

While you CAN'T change the past, YOU CAN become aware of the past events and accept that they invariably happened and release the disturbing emotion that keeps you stuck and irritated. 

You typically carry your emotional experiences and worries from the past to your present life situations. When your mind runs on autopilot mode and discovers something similar, it reacts automatically the way it did in a previous similar situation. It doesn’t ask if this is right or wrong. It just reacts.

Every single mental or emotional trauma is first and foremost within your mind. Carrying your past experience to the present moment by reacting without awareness is your problem. This problem creates stress and mental health issues.


Your fundamental problem realistically represents the subconscious suppression of the emotions you were not allowed to show. 

If and when you become aware of such past events, there is the need to accept the past and let go of the emotions related to this past event. Most people struggle with this.

In this context, we highly recommend Ingvar Villido's recent book. In his new book, ‘Practical Consciousness: Freeing Yourself from Emotional Addiction to Live a More Joyful Life’, Ingvar shares a life-changing secret. Disturbing emotions are NOT permanent residents within your mind. 

Ingvar has discovered a way to relieve yourself from disturbing emotions, quickly and easily. The book opens up how you too can use practical techniques to lighten your emotional burden, starting from today.

Emotions themselves are not your enemy. It’s how you handle your emotions and how they influence you without including your awareness that creates your inner suffering. 

Ingvar provides in the book the solution to this dilemma. He guides you to release negative emotions’ energies. It allows you to become free of their effects. 

This book and releasing technique will raise the quality of your life, giving you newfound inner freedom.

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The Practical Consciousness book is distributed globally by Amazon. Discover it at your nearest Amazon online store.

It is a truly revolutionary book, and reading it NOW improves your life.


When you willingly let go of your past negative emotions, you can overcome inner obstacles that have kept you stuck. However, by suppressing or ignoring your negative emotions, you keep carrying the burden.

For example, my dad forsaking our family when I was four years old wasn't up to me. As soon as I grasped this and released negative emotions about this event, my life became easier. I can't change my dad or his decisions nor can I change what happened; I can only LET GO of the emotional pain and confusion I felt.

Being free from your negative emotional burden frees you. For me releasing negative emotions related to this event has allowed me to better dad to my kids. This matters as after my own divorce our two kids live with me. 

Releasing negative emotions was also a superb tool when going through my divorce. However, the releasing technique that Ingvar developed also supports me daily while making decisions on how to integrate my life and work.

I constantly choose to release any disturbing emotion when it pops up, learn and move on. When you release emotions you get more inner freedom, discovering consciousness means here something practical that supports your life and allows you to make more aware choices.


Ingvar has been teaching this releasing technique for about ten years, but it is only now it has become available globally in the format of an excellent and easy-to-read book. 

As the best-selling author, Ingvar Villido states in chapter one of this new book: "What happens in your future starts with you and you alone. My unconventional methods come from practical exploration. I won’t give you philosophies to believe in. I’ll help you find truths you can verify yourself. And when you delve into them, you see a path leading to an improved life.

Disturbing emotions—and how they occur in your system—are at the root of your problems. When activated, these emotions cloud your awareness and limit your access to awareness and insight. The limitations of these faculties correspond to the intensity of your emotions and bring confusion and suffering. Reducing disturbing emotions increases freedom, clarity, and awareness. Armed with these understandings, the solutions to one’s problems in life become attainable."

Ingvar’s new Practical Consciousness book is a reliable practical guide. You can confirm this yourself by reading a free chapter online. You will find the consciousness quote above when you click the link at the end of this blog post.

If you have taken Wellness Orbit online training, you also know that we recommend taking Practical Consciousness classes as the next step of self-development. 

Invar Villido's book and training offer are unique in today's world and provide instant results.


Learning intrapersonal skills proactively matters as much as learning to release negative emotions.

We recommend you invest in Ingvar Villido’s wonderful and life-changing new book today and take your life to the next level. It is now your decision to start improving your life by releasing your emotions as this book teaches. 

All we can do is give you hints and supportive stories. Decisions to learn and apply what you learned are always 100% yours!

All choices take place in the present moment. Not in the past, not in the future.

Your better future only arrives when you make wise choices in the NOW. Are you making such a decision or choosing to continue suffering?

Practical Consciousness: Freeing Yourself from Emotional Addiction to Live a More Joyful Life’ by Ingvar Villido

This blog post is written by Kaur Lass to support Ingvar Villido's Practical Consciousness movement around the globe. It isn't a paid partnership, it is a tribute.