Training your inner space as a source of wealth and proactive wellbeing

Training your inner space as a source of wealth and proactive wellbeingWhen your mind is calm you feel well and fit for work

How do you define proactive wellbeing benefits? How do you train your mind or secure a fit inner space for every team member? How much focus does your team have on inner wealth and wellness?

Wealth is about having the needed assets at your disposal whenever you actually need them.

External wealth is defined as the abundance of valuable financial assets or physical possessions, convertible into any form that can be used for needed transactions. This includes the core meaning as held in the originating Old English word weal, defined as that which is best for someone or something.

The modern concept of wealth is of significance in all areas of economics and is context-dependent. An individual possessing a substantial net worth is known as wealthy.

What are your convertible inner assets?

Your convertible inner assets are your intrapersonal skills (click to discover more).

Intrapersonal skills give in your possession inner wealth, assets that are at your disposal whenever you need them.

Before you continue, pause and imagine the benefits when everyone in your team would appreciate a healthy inner space and enjoy inner wealth?

What if you could:

  • Be creative at will?
  • Take initiative at will?
  • Access insights at will?
  • Be able to choose emotions that support your work?
  • Stay focused as long as needed and be precise at your words?

What if everyone in your team could do such things?

Are you aware of how to convert inner wealth into good work results?

Did you discover that a healthy and fit mind with excellent intrapersonal skills could be an endless source of productivity, wealth and wellbeing?

Let's take another look at how to secure mental sharpness and improve the work results of your team.

How do you define proactive wellbeing benefits?

When your team obtains excellent intrapersonal skills that support their work and your customer relations, it becomes easier to create inner sustainability and good business results.

Success is about sustained and focused effort. People tend to overestimate what they can do in the short term and underestimate what they can achieve in the long term. The long-term effort becomes impossible without sustaining mental wellness.

No wealth is created overnight (lottery wins and inheritance are the two exceptions). Generating and even maintaining wealth is a long timeframe activity, at least if we talk about any ethical business models.

The proactive wellness approach is a success when your people can access all the needed inner skills (including professional and intrapersonal skills) consciously at will. Because of inner wellness, they become capable of turning their inner assets into any needed transactions. Of course, for thriving, they need to do it anytime and anywhere, regardless of the situation, challenges and pressure.

Intrapersonal intelligence – your source of wealth

The wealth meaning in intrapersonal context combination of good mental health and mental sharpness that allows your brightest minds to spot opportunities and deal with challenges successfully.

Today's office work's fundamental foundation is brainpower and creativity. Only a healthy mind can be insightful and access intuition that should be seen as the actual birthplace of creativity and innovation.

Today there are many misbeliefs and misunderstandings around wealth wellness and the paramount importance of the intrapersonal domain.

Robert Kiyosaki recently has stated: "Intrapersonal intelligence is important for success, especially when times are tough and a person wants to quit or is fearful. In fact, many people going through the present coronavirus crisis will be successful precisely because they have cultivated intrapersonal intelligence. They are finding ways to not only survive but also thrive in the present circumstances. Those who are having a hard time most likely lack such intelligence and are giving into fear."

Learning intrapersonal skills is something that every single person can benefit from tremendously. As Kiyosaki, in addition, said so well, "This is, unfortunately, not something you can outsource. Therefore it is something you must cultivate."

Are you currently cultivating a workplace and business culture focused on keeping minds well and fit? And if not, how do you hope to become wealthy without stressing out and burning out your staff?

Intrapersonal skills allow you to face any challenge and deal with pressure

How do you train your mind or secure a fit inner space?

Do you use mental wellness training? Do you have a proactive mental wellness strategy? We have revealed the benefits of training your mind in one of our earlier blogs and across this whole workplace wellness and productivity webpage.

Regardless of the remarkable fact that mental wellness investments can have up to a tenfold ROI, only a selected few workplaces entourage their staff to train their minds and thus benefit from this. And that is exactly why you should become curious about how to develop your brightest minds as your team's success depends on intellectual work more than on physical labor.

We have pointed out that all human brains are neuroplastic and thus you can train them to become smarter, sharper and more fit. Without noticing the importance of our inner space that we all have, but only a few have taken time to train through obtaining a systematic intrapersonal education, success is more a question of luck than a systematic pathway.

When you face daily pressures, it is no wonder that it affects your outcomes. Stressed and burned out people don't get things done innovatively and are open to developing mental health issues that often even lead to mental illnesses. That is why proactivity matters for you.

The path to success shouldn't be about luck. It should be about helping others to solve their problems. It should be about sustainable solutions that don't cost inner sustainability in the process.

Your success should be about creating wealth without a cost of health. It should be about accessing creativity and insights that truly drive innovation.

The benefit of training your brain is simple, it enables you and your team to understand and consciously lead different processes within your own mind.

When people lead themselves first, leading others and various processes becomes easy and even something you can enjoy.

How to focus on inner wealth and inner wellness?

We ordinarily reflect wealth as material possessions, but the only substantial wealth that matters is our inner health.

Our inner wellness is an endless source of creativity, intuition and initiative. All HR's and team leaders know that it is fun and easy to work with people who take initiative. The whole world of entrepreneurship is founded on personal initiative.

Those who take the most initiative also notice if their effort and inner wellness are valued.

And if it is ignored and downplayed, they leave and thus we see a wave of Great Resignation. It needs to be addressed early on when you desire your most brilliant minds to stay and work well. Proactivity represents here the key to keeping your talents.

Workplace wealth wellness topic comes down to giving people the intrapersonal skills to develop their inner space.

Until we overlook the importance of pauce, silence and inner wellness we can't expect people to thrive. Without thriving people, our work environment becomes weary or even toxic.

We have explained different aspects of mental wellness benefits and self-leadership wins in many of our blogs.

All Wellness Orbit online trainings are all designed to give you easy access to securing a fit inner domain and can easily create a tenfold return on your investment.

If you still doubt, let us simplify this approach for you and put forward some sustainable wealth equations that drive success without the cost of burning out and depleting people in your team.

Seven wealth equations for workplaces

  1. Pause = restoration of health and inner strength = inner sustainability
  2. Silence = access to creativity and insights = ability to innovate
  3. Inner wealth = mental sharpness due to excellent intrapersonal skills
  4. Calm mind = ability to work and live well
  5. Mental wellness = knowing your inner domain and addressing warning signs proactively before getting ill
  6. Thriving = ability to fade challenges and notice opportunities
  7. Silence = our natural inner state that allows the other 6 inner wealth equations to work

The fundamental question now is: Are you and your staff members capable to apply those equations in their daily work?

IIf not, the linked mental wellness trainings above have the power to provide instant support for this. And if yes, then those online mental sharpness trainings can enhance this further.

All the mental wellness trainings on this website open up paths for your bright minds to thrive. When your people thrive, your work results thrive.


We sincerely hope this blog allowed you to discover wealth equations allowing thriving without sacrificing your team's mental health in the process. No wealth matters when you have lost health. No workplace thrives if people sign out and fuel the great resignation as considered as replaceable biorobots.

We all have an inner domain.

We all need our inner space to stay calm and our brains to be sharp. That is why we need to adequately train mental sharpness, mental wellness and mental fitness by promoting inner wealth as a source of wellness.

When our inner space is peaceful, this calm becomes a superpower that moves mountains.

When people already experience stress and suffer from burnout and mental health issues the HR's, business leaders and business owners have ignored the wealth equations and made their bright minds and themselves suffer. It is time to turn around the mentally wrecking cultures and focus on mental wellness so that you and your team and work results can thrive instead! 

Train your team to convert inner wealth into needed transactions by having good intrapersonal skills and the sun will shine on you.

The author of this blog post is Kaur Lass