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What if people could enhance their intelligence by better understanding their own behavioral patterns and reactions?

Awareness based intra-personal skills are the missing competences in our education and professional excellence.


Do any of these sound familiar among your staff: Lack of focus? Not enough attention to detail? Lack of creativity? Lack of motivation? Failure to handle emotional pressure? Being anxious? Inability to deal with stressful situations? Too much work related stress? Wandering thoughts? Worrying thoughts? Daydreaming instead of working? Physical tiredness? Lack of initiative? Lack of personal responsibility?



Cut limitations, exceed expectations



Wellness Orbit e-trainings introduce a new, hybrid understanding on human capacity bridging the competencies from business, medicine and awareness. All e-trainings are inspired by The Art of Conscious Change teachings and conducted personally by Dr Helena Lass – an awareness practitioner, entrepreneur and medical doctor. 

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Tired of the superficial tips and tricks? Real progress demands for a level of dedication, effort and above all – precise knowledge.

Wellness Orbit helps your staff to be more insightful, resilient, foster creativity and innovation, take initiative and personal responsibility. We offer curated, highly professional digital trainings for self-development and re-inventing human capacity that differ and at times even disrupt conventional methods. During an era of free information, we ensure that the knowledge and tools provided are of highest quality, practical and reliable.

Wellness Orbit e-trainings are much more than pre-recorded professional FullHD videos. More of, it is a training platform, where your company staff is immersed into a systematic, well designed and digitally facilitated learning experience with self-assessment, feedback, workbook, quizzes and suggestions for group discussions.

Choose a single training or annual membership and cater to the different developmental needs of all of your employees with one go, at one destination.

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A new paradigm in business - people with awareness, insight, and intelligence. Add entrepreneurial mindset. Re-invent work and life.