World class online trainings for companies on human capacity & mental wellness. To cut limitations, foster initiative & boost resilience.

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What if people could radically enhance their intelligence by better understanding their own behavioral patterns and reactions?

Wellness Orbit's online trainings combine the expertise from entrepreneurship, medicine and awareness teachings, introducing a new, hybrid understanding to human capacity and mental wellnessnow easily accessible to all.


Physical fitness alone is no longer enough. Mental wellness is the new horizon, an unexplored terrain of human potentials. 

Wellness Orbit's unique e-trainings were born from the initiative of Dr Helena Lass (an awareness practitioner, entrepreneur and medical doctor specializing on mental wellness) and her long-term collaboration with Ingvar Villido, the founder of The Art of Conscious Change™ Educational Program – the most disruptive empirical approach to human consciousness, that is already shifting the paradigm of human awareness and the true meaning of life. 



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Help your staff to be insightful, resilient, foster creativity and innovation, take initiative and personal responsibility. During an era of information overload, your team can now easily access professional curated, highly practical online trainings for self-development and mental wellness.

Re-invent human capacity. Mobilize your team's inner potential.

Wellness Orbit e-trainings are much more than pre-recorded professional FullHD videos. An e-training platform, where your teams are immersed into a systematic, well designed and digitally facilitated learning experience with self-assessments, feedback, workbook, quizzes and suggestions for group discussions.

Choose from a single training (duration: 3 months) or an annual membership, with prices starting from: 3€/employee per training.

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A new paradigm in business - people with awareness, insight, and intelligence. Add entrepreneurial mindset. Re-invent work and life.