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Are you aware that your total annual mental health cost per employee varies between £702 (915$ or 780€) and £3,353 (4,370$ or 3,710€)? Those numbers originate from the Deloitte UK report "Mental health and employers. Refreshing the case for investment." published in January 2020.

The same report stated that in the UK only 9% of all employees have attended training that is focused on mental health. As the current school system lacks mental wellness lessons, people have a total lack of practical intrapersonal skills that enable them to secure their mental well-being and work productively.

The proactive mental wellness approach presented on this website can reduce your mental health costs and boost your team's efficiency at the same time.


What is your mental health situation?

Have you calculated your costs from presenteeism, lack of employee engagement and ill-health? In case your answer is no, you are not alone, most employers have not calculated their costs related to mental health in the workplace! Just, as most employers have not heard of the proactive mental wellness approach.

Taking your team to a mental wellness gym will give you a huge competitive advantage that unlocks your team's intrapersonal potential and boosts their engagement, productivity and mental well-being.

When your team applies intrapersonal skills at work, you can potentially double your productivity. This approach supports working from home or remote locations.

This is not another motivational training that fades. It is a relaxing experience that keeps your mind fit. 

We have taken away your risk, you can try it before you buy it.

Just click on the button and take a free stress test and enjoy your demo training ...



Now, everyone in your team can afford to learn how to nip mental health problems in the bud, proactively.

Your investment for a 6 to 8-hour e-training per person starts from £18 (24$ or 20€). With the Wellness Orbit unique digital mental fitness solution, training teams is easy and affordable. In fact, the annual subscription secures you the best price for the high-quality training content.

With this unique gym-like proactive fitness approach you no longer have to compromise productivity and mental health.

You will get both + a personal self-evaluation before and after the training. Yes, and you will get this for every person in your team! 

Such a high-value proposition is unseen. In the UK even a reactive mental health first aid training is priced around £150 (195$ or 165€) per day. And mental health first aid approach does not prevent mental health problems at work, it just enables your team to react adequately to mental health issues that people may face.


Secure a peaceful mind

As this mental fitness approach is proactive, it is for everyone regardless of their position in your team. Besides prevention, it also supports recovery when people experience stress, burnout or other work-related mental health issues.

Training the minds keeps your team well during the tough times and crisis.

Here your training journey is designed to be a relaxing experience that you can enjoy when you have time. You can re-take the training session and self-evaluations during the whole subscription period as many times as you like.


Practical & applicable

Here you will experience a digital training journey that is as personal as one-on-one mental wellness coaching sessions. Here your trainer looks you in the eye from your screen and gives you time for exercises.

This approach is based on learning practical intrapersonal skills that you can apply in real work situations. 


Mental wellness is an investment

The Deloitte UK's research mentioned before demonstrated that the proactive mental health approach has an excellent return on investment (ROI of 6.3 to 10.8). People who apply what they learn here have reported to us similar or even bigger gains.



Now you can enable everyone in your team to stay on the right end of the mental health scale. When people apply the learned intrapersonal skills in real-life situations they most probably discover how to use their "mental superpowers". This enables your existing team to get more done without sacrificing their mental health in the process. 


Physical fitness alone is no longer enough. Addressing the mental wellness of every single employee opens up the potentials that people need for remote working and taking more personal initiative. 

Your mental fitness e-trainings here in the world's first fully digital mental wellness gym combine the expertise from entrepreneurship, medicine, and awareness teachings, introducing a new, hybrid understanding to human capacity and mental wellness, now easily accessible 24/7.

These unique mental wellness e-trainings were born from the initiative of the mental wellness expert Dr. Helena Lass and her long-term collaboration with Ingvar Villido, the founder of The Art of Conscious Change – the most disruptive empirical approach to human consciousness, that is shifting the paradigm of how we apply human awareness.

Intrapersonal skills secure excellent mental fitness

In 2018 Routledge published globally Dr. Helena Lass's scientific paper 'Developing Intra-Personal Skills as a Proactive Way to Personal Sustainability - The Preventative Side of the Mental Health Equation'  in a book ‘Personal Sustainability. Exploring the Far Side of Sustainable Development’.

How to secure excellent mental health at work? Boost mental fitness. J




Cut limitations & improve mental resilience

We love the scientific approach. However, we see that workplaces need practical skills-based mental wellness solutions that everyone can apply right away. In this video, the mental wellness pioneer Dr. Lass presents such a new revolutionary approach for you.

Please take just 7-minutes and watch it to the end, it probably changes how you perceive mental health.

Please read this in case you did not click play: If you cannot afford 7-minutes of your time now, you may have to afford 7 years of treatment when you (or your employees) develop more serious work-related mental health problems, such as depression or anxiety.

Do you remember the global pandemic? It would have been easy to prevent it early on, but lead us instead to medical challenges and difficult lockdowns as the early warning signs were ignored. The same applies in the case of mental health.

Do not wait, learn to notice the early warning signs of mental health issues and avoid unnecessary suffering.


Prevention has always lower costs than dealing with illnesses or living with the costs of presenteeism and a lack of employee engagement. 

In case you value talent and workplace well-being you are in the right place!

There is no other more effective and systematic proactive approach to mental fitness.

In case you buy our training(s) and will within a year from the purchase find a similar 6 to 8-hour training by a qualified mental wellness professional that is cheaper, we will refund you the difference.

Our aim is to offer the best price so that everyone in your team can enjoy mental well-being and work well.

In case you want to know how it feels, then please take a moment and listen to what our customers had to say about the e-trainings they took.

Testimonials about the Mental Wellness Gym

Why this works?


Help your staff to be insightful, resilient, foster creativity and innovation, take initiative and personal responsibility.

During an era of external pressures and information overload, your team can now easily access professional curated, highly practical e-trainings for self-development that remove stress and secure excellent mental wellness.

Re-invent human capacity.

Activating employee initiative and removing work related stress can potentially double your productivity.

Here in your Mental Wellness Gym, your team is immersed into a systematic, well designed and digitally facilitated learning experience with:

☑️ Self-assessment before and after;
☑️ Instant personal feedback;
☑️ Professional videos with 1-on-1 feel;
☑️ Quizzes after each video session;
☑️ Workbook for self-development;
☑️ Suggestions for group discussions.

Remember, this unique proactive mental wellness approach is not available anywhere else in a digital training format.


Mental wellness and intrapersonal skills are needed to improve productivity, lessen employee turnover and significantly reduce stress levels and burnout risk now more than ever.

End the suffering and procrastination of your employees today or you will keep losing revenue and your top-experts to stress, burnout and even more serious work related mental health problems.

Chronic stress, burnout and all work-related mental health problems are fully preventable.


Since mental wellness impacts everyone, your employees need practical intrapersonal skills. NOW, in their current locations.