You can now join mental wellness e-trainings one team at a time

You can now join mental wellness e-trainings one team at a timeWellness Orbit is inspired by Nordic design

Wellness Orbit’s new and innovative e-trainings have been on the market for a year. Despite the success, the most common question we have had from user feedback is: “Am I able to have Wellness Orbit only for certain teams within my company?

Absolutely, we hear you! From now on the answer is always, yes!

We changed our pricing focus from whole companies and organizations to teams, so that your employees can have a tailor-made approach.

This change allows smaller teams to train, even within big workplaces.

We initially priced Wellness Orbit according to the total company/organization size as we hoped that this would speed up the process of making our pro-active mental wellness approach accessible for many in all workplaces. However, we see that as proactive mental fitness training for all is something new it is better that workplaces can start with smaller teams. We are sure that the training is so resultful, that others will follow the example of the mental wellness pioneers.


Wellness Orbit mental wellness gym online training prices for bigger teams start from 20€/employee per training.

This is the most awesome mental wellness and/or employee initiative e-training offer ever! 

Training 20 people start from 30 €/per team member; training 150 of your team members will cost 20 €/per person! This calculation is based on taking your team to one full training (all your mental wellness e-trainings are open for re-experiencing during 3 months), it is a very awesome price for the high-quality professional mental wellness training content by Dr. Helena Lass.

You should remember that the mental health first aid course that trains your staff members to support others with mental health issues (reactive approach to mental health) starts in the UK from £160 (that is about 180 € per person). We can do better as we can skip room rentals, traveling costs, etc. While we offer very attractive prices, we secure high value and provide practical skills that everyone can apply right away. Also, your trainer here is the global mental wellness pioneer and practicing psychiatrist Dr. Lass.

All Wellness Orbit e-trainings have a unique one-on-one training feeling and also offer self-evaluation tools, workbooks, etc.




Of course, you still have all the previous benefits such as: 

  • Flexibility, choose when and where each training session is taken;
  • Re-experience the online training videos an endless amount of times during the 3-month training period (or a year if you have an annual subscription), so that you can change your habits permanently.
  • Watch on any device (as long as it has a good Internet connection) or even on a movie screen (all our e-trainings have FullHD video quality) as group training sessions.

You can now start Wellness Orbits online training with your smallest team, and then invite later more staff members, teams in other locations, or the whole company or organization to join in. 


Your training here is always an experience because of this unique feature:

One-on-one conversation style feeling with Dr. Helena Lass - that means more personal eye-to-eye contact than in any live training for groups. As one of our happy customers, Jekaterina Mishina Trainer at Hurtigruten (see video), put it: “The online trainings I have used before, are mostly done in the way of PowerPoint presentations or some kind of videos, but not the way it is done here, where you can see face to face with the trainer.



This blog post is written by Kaur Lass