How to benefit from mental health online training and improve mental sharpness?

How to benefit from mental health online training and improve mental sharpness?

Mental health training at work is first and foremost attitude and culture-change training. By changing our attitudes about our inner domain and cultivating a supportive workplace culture, learning skills will be most effective.

Let's observe how to discuss the mental wellness benefits with your team. Before we give you the 7 essential mental wellness goals to discuss, you should understand the basic aspects of securing mental wellness.

Having good mental health is based on knowing how to keep your mind healthy both when things are easy or when the ride is rough. Adequately dealing with challenges means knowing how to reduce mental wellness risks.

How to reduce the risk of losing your mental wellness?

Risk constitutes a risk only as long as you don't know enough about the topic.

Learning how to be mentally sharp and well reduces mental health risks and improves your possibility of succeeding with what you already do.

Various legal demands for reducing psychosocial risk factors and mental health first aid courses remain essential topics for mental health in the workplace; however, they accurately represent just the bare minimum. Improving the work environment or addressing health-related problems are indeed needed, but they are just the most basic aspects of preventing mental health issues.

How to benefit most from mental health training?

The goal of mental health training should be considerably more than just to open conversations about mental health and normalize its prevalence in the workplace.

Professionally developed mental health trainings are beneficial to properly equip people with intrapersonal tools to keep their minds well under any circumstances and equally create a safe, engaged, productive workplace where people thrive.

When mental wellness represents the key focus of mental health training, people can take their mental fitness discussions towards mental sharpness and mental strength. We remind you that words like fitness, well-being, wellness, strength are stigma-free.

When we can turn the focus from mental health conditions and illnesses towards what we all need to stay healthy and productive, we can discover those discussions include 100% of your staff. Regardless of the age, position or health status of the people.

Therefore, in our mental wellness training offerings, the focus is on an effective inner change that can result in workplace culture change.

Why do we remind you to focus on training the inner domain and intrapersonal skills?

Intrapersonal skills are the proven path to guarantee better interpersonal relations. Those two learn and apply intrapersonal skills at work situations stand to notice their actual value.

We remind you to discuss the 7 essential mental wellness goals

We list the benefits of mental sharpness and mental well-being and explain shortly how to achieve each of those goals. We remind you that it is beneficial for you to take the time and discuss with your team how to achieve each of those goals.

  1. Employees and business leaders with fit and sharp minds know how to focus, keep their focus and carry out their tasks in an impeccable manner. You can easily achieve mental sharpness by training on intrapersonal skills that are the foundations of all our training offers.
  2. Talented teammates with mental strength can successfully address various challenges. Mental strength is something we all can successfully train, just as we train our physical strength or overall fitness. We offer online training "Well Fit For Work" for this specific purpose.
  3. People with a calm inner domain are good at listening to others and noticing opportunities. When we train our intrapersonal skills, one of the key topics is becoming more aware of your inner state and things and making inner peace less dependent on external conditions. By taking online mental wellness courses, you will develop such skills easily.
  4. Individuals who are aware of their own inner processes also notice better what other people go through when they face practical difficulties. This improves interpersonal relations within your team as well as relationships with your customers. Here you need to be immersed systematically in intrapersonal skills that you can apply with open eyes on all work situations.
  5. People who know how to spot the early warning signs of stress and burnout can respond to the appearing inner problems before those turn into illnesses. For this, proper intrapersonal education is required on how to spot various phases of burnout. Learning this is easy when you have had a proactive mental wellness course "Performing Under Pressure", that opens up the process and enlightens you on how to be more aware of your situation.
  6. Employees who systematically broaden their minds and get feedback on their current situations (all Wellness Orbit e-trainings provide such feedback) can focus on improving their life quality and work results. Just as our physical body gives us feedback when we train it, also our mind/brain gives us feedback. We absolutely need inner skills to instantly notice such valuable feedback and thus training our minds is a must.
  7. Staff members who have fit minds and excellent self-awareness can become excellent at leading themselves as well as the people and processes around them. Such people know how to get results and achieving your goals is the focus of the e-learning experience "Getting Things Done".

After initial discussions, pick the most suitable proactive mental wellness training and allow people to relax and learn with our trainer, Dr. Helena Lass.

The discovery of mental wellness investment options is vital for your team

Stress and burnout reduction trainingProactive mental wellness trainingProductivity and mental wellness training

How to turn mental wellness into your business advantage?

A team with people who are aware of their awareness and partner up to support each other's work tasks is a dream team. We have been lucky to have such a team. We wholeheartedly hope that your online learning opportunity here allows you to benefit from applying intrapersonal skills in work situations.

Intrapersonal skills are the most universal skills. When you learn to read, this universal skill allows you to read any book you desire. The same applies here – mental sharpness is the outcome of intrapersonal skills that allows you to spot and use opportunities that others miss as they are occupied by dealing with their own inner processes.

People with excellent intrapersonal skills are more focused, creative, take initiative and have better access to intuition. Personal initiative is vital if you want to improve your profit and business results and what you need is people who can take it without sacrificing their mental wellbeing in the process.


When we train our mind and focus on the development of its sharpness and strength, we become fit to deal with our personal and work life.

A fit mind is a more powerful tool than a new smartphone, computer or any handheld mechanical device. A person with the mind can easily benefit from using any external tools, develop healthy human relations and thus bring positive change to your business.

We remind you that supporting the discovery of mental wellness and mental sharpness can turn out to be your biggest business benefit. Especially now, when excellent professionals are hard to find and take a long time to train.

Mental shaprness matters when you work!

This mental wellness benefits blog is written by Kaur Lass