How to increase mental sharpness?

What do mental sharpness and mental wellness have in common?

Mental sharpness and mental wellness both allow you to thrive in your life and work. In work situations, both have the potential to improve leadership quality, productivity and work engagement.

Mental sharpness refers narrowly to the sharpness of the mind while mental wellness is a much wider arena relating to the quality of life.

This mental sharpness and mental wellness webpage presents you with the discovery of how you and your team can improve your quality of life and work results without suffering from excess stress, burnout and mental health issues.

Would you like to discover:

  1. How to train your brain to deal successfully with external pressure?
  2. How to focus and become more creative?
  3. How to be mentally well and fit?

Mental sharpness allow to keep your (business) focus without stressing out.


When you have trained your mind to stay well, you can live and work well.

The proactive mental wellness approach is emphasizing how to improve inner wellbeing and train your brain to be sharp and focused on solving tasks.

The key to improving the sharpness of the mind is learning awareness-based intrapersonal skills that allow you to deal with stress and keep your mental well-being even in the midst of external pressures and deadlines.

We kindly remind you that even if you currently feel mentally fit, it is wise to train your mind proactively. When you have excellent mental sharpness, it becomes easy to confront challenges, deal with stress and stay mentally well regardless of the external pressure you may face.

Training mental sharpness is a proactive discipline that becomes vital when you face real-life challenges and become in contact with external stressors.

Training mental sharpness allows to prevent and reduce the number of inner struggles that people face within their own minds. It also allows reducing stress and preventing burnout risk.

Please raise you hands if you want to have a fit and healthy mind?


Are you aware that focusing on training mental sharpness allows reducing procrastination and presenteeism?

Let's observe the current high costs from mental health issues and presenteeism before pointing out the essential business benefits.

Most employers are unaware that presenteeism, stress, burnout and mental health issues cause them a hidden financial burden.

According to Deloitte UK, the average annual mental health loss per employee was in January 2020 between £702 ($915 or 780€) and £3,353 ($4,370 or 3,710€).

The existing mental health costs that most employers are unaware of by sector.

By 2022 those losses are up according to Deloitte and now vary between £1035 ($1345 or 1150€) and £3,710 ($4820 or 4,120€). Your expenses just get higher when you do nothing.

These mental health expenses consist of several components:

  1. Costs from sick leaves and absenteeism;
  2. Loss from lack of productivity (including low employee engagement and presenteeism related costs);
  3. The financial burden from higher staff turnover, etc.

This data comes from Deloitte UK report Mental health and employers. Refreshing the case for investment, published in January 2020.

This report also allowed insightful discovery that the best ROI is found in workplace-wide proactive mental wellness training that changes the existing workplace culture towards mental well-being securing approach.

Investing in mental wellness has the potential to secure a tenfold return on investment (ROI up to 10,2) as it improves productivity without sacrificing mind health in the process.

A sharp and healthy mind is productive


Are you aware that, besides the money, you also lose talents if you fail to secure mental wellness proactively?

Stress, burnout and mental health problems are one of the main reasons why we now see the Great Resignation.

Talented people leave corporations that don't value talent and fail to secure their mental wellness.

Keeping your talents is first and foremost about a mindset change. It is about how we look at our most valuable business asset – the minds of the people – who keep your business running day in and day out.


Investing in mental wellness proactively actually increases productivity and profit, so it makes sense also financially.

Are you ready to discover more benefits of investing in mental sharpness?

People who have sharp minds possess excellent intrapersonal skills. Intrapersonal skills are self-leadership skills that are based on awareness and such inner skills open creativity and intuition plant the foundations of innovation.

Mental sharpness training also allows you to realistically achieve a better focus and reduce stress levels, regardless of what is going around you.


The mental health scale has two ends, in our society the focus has been too much on the wrong end as problems keep piling up. On the left side of the scale, there are problems, sorrow, and business losses. Do you still recall the losses Deloitte calculated that we demonstrated for you earlier on this page?

Now you need to focus on the right side of the graph below and discover the "mental superpowers" that are the source of mental sharpness and mental wellness. On that end, you will discover excellent ROI and a staff that is capable of embracing their work.

The mental wellness scale – reactivity vs proactivity

Old reactive mental health approach vs the new and revolutionary proactive mental wellness approach.

On the right side of the graph, you can discover activities that originate in excellent mental sharpness and allow you and your team to thrive professionally and enjoy their mental fitness.

The graph above demonstrates that the definition of mental sharpness is much more than avoiding mental health problems and illnesses. The beneficial qualities of mental sharpness are listed on the right end of the mental health scale and are the outcome of mental wellness.

Mental sharpness training is first and foremost about learning practical skills to lead different processes that take place within your own mind. Preventing mental problems is actually the beneficial side product of training your mental sharpness systematically.

Training your mind is based on learning awareness-based intrapersonal skills that give you tools to replace your automatic inner reactivity with an aware and adequate response.


Mental sharpness equips you with an ability to thrive in your work and in your life.

On this mental wellness webpage, you can easily access the high-quality digital proactive mental wellness online trainings designed by professionals from the ground up to boost mental sharpness.

On this mental wellness gym, your mental sharpness e-trainings have several components:

  1. Self-assessment before and after each training;
  2. Instant feedback to your self-evaluation;
  3. Five high-quality training video sessions with 1-on-1 feel with the mental wellness expert Dr. Helena Lass;
  4. Quizzes to consolidate the learned after every single video session;
  5. Workbook for securing your wellness and self-development (including suggestions for group discussions).

Mental Wellness Gym e-trainings

Measuring the level of mental wellness enables more than just improving mind well-being. It also allows enhancing employee engagement and productivity.


Your trainer, Dr. Helena Lass, has formulated the theory of this new approach in her scientific paper 'Developing Intra-Personal Skills as a Proactive Way to Personal Sustainability - The Preventative Side of the Mental Health Equation' (published by Routledge; London and New York 2018) to bring forward a compelling argument for a proactive approach to mind health.

Mental sharpness and mental wellness are the foundations of personal sustainability.

This mental health-focused article outlines a new proactive approach to mental wellness as something that everyone should actively strive towards.

This scientific paper points out that “there is strong and repeated evidence that intra-personal events have a direct effect on the function and structure of the brain and therefore the skills to direct these events can most likely lead to changes in wiring and neurotransmitter activity in the human brain”. What it means is you can train your brain to be mentally sharp regardless of your business area or type of work.

Intrapersonal skills are the strong foundation of mental sharpness.

Scientific papers change the world only if we establish practical and applicable solutions and for this reason, on this website, we have developed under her leadership new ways to train your mind/brain and made such new online training opportunities easily accessible for you.

Everybody knows going to the gym or training your physical body is the source of physical fitness. A similar proactive training approach should be applied for training our brains and minds.

Pause and watch this mental wellness video to understand the benefits.


Ask for a mental wellness training offer 

Training intrapersonal skills will allow you and your team to stay mentally healthy and take your mental sharpness to the next level.

It doesn't matter where you are, you can access it now. As the human brain has neuroplasticity, you can train your mind and change the old unhealthy patterns with healthy ones that support your work and business results and make your customers happy.


What are the mental sharpness benefits?

Some of the well-known benefits are:

  1. Taking personal initiative.
  2. Excellent and sustained ability to focus, be it at an open office or while working from home;
  3. Being engaged and productive at work;
  4. Having excellent relationships at work and in personal life;
  5. Taking personal responsibility to solve the challenge regardless of the situation.

Of course, that isn't all. There are many more positive states of mental wellness such as a more relaxed and stress-free lifestyle, improved access to creativity, etc.

Developing excellent mental sharpness will require first some time and training effort from your side. However, investments in mental wellness should be seen as your business advantage since the Deloitte report declared that the ROI can be up to 10,2.

Mental sharpness benefits everyone in your team

Mental sharpness training can deliver sustainable results and keep you and your team on the right side of the mental wellness scale.

People who obtain mental strength are engaged and productive, and such people are the most vital assets for your workplace.

From the training of mental sharpness, you win, and your team wins.

How can I start training the mental sharpness of my team? Just click on the link below to get an offer or write to us – all queries are welcome.


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Mental sharpness improves your ability to focus and stay well. Training mental sharpness benefits you and everyone on your team!

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