How to break free from self-imposed limiting beliefs?

How to break free from self-imposed limiting beliefs?I like to know what I eat and how to keep a fit mind

Believing always equals not knowing. It's a simple yet profound concept.

Think with it.

When you as a person know something, there's no need for you to believe it. Practical knowledge is grounded in facts, empirical experience, and sound evidence, while belief always springs from the realm of uncertainty and lack of experience.

When you know how to drive a car, you don't need to believe that you can drive a car.

When you know how to stay mentally well and fit, you don't need to believe that you are well. You can do a self-check if you are.

The possession of excellent intrapersonal skills intentionally allows you to a personal check-in and see if you are well both mentally and physically. Just in case you lack excellent inner wellness, intrapersonal skills give you tools to correct it.

That is why empowering your team with a systematic approach in the format of gym-like brain training enables you to keep every mind well proactively. As a result, new skills can replace the need for beliefs.

Unlock your inner potential

However, if you for some reason choose to base your life on beliefs, it's vital to consider embracing the positive facets. Far too often, people harbor core beliefs with negative undertones that can hinder personal growth and limit our potential.

A single negative experience, or even two or even a string of ten of those, should never equate to the notion of impossibility. You can either make this failure into a new fundamental belief (that something is impossible) or seek to overcome the challenge again.

Failure, in its essence, represents a valuable learning opportunity. As long as you glean insights from these setbacks, make necessary corrections and embark on fresh experiments; you are continually paving the way toward finding your path forward.

The key here is personal initiative and being present. Both of those keys are based on awareness-based intrapersonal skills.

Age as a limitation of your benefit due to experience?

One prevalent negative core belief is related to the aging process. Many people have been conditioned to fondly believe that growing older is synonymous with a gradual decline in creativity and an increase in life's restrictions. But is such belief serving you or holding you back?

In essence, you are born free from preconceived beliefs and limitations. You enter this world with a blank slate, your mind eager to absorb knowledge and valuable experiences.

Over time, fundamental beliefs are instilled in you through various channels. Your family and friends, your unique cultural surroundings, your education (or lack of it), your society's rules and your personal experiences start to set your inner tone and instill you belief after belief. These beliefs influence our perceptions and influence our decisions, often without us consciously comprehending them.

The question you need to ask yourself is: Are your learned beliefs positively enhancing your life, or are they constraining your inner potential?

When it comes to the belief that creativity dwindles with age and that restrictions mount, it's crucial to challenge these notions.

The reality is creativity knows no age limits. Numerous renowned artists, writers, scientists, and entrepreneurs have made their most significant contributions later in life.

Think of people like Leonardo da Vinci, who continued eagerly to create masterpieces well into his sixties (he died at the age of 67), or Dr. Ellsworth Wareham who succeeded in working as a heart surgeon up to his 95th birthday.

There are several other examples that we opened up in this blog post about maintaining excellent mental wellness throughout the life cycle. These individuals, we pointed out in this earlier blog post, defied the notion that creativity wanes with age.

Cut limitations and lay a firm ethical base for your life

We encourage you to break inner limitations. That is what free society is all about, there should be only one basic limitation – ethics.

Ethics adequately provide a moral compass, guiding individuals to make conscious choices aligned with what is considered right and just in a given context, ensuring ethical behavior and decision-making. Without the practical application of ethics, we face anarchy or destroy life. All other limitations besides ethics and life-preserving and humanity serving (as foundational in the Indian concept of Dharma) are holding you back.

For example, work ethics matter because they underpin the moral integrity and professionalism of employees, business leaders and organizations.

Ethics contribute to an excellent work culture and work environment.

Ethical actions allow your business to earn trust and contribute to improving something that is the foundation of overall success in the free-market economy.

It is essential to recognize that limitations aren't dictated by age, sex, culture, business area or education but mostly by your own mindset that has formed those based on your unique circumstances.

The only appropriate limitation is ethics and your genuine respect for life and freedom.

Preserving life represents a fundamental moral and ethical principle that values the intrinsic worth and potential for positive contributions of every individual. It ensures compassion, respect, and the flourishing of workplaces and societies.

Learning practical intrapersonal skills permits noticing different processes within your inner domain. 

Only when your mind is fit and you feel well you can efficiently start defying all limiting core beliefs and start removing your inner negative restrictions. This process demands time and effort and is made much faster and easier by using Wellness Orbit online trainings.

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Exclusively, when you start acknowledging and challenging the negative core beliefs that no longer serve you, you can liberate yourself from self-imposed limitations.

In essence, you are free, without beliefs and limitations.

All your beliefs and limitations are learned. Are those learned beliefs serving you or holding you back?

When you are free in your core essence, your life is vivid and you can shine and allow others to thrive on your side. In such an inner state you dare to stand up for what is right and life-preserving and support your family and co-workers.

It is a well-known fact that people with a fit mind can use their professional skills to the fullest.

Preventing stress, burnout and health-related business losses represent the beneficial side effects of improving mental well being in the workplace.

These mental wellness e-trainings on this website will enable you to transform losses resulting from false beliefs that lead to presenteeism and absenteeism into revenue through the enhancement of your self-leadership skills.


We hope this blog post serves as a kind reminder that you too can choose your beliefs. Share it so that your coworkers and family members can do the same.

Change is always individual. Skills are always personal, you can read my story about this realization.

You can alter your beliefs, but not change someone else's beliefs.

You can opt for beliefs that empower you or even better break free and opt for a calm mind. This allows you to be observant and seek solutions.

Embracing limitless potential within you by learning intrapersonal skills marks a transformative step. It enables you to nurture your creativity, irrespective of your age. It additionally allows you to confront and overcome the restrictions you may encounter in life.

Remember, you possess the freedom to shape your beliefs and enjoy a belief-free conscious life! In doing so, you can unlock your true potential and experience a life marked by limitless possibilities. That is what intrapersonal education empowers you to do!

When you are free as True Self, your life is vivid

This inspirational blog is by our leader and co-founder Kaur Lass