Embracing Mental Wellness: Breaking Free from Unhealthy Patterns

Embracing Mental Wellness: Breaking Free from Unhealthy PatternsYou are not your mind. Your mind should serve you.

Most of us often stick to unhealthy patterns or pleasant dead-end habits that no longer serve us. Let's observe how to remove those and take your self-development to a new level.

Amid our hectic daily lives, it's elementary to fall into the trap of unhealthy patterns that can take a considerable toll on our mental well-being.

The notion that you must hit rock bottom before properly addressing your mental wellness is a widespread misconception. It's time to challenge this belief and explore effective ways of how you can break free from detrimental patterns without reaching the lowest point.

You don't have to suffer from chronic stress or experience burnout to make a change in your life. Nor do you have to let your anxiousness turn into anxiety disorder for considering a profound shift in how you live your life.

Instead, you should learn to read early warning signs and become proactive in leading your life.

Read on and transform into a more limitless version of yourself, guided by principles of ethics, kindness, and morality.

Routine kills awareness

Often, we find ourselves entangled in routines that no longer serve us, whether it's a demanding job, toxic relationships or self-destructive habits. What is common in such situations is a lack of awareness.

We become used to strangeness and slowly it formulates our subconscious patterns that keep us stuck until the pain becomes too great.

The key to fostering mental wellness lies in recognizing your own unhealthy patterns and undertaking proactive steps to transform them. The sooner you consider a shift the better for you and your family.

Unhealthy subconscious patterns destroy lives and families and make you sick.

While initially, every subconscious pattern aims to keep you alive, those patterns aren't designed to allow you to make conscious choices. Subconsciousness aims to replace consciousness. Ego is not the same as your free will and your True Self.

Your subconscious patterns eliminate creativity, reduce access to intuition and replace aware decisions with reflexes to keep you within your limited choices. While some reflexes can serve you well and allow you to stay alive, most subconscious reflexes, without added awareness, keep you just alive.

How to have a thriving mind?

Thriving is another game, that demands the use of free will and consciousness. Thriving demands that you are mentally fit and calm enough to face challenges. And as you may have noticed, some of those are huge.

Sometimes various challenges come into your life at the same time. If your mind isn't fit and well, you experience those challenges as difficult and unwelcome.

The longer sustained hardships tend to make you seek emotional pleasures, like feeling good from a glass of wine or a shot of whiskey or smoking a cigarette. However, soon those initially relaxing patterns lose their novelty and become habitual burdens, that make you unhealthy and easy to manipulate.

When your physical body demands alcohol, smoking or recreational drugs, you are no longer free. Obsessions take over. If you no longer get what you desire, you feel bad.

If you can't manage some challenges, you feel miserable, stressed and then experience burnout (discover the 7 warning signs of burnout) as you aren't perfect enough and can't overcome the challenges. Next, self-doubt, anxiousness and feeling lonely enter the game. While initially, losing mental wellness is a slow downward spiral, it gets faster as your overall health deteriorates and your mind wanders.

That is why real relaxation with books, nature walks, family and true friends matters. Such relaxation offers you the right perspective and big picture within what you can keep yourself well and fit. If you demand results as an award for taking time for what matters, you are already gradually slipping into a downward spiral.

You are welcome to celebrate outcomes, but be present for those who care about you. Their care also prevents you from slipping into unhealthy patterns.

Waiting for rock bottom is like allowing a minor wound to fester into a severe injury when initial intervention could have prevented it. In the case of physical health, we often comprehend it but in the case of mental health, we often don't even seek proactive solutions.

We don't seek them as our society lacks intrapersonal education and preserving our minds well hasn't been something important, discussed and desired in our schools and workplaces. It is time to transform this!

Self-reflection and awareness

The most efficient way to initiate change is through self-reflection and aware calm self-observation and therefore all Wellness Orbit online trainings have self-evaluation tools built in.

Take a moment to assess your ordinary habits, relationships and overall lifestyle. Identify patterns that contribute to stress, anxiety or dissatisfaction. Identify what keeps you calm and delivers your energy, like hobbies, family time, nature walks, etc. Be honest. Write down what you discover.

This introspective journey allows you to pinpoint specific areas that require adjustment. Instead of waiting for a crisis, proactively identify and modify these specific patterns to intentionally create a healthier inner domain. Book time for what matters as otherwise, your work-related bookings leave no room for this.

A thriving mind is a calm mind

A fit mind is prepared to deal with outer changes calmly. Intentionally breaking free from unhealthy patterns inevitably involves embracing change and accepting failure.

Every failure is a learning process for a conscious mind, while for a subconscious mind, failure can be something that prevents further action.

Remember, your imperfect subconscious patterns always resist the unfamiliar, but growth ordinarily occurs outside your safe comfort zone. By acknowledging that certain subconscious patterns are no longer serving your well-being, you gently open the door to new possibilities.

Embrace change as a positive force, a catalyst for personal development and resilience.

The solution here is acquiring awareness-based intrapersonal skills. Such skills permit both self-observation and allow you to significantly improve your mind health.

While mindfulness promotes passive self-awareness that helps you recognize detrimental patterns as they emerge, awareness-based intrapersonal skills allow you to (re)create inner changes.

The power of intrapersonal skills

Intrapersonal skills are your inner tools. When you use awareness to direct your focus within you, you can find ways to change your inner processes efficiently.

Changing your inner patterns and trusting your intuition allows you to notice what is good for your mind and body. This permits you to secure a path to your sustainable well-being.

As we have opened up in many previous blogs, all mental health issues that you aren't born with develop slowly. This means you can alter your patterns and get rid of harmful habits.

You have the power to nip stress in the bud and prevent burnout and even depression. You have the power to spot anxiousness, become more present and avoid anxiety disorders.

Intrapersonal skills are personal, once you learn them and become capable of utilizing them, you possess them at your service 24/7 for the rest of your life.

Here on the Wellness Orbit website, we encourage you to become a more alert, more aware and more self-sustainable person. We provide you with efficient inner tools that make you creative and allow you to seize the initiative and be engaged with what you do. We promote life-work integration so that your fit mind both serves you and your family as well as provides you income and allows you to achieve desired work results.

Remember, intrapersonal skills allow you to transfer your professional skills or executive skills and put them into full and efficient use. Thus you get more done, with less time.

Learning intrapersonal skills is a win-win deal. Your self-leadership improves and when it is improved, you become a more inspirational leader and seize more initiative and thus your work thrives. When you thrive at work, your employer or your business wins.

When your mind is well, you are equally interested in having good relations. Kind and friendly human connections are vital to experiencing a meaningful life that allows you to enjoy inner calmness, support your family and thrive at work.


Waiting for rock bottom isn't a prerequisite for addressing mental wellness. We all have mental health and every person wins from having a fit mind. Therefore, become proactive and take initiative. Not for the sake of others, but for your own sake, so that you can thrive and remain inwardly calm.

By fostering self-reflection, embracing change and using intrapersonal skills to support your mental wellness, family life and work, you can break free from unhealthy patterns. Do this now, before your old patterns drive you to a critical point where stress, anxiousness and mental health issues take over your life.

Remember, taking care of your mental well-being represents an ongoing process, thus the need for intrapersonal skills. Intrapersonal skills are based on using your awareness actively, hence allowing you to say 'No' to unhealthy habits and 'Yes' to healthy commitments. Proactivity comes down to securing your personal growth and efficient work patterns by using intrapersonal skills as your support system.

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This blog post is written by Kaur Lass