Proactive Mental Wellness Approach Is Now Easyly Accessible

Mental wellness, often referred to as mental well-being, refers to a state of excellent emotional and psychological health.

Mental wellness is a positive inner state where an individual can effectively manage stress, cope with challenges, maintain positive relationships, and make informed decisions, contributing to their overall quality of life.

As mental wellness impacts 100% of your staff, securing mental wellness for all is a winning deal for all employers.

Mental wellness encompasses excellent mental health, resilience and a state of inner calmness.

A proactive approach to mental wellness involves taking deliberate and preventative actions to maintain and improve one's mental health and use mental superpowers (see the right-hand side of the graph below), rather than waiting until problems or challenges arise (see the left-hand side of the graph).

Prevention involves mastering the attributes found on the positive end of the mental health spectrum.

The systematic preventative mental health approach allows improvement of individual mental wellbeing and secures mental sharpness. It is a path to sustainable leadership quality and productivity that secures improved employee engagement.

When your mind is fit, you can enjoy life and work well.

Let's define preventative in the case of mental health. Late prevention is counseling and providing mental health first aid when problems appear.

The early proactive approach refers to improved self-leadership allowing one to avoid any inner problem before it has occurred. In the case of mental wellness, it means training your mind to be fit, while people are still relatively okay or even well.

Awareness based intrapersonal skills, base for mental wellness

A proactive mental wellness approach means learning to lead your inner domain so that you can deal with any (work) challenges calmly. For this, you need awareness-based intrapersonal skills. Everyone can learn such skills and avoid work-related mental health problems.


While a growing number of employers are taking steps to address mental health issues among their employees, there is a notable gap in efforts to address employee mental well-being comprehensively and secure a systematic workplace-wide proactive mental wellness training.

Mental wellness training has the power to reduce procrastination (presenteeism) and absenteeism. The hidden loss from mental health issues now varies between £1035 ($1345 or 1150€) and £3,710 ($4820 or 4,120€) depending on the business sector. This is according to the Deloitte UK report ‘Mental health and employers. The case for investment – pandemic and beyond', from March 2022 (see the graph below)

 Mental health loss per person in 2022, data by Deloitte

The total annual mental health expenses in the graph above take into account:

  1. Expenses incurred due to employee sick leave and absenteeism;
  2. Losses due to decreased productivity (including low employee engagement and costs related to presenteeism)
  3. The financial strain resulting from increased staff turnover, etc.

All those costs are actually avoidable.

Workplacewide mental wellness investment can demonstrate ROI up to 10,8 according to Deloitte UK and our own customer feedback.

When individuals grapple with stress, burnout, and mental health challenges, the repercussions extend beyond personal trauma; the workplace faces losses and the business contends with setbacks. Conversely, proactively investing in mental wellness yields gains that transcend mere financial benefits.

A workplace-wide systematic proactive mental wellness approach secures engaged, productive, insightful employees who take personal responsibility.

Excellent awareness-based intrapersonal skills are not only the foundation of mental wellness but also allow to access creativity and intuition, allow sustained focus and improve personal initiative.

Calculate your mental wellness investment ROI, ask for an offer!

Our mission is to assist you in establishing robust and enduring foundations for employee mental wellness.

You no longer have to invite experts for short talks, as this webpage provides access to a comprehensive digital mental wellness solution equipped with all the evaluation and training tools you require.

Measuring your mental wellness level offers advantages that extend beyond the realm of improving your mental well-being.

Our digital mental wellness training programs incorporate self-evaluation and immediate feedback, both before and after the training. This process enables individuals to gauge their individual status and track their progress effectively.

Mental wellness training sample



Wellness Orbit brings easy-to-use and affordable proactive mental wellness trainings to your desktop or mobile device regardless of your location.

There is now 24/7 access to training your mind and this allows you and other people in your team to find the best moment to take part in the training.

Of course, the ROI from mental wellness investment becomes tenfold when you take the training and apply what you learn in real-life and work situations.

Our training approach is unique. It isn't available elsewhere and is based on training and then using intrapersonal skills and not going into meditation or eyes-closed mindfulness practices. These are great and we love them, but we aim to gove you inner tools that are possible to apply in challenging work situations.

We aim to train your staff to make it in the real world. And have worked now 8 years to make the new systematic proactive mental wellness approach affordable and accessible for your team.

Enhancing individual mental wellness has never been more relaxing, easy and accessible.

Please, take a moment to pause and watch this video explaining the proactive mental wellness approach. It can prevent needless suffering.



Next, it is your turn to take action and secure mental wellness for your team.

Learning to practice intrapersonal skills has been made easy on this website and enables you to stay mentally healthy.

A proactive approach to mental wellness works, but it demands a little effort from everyone as skills are always personal. So, it is now your turn to take action and click on the link below or write to us – we are happy to answer all queries.

Our aim is nothing less than a global mental wellness revolution, so we have made training your mind cheaper than visiting a professional mental health expert who can offer you therapy and a cure. However, we have done this on a highly professional level as our trainer is a practicing psychiatrist and global mental wellness pioneer Dr. Helena Lass.

Besides world-class content, the revolutionary aspect is that for the first time in history proactive approach is fully digital and easy to use. Enjoy! 

Take your team to the digital mental wellness gym now. This way you can boost employee engagement and improve productivity without exacting a toll on your mental well-being and enjoy up to tenfold ROI on your investment.

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