Mental Wellbeing

What is mental wellbeing? How to improve your mental wellbeing?

Mental wellbeing is the inner state that secures your quality of life and allows you to have a sharp and fit mind.

Improving mental wellbeing is a systematic path to training your mind and brain.

You can't alter your mental capacity and mental status overnight and without any effort. However, your brain patterns are unfixed. Your brain is neuroplastic and this makes it trainable. You can learn how to change your old unhealthy patterns by discovering new and healthier patterns. Patterns that offer the potential to support your life and also your work.

Mental wellbeing is the foundation of a healthy life and work

Securing mental wellbeing at work is a proven and profitable path to guarantee excellent leadership quality, see improved employee engagement and take your team's productivity to an increased level.

When people experience the safety of mental wellbeing, they can improve their focus and creativity. People with relaxed and fit minds take more personal initiative and are capable to access insights and intuition more easily.

When you focus on training mental wellbeing proactively and systematically, people in your team can enjoy the benefits of mental wellness and thrive. Both, in their work and their personal lives.

This mental wellbeing webpage opens up how you and your team can train mental sharpness and learn to improve mental strength.

Mental sharpness is based on excellent intrapersonal skills to will allow you to lead your thoughts and emotions, despite your circumstances.

Mental wellbeing improves resilience and supports personal sustainability and hence allows people to handle different external pressure that they may face or come in contact with.

Excellent mental wellbeing permits to focus at work.

Your mental wellbeing advantage is resilience. A healthy mind can cope with external pressures without experiencing stress and burnout.

Would you love the discovery of mental wellbeing path that leads to knowing:

  1. How to accurately deal with work stress and prevent burnout?
  2. How to positively improve your ability to focus and access creativity?
  3. How to secure excellent mental sharpness that supports work?


When you take time to learn intrapersonal skills, you will learn and understand how to become and stay mentally strong and sharp, even under external pressure.

Here you and your team can profit from a systematic sustainable proactive mental wellness approach. Improving workplace mental wellbeing comes down to training your brain and mind by learning awareness-based intrapersonal skills.

Your intrapersonal education will allow you to notice the signs of stress and then reduce your inner reactivity so that you can keep your mental sharpness even if you face loads of external pressures and need to deal with urgent deadlines.

Intrapersonal skills introduce a more conscious and sustainable way of life and work. So, everyone benefits from training their mind and feeling mentally well.

Do you desire to be mentally fit and well?


The short answer is: Yes!

Are you aware that systematic and workplace-wide mental wellbeing training can significantly reduce procrastination and presenteeism?

Deloitte UK calculated in January 2020 that presenteeism, stress, burnout and mental health issues lead to an enormous financial burden for employers. According to their mental health investment feasibility study, the average annual mental health loss per employee varied between £702 ($915 or 780€) and £3,353 ($4,370 or 3,710€).

The next graph allows you the discovery of the actual mental health costs in different business sectors.


The existing mental health costs that most employers are unaware of by sector.

The systematic mental wellness approach would allow preventing all these mental health costs.

Let us observe the actual mental health cost components. According to the Deloitte UK report “Mental health and employers. Refreshing the case for investment” Those are consisting of:

  1. Loss from sick leaves and absenteeism;
  2. Loss from reduced productivity (including costs from lack of employee engagement and presenteeism);
  3. The financial burden from staff turnover etc.

However, the good news is that this mental health investment report also pointed out a reliable way to secure the best ROI and achieve the best business benefits.

The most beneficial way is a workplace-wide proactive mental wellness training that positively alters the current burnout-causing workplace culture that has led us to the Great Resignation.


We see that when you and your team join the mental wellness revolution, you have the power to change your workplaces towards the mental well-being-centric approach where people get along well and support each other.

Your mental wellbeing investment can offer up to tenfold return on investment (ROI up to 10,2), mainly by improving mental sharpness and productivity.

Mental wellness supports productivity.


In the long run, talented employees will stay in workplaces that allow them to improve their talent. The Great Resignation phenomenon demonstrated that if people feel mentally unfit and unwell at work, they prefer to leave. So, supporting the mental wellbeing of your staff is vital for your long-term success.

Investing in mental wellbeing makes also perfect financial sense. For improving your mental health awareness, you need to see the big picture.

The mental health scale has two ends. It means that you or your employees don't end up from the wellness end of the graph to the illness end overnight. Mental health degradation is a slow process.

If you desire to keep yourself and your team well, your mental health focus needs to change from the left side of the mental health scale to the right side where you discover mental wellness and mental "superpowers" that support work and health at the same time.

How to stay on the right side of the mental health scale below? The answer is training your mind and focusing on mental wellbeing.

The mental wellness scale – reactivity vs proactivity

Dominant reactive mental health approach vs the revolutionary new proactive mental wellbeing focused approach.

Mental wellbeing is a state that secures you access to the mental "superpowers". Inner powers that allow you and your team to thrive in all areas of work and life.



Mental strength and mental wellbeing have the power to equip you and your team with intrapersonal skills that make facing new challenges and dealing with external pressure easy.

On this mental wellbeing focused webpage, you can easily participate in the high-value proactive mental wellness e-training. This online mental wellbeing training environment is designed in partnership with a well-known global mental wellness pioneer Dr. Helena Lass.

On this new and innovative mental wellness gym, your mental wellbeing training components are:

  1. Self-assessment before and after each online training;
  2. Instantaneous feedback to your self-assessment;
  3. Five video training sessions with the mental wellness expert Dr. Helena Lass;
  4. Quizzes to consolidate what you just learned after every video training session;
  5. Workbook for securing your mental wellbeing, including suggestions for group discussions.

Mental Wellness Gym e-trainings

Measuring different mental wellbeing and mental health indicators allow identifying stress levels, burnout risk, mental health status and every individual's ability to work. The learning process that follows will allow the improvement of employee engagement and productivity.


Your trainer, Dr. Helena Lass, has also worked on the theoretical side of this new proactive mental wellbeing approach and published the thesis of it in a scientific paper 'Developing Intra-Personal Skills as a Proactive Way to Personal Sustainability - The Preventative Side of the Mental Health Equation' (published globally by Routledge; London and New York 2018).

This paper brings forward a compelling argument for a proactive mental wellbeing approach and shifts the focus from problems to developing a fit mind in a sustainable way.

Mental wellbeing is the foundations of personal sustainability.

In her scientific paper, you discover the following mental wellness quote by Dr. Lass. She states that “there is strong and repeated evidence that intra-personal events have a direct effect on the function and structure of the brain and therefore the skills to direct these events can most likely lead to changes in wiring and neurotransmitter activity in the human brain”. What it indicates is, you can train your mind to be mentally sharp and well.

Intrapersonal skills formulate a sustainable foundation for individual mental wellbeing. Please pause to watch this video to discover more benefits.




The best-known benefits to employees and employers are:

  1. Taking more personal initiative;
  2. Improved ability to focus on tasks;
  3. Being more productive and engaged at work;
  4. Maintaining excellent relationships within your team and with your customers;
  5. Taking more personal responsibility in solving challenges.

Naturally, there can be many more benefits, including improvement of personal life. Mental strength will deliver more positive aspects, such as a stress-free lifestyle, improvement of intuition, easier access to creativity, etc.

Taking your mental strength to an improved level will require your time and willingness to develop your mind. However, these investments in mental wellness will later be your vital business advantage. 

Do you remember that the Deloitte report declared that the ROI can be up to 10,2? 

Hence, we have made it a no-brainer, as your investment per person here starts just from £54 ($66 or 60€) and when you apply what you learn partly, such tenfold ROI is real according to our customers.

Benefit from systematic mental wellbeing training

Mental wellbeing online training can deliver long-lasting and sustainable results that keep you and your team mentally fit and well.

Employees and leaders with excellent mental wellbeing and strong fit minds can be fully engaged, more productive and abundantly creative. 

Mental wellbeing training will allow you to win and your team to thrive.

How can I start training the mental wellbeing? Just click on the link below to get an offer or write to us – all queries are welcome. You are most welcome to click on the training images/titles below and discover mental wellbeing trainings and start using them right away.


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Learning a sustainable approach towards mental wellbeing will benefit you as you no longer have to sacrifice your mental health for achieving productivity.

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