How to increase serenity?

Serenity is easy when we are alone. Keeping inner serenity becomes possible when you know how to lead your inner processes. 

Serenity meaning means inner calmness in all difficult situations. While we can't pick always situations that head our way, we can always choose not to react emotionally and stay calm. For this awareness and excellent intrapersonal skills become the key.

Intrapersonal skills improve professionalism and performance as such skills allow to remove unhealthy inner reactions.

All of our inner reactions are learned subconsciously

We have picked up different negative inner reactions from our parents, friends, teachers, etc. All reactivity is in essence subconsciously copied behaving pattern. Nature has designed quick subconscious reactions (also often referred to as instincts) to keep us alive until we fail to use our consciousness.

A conscious person would make aware choices, while a typical person reacts and gets overly emotional.

For a reactive-minded person, it becomes impossible to stay serene. Reactive-minded people experience these emotional turmoils, worrying thoughts that sooner or later slowly lead them to stress, and anxiousness which again slowly lead to work-related mental health problems.

How to return to calm?

Only when we start studying our inner domain, can we make a discovery that the human core essence is calm. In that sense, we all need to return to serenity.

Do you remember your childhood? Did you worry as much as today, or were you happier and more present? You probably enjoyed more happy and present moments then as you hadn't learned yet all the inner reactions from people around you. When your mind is calm and happy, it is possible to notice tiny details and enjoy life. What if you could get it all back to that inner serenity?

What if you could instead of worrying, dreaming and thinking of something else be serenely present? Observe the illustration below and notice the difference that being mindful and fully present allows.

Inner reactions and constant thinking vs being present and serene

The external stimuli around us is never the real problem. What truly causes problems for us is our own subconscious inner reactivity (including reactive thought patterns and imaginations and various negative emotional reactions).

Our productivity is low as our intrapersonal processes keep our minds constantly occupied and thus we lose focus on the tasks at hand.

As Dr. Gloria Mark, from the University of California, has stated in her research: when interrupted it takes on average 23 minutes for people to refocus. What she also pointed out is that 45% of the time such distractions occur by self-interruption via internal factors instead of external interruptions.


Your core essence equals inner serenity

The key is to know that your True Self is in essence silent and calm. Inner serenity is easy to secure when you possess intrapersonal skills.

By studying this mind health focused website and using the serenity-boosting online training options on this site, you can discover how to be the calmest person in the room.

Taking time to learn and practice intrapersonal skills allows you to replace your current reactive mindset with a proactive mindset. The result is more serenity and inner calmness and thus you become able to respond adequately in every situation.

Stressors are numerous and mostly out of our control. If we avoid all stressful situations and stressors we end up avoiding life and missing opportunities.

The stressors aren't the problem, your reactions are. Thus we promote new ways to deal with stress.

Awareness-based intrapersonal skills give you power over your inner reactions.

When the mind training approach is systematic it leads to inner serenity.

When your mind is calm stressors no longer trigger reactions within you. As a result, stressors out there don't vanish; however as reactivity is no longer controlling your inner domain, the external stressors around you no longer matter or interrupt your focus.

A serene mind provides you with a conscious choice to choose how you respond and thus prevents stress and burnout.

You too can learn how to spot and deal with inner triggers before they subconsciously run your reactions. Such an approach is sustainable and is based on learning awareness-based intrapersonal skills.

Serenity is easy to secure when you possess excellent intrapersonal skills.

Feeling mentally well is a result of experiencing serenity and choosing awarely how to respond instead of reacting and suffering from stress, anxiousness and worries.

Mental wellness supports both personal life and work.

When an employer secures mental wellness for everyone in the workplace, employees will become more engaged, productive and cooperative, thus such investment has the power to bring tenfold ROI.

Serenity is your hidden power

When a customer, business partner, or colleague says something with irritation or worry, does the experienced irritation and worry overtake your mind? Such inner turmoil is exactly the inner reactivity we have explained above.

When inner reactivity takes over, you act emotionally instead of acting rationally. This happens as instead of just listening to the message in a neutral and calm you experience emotional and mental turmoil. ... and before you know it, your reactions amplify this negativity.

It is easy to see work environments turn toxic due to a reason that people lose their serenity and react to everything that has been said, heard or seen. Thus focus drops and productivity falls.

The toxic workplace problem is easy to remove if people in those workplaces stay inwardly calm and refuse to react and spread negativity.

Systematic mind training will return your serenity and prevent stress and other work-related mental health issues.

Before moving on, please click and listen to what people had to say about these new proactive mental wellness training benefits.

Only a serene mind can secure healthy relations with others. This is why it is time to learn how to stay calm regardless of what is going on around us.

What is the benefit of mind training?

Training your mind replaces inner reactions and mind wandering with focus and inner calmness. Such focus and serenity allow you to focus on solutions and prevent the spreading of inner negativity. More than that, it allows you to enjoy life.

Serenity is possible when you and the people around you take the time to learn practical and applicable intrapersonal skills.

As intrapersonal skills are awareness-based they permit people to enjoy the benefits listed on the right-hand side of the scale below (see the graph). Excellent intrapersonal skills allow more insights and resilience, thus permitting taking more personal initiative and responsibility.


Experiencing constant worrisome thoughts and inner reactions that cause negative emotions leads to experiencing worry, stress and anxiousness. This again leads to burnout and anxiety and other health issues listed on the left-hand side of the graph above. All those problems on the left-hand side of the graph are fully preventable if intrapersonal skills are learned while people still feel mostly well.

Replace subconscious patterns with intrapersonal mastery

People have subconsciously learned all the thought patterns and emotional reactions. When your thoughts are constantly worrisome fears, stress and anxiousness appear as a result. When you add negative emotions to such thoughts. you most probably burn out and become depressed or end up with anxiety.

The main issue here is the slowness of the process. No mental health issue develops overnight and without intrapersonal skills, we can't spot slow changes.

Learning to learn your inner domain and even letting go of negative emotions is possible. This all secures a fit mind for you and your team!

By re-discovering your serenity and adding intrapersonal mastery you can lead all of your inner processes and discover the inner superpowers shown in the previous graph. All it truly demands is training your mind to stay calm!

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The mastery of leading different intrapersonal processes returns your serenity. 

A serene mind can easily face different challenges and stay focused. Serene employees are naturally engaged with what you do and focus on solutions instead of getting stuck with inner reactions that only enlarge existing problems.

On this website, we have made serenity securing mind health training affordable and easy to use. Don't just believe us, see the testimonials below!

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