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26.03.2018, Dr. Helena Lass             (Paid access)

Developing Intra-personal Skills as a Proactive Way to Individual Resilience and Personal Sustainability: the Preventive Side of the Mental Health Equation in Personal Sustainability - in Exploring the Far Side of Sustainable Development (Editors: O.Parodi, K.Tamm; London & New York 2018)



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How to overcome stress and burnout by Dr Helena Lass

Interpersonal skills - the most important skills in future by Dr Helena Lass

Dr Helena Lass  Balancing act to integrate work and life

09.10.2019, Dr. Helena Lass

How to overcome stress and burnout?

Quote: Stress can be defined as the adverse inner reaction that people experience when they come into contact with excessive pressures that they fail to handle.

25.09.2019, Dr. Helena Lass

Intrapersonal skills – the most important skills in future

Quote: When we can lead our inner activities with ease, it gives us peace of mind to deal with every kind of outer processes with much greater ease.

01.03.2019, Dr. Helena Lass

Balancing act to integrate work and life

Quote: Noticing where our awareness gives us the freedom to discern what is important in any given moment, be it related to work or our personal life.


19.02.2019, Kaur Lass

The Missing Piece of the Wellness Puzzle – Mental Wellness

Quote: A digital approach is probably the only way to tackle mental wellness.

14/2018 (October-December), Dr. Helena Lass

A Consequence of Modern Day Living - Burnout

Quote: Regardless of the polarity of stress (positive or negative), biochemically your body reacts in the same way. 

10. October 2018, Jenny Darmody

How to improve mental health in the workplace

Quote: Mental wellness is always based on personal initiative and, at the moment, it is up to employers to provide access to such intrapersonal education.

September 2018, Dr. Helena Lass

Intrapersonal skills as a proactive way to personal sustainability

Quote: When mental wellness is considered in a proactive approach, it can be likened to going to the gym. 

August 2018, Dr. Helena Lass

Intra-personal skills

Quote: Intrapersonal skills form the foundation of any successful career, yet are lacking in workplaces and the wider business world due to their absence from the current educational curriculum.

23.07.2018, Dr. Helena Lass

Proactive Mental Wellness - Key to success in the midst of entrepreneurial endeavors

Quote: Let’s be honest, being part of a start-up is actually more stressful than working in an established company. 

09.07.2018, Dr. Helena Lass

Mental Wellness the most overlooked aspect of health

Quote: Mental health is something that every person has when his or her inner functions operate in their most optimal manner.

06/2018, Sarah Adamson/Celsius Healthcare

Wellness Orbit: An e-learning Platform for Mental Wellness

Quote: Wellness Orbit's online learning platform introduces an exciting new dimension to mental health.

25.06.2018, Dr. Helena Lass

New Path Towards Mental Wellness

Quote: Intrapersonal skills form the pathway for a successful career, yet are lacking in the world due to their absence in the current educational curriculum.

06/2018, Dr. Helena Lass

High performance is the result of mental wellness

Quote: Focusing on mental wellness is an opportunity to positively influence the lives of all employees, entrepreneurs and achievers.

31.05.2018, Dr. Helena Lass

Burnout – I can Handle Everything!

Quote: Positive stress is a double-edged sword. It releases energy for you to float high on the tides of life, but can just as quickly turn against you.

17.05.2018, Dr. Helena Lass

Intrapersonal skills as a proactive way to personal sustainability

Quote: When mental wellness is approached proactively, it can be likened to going to the gym. Workplaces need ‘mental wellness gyms.

Workplace mental wellness

12.04.2018, Chad Palmer

Workplace Mental Wellness and Intrapersonal Skills: A Case for a Proactive Approach

Quote: In order to have good mental health, we need to perform activities that support mental wellness. Mental wellness can be achieved through practical knowledge of intrapersonal skills.

22.03.2018, Dr. Helena Lass

Effective listening by using awareness

Quote: Attentive listening can help in relationships; it can help solve our problems and expand our understanding. In the workplace effective listening results in higher productivity and more efficiency.

20.04.2016, Dr. Helena Lass            (Paid access)

Fit mind and mastery of intrapersonal skills – the new untapped corporate resource

Quote: Performance at the workplace is the best when your mind is fit. This means mastery of your intra-personal skills — the fitness of your inner environment.



Eesti keelsed artiklid ja intervjuud teemadel: vaimne vorm & teadlikkus.

Biggest Daily Business Newspaper in Estonia:

14.02.2019, Kaur Lass

Vaimne vorm on edu vundament

An article about how mental wellness is the very foundation of workplace mental wellness and why Estonia should export mental fitness.

Online magazine

06.02.2018, Dr. Helena Lass

Tervis või heaolu?

An article about why we should focus on a proactive approach to health and how wellness will be the foundation of personal sustainability.

Online magazine

21.01.2018, Dr. Helena Lass

Mis on vaimne vorm & kuidas see aitab elus paremini hakkama saada?

An article about how a proactive approach to mental wellness enables us to live and work better.

Radio KUKU:

06.10.2017, Interview with Dr. Helena Lass


A radio interview in Estonian with psychiatrist Dr. Helena Lass about how to develop and train mental wellness in workplaces.

Online magazine

21.11.2017, Dr. Helena Lass

Segadus vaimu ümber

An article about huge confusion around the human mind. We have a lack of intrapersonal education that could build a foundation for mental wellness.

Most popular Estonian Weekly News Paper:

15.10.2017, Dr. Helena Lass

Juhid ei tea, mis töötajatega toimub!

An article about mental wellness in workplaces. It raises the question of how much leaders and managers know about the mental health of their employees?

Estonian National Television:

10.10.2017, Interview with Dr. Helena Lass

Suure osa läbipõlemisest põhjustab pikaajaline positiivne stress (sh video: ETV Terevisioon 2017)

An article and TV interview about the effects that burnout has on our lives.

Biggest Daily Business Newspaper in Estonia:

07.10.2017, Dr. Helena Lass

Kuidas on lugu sinu vaimse vormiga?

An article about why mental wellness is so important and how it leads to good mental health.

Biggest Daily Business Newspaper in Estonia:

09.07.2017, Dr. Helena Lass

Õnnelik ja nutikas eestlane?

An article about mental wellness and how it can be a true non-emotional foundation of inner happiness.

Monthly Medical Newspaper:

             (Paid access)

25.03.2017, Dr. Helena Lass 

Vaimne tervis varjust välja 

An article why we should talk more openly about mental health and why mental wellness matters.

Monthly Business Magazine "The secretary": 

28.09.2016, Dr. Helena Lass

Tee ärevusest enesekindluseni

An article about anxiety and what are the steps that you need to take to overcome it.

Monthly Medical Newspaper:

              (Paid access)

22.06.2016, Dr. Helena Lass

Psühhiaater: vajame muutust reaktiivselt meelelaadilt proaktiivsele

An article about the need for a practical proactive mental wellness approach.



Biggest Daily Business Newspaper in Estonia:

08.05.2016, Kaur & Helena Lass

Kuidas olla atraktiivne tööandja?

An article about why mental fitness is important for employers and employees in today's business environment.

Monthly HR Magazine:

4/2016, Kaur & Helena Lass

An article skills we need for working in a modern business environment and why mental wellness and intrapersonal skills matter.

Monthly Leadership Magazine:

4/2016, Kaur & Helena Lass

An article about workplace wellness and intrapersonal skills.



          Ärevusest enesekindluseni

Monthly Leadership Magazine:


4/2015, Dr. Helena Lass

TEADLIKKUS: Tähtsaim tegur, mis teeb sind tulevikus tööturul asendamatuks!

An article about awareness, consciousness and intra-personal skills.

Monthly Medical Newspaper:


04.11.2014, Interview with Dr. Helena Lass

Suunamuutus: vaimne tervis tervetele

An article why the whole arena of mental health needs re-focusing. Why we need mental wellness for ordinary healthy people.

Quarterly Health Magazine:


3/2014, Dr. Helena Lass

Tee ärevusest enesekindluseni

An article about anxiety and how to overcome it. The article is presented as a shot roadmap from anxiety to self-assurance.



Monthly Leadership Magazine:

11/2013, Dr. Helena Lass

Ma saan kõigega hakkama, ALATI. (Läbi)põlemine - tänapäevane epideemia

An article about the serious consequences of burnout and how to avoid stress and burnout.

Monthly Leadership Magazine:


3/2013, Dr. Helena Lass

5 tegurit, miks isegi parimad inimesed tööl ära kukuvad

An article about 5 factors that lead to stress. As stress often leads to burnout people need proactive skills to secure their mental wellness.

Monthly Leadership Magazine:


1/2013, Dr. Helena Lass

Uus viis, kuidas stressiga toime tulla

An article about new methods on how to overcome stress by using your own awareness and becoming mindful of your situation.






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