Inner Wellness

Are you aware that your inner wellness is 100% up to you?

What disturbs your inner wellness the most is your own inner reactivity. When you are reactive, it becomes difficult to stay calm and respond adequately to external situations.

No external stress trigger or anxious situation really would influence you without your inner reactivity. External challenges and stressors are always there, but without automatic inner reactivity, you wouldn't experience it to be a problem in your inner domain.

Do you recall a situation where someone else had a huge problem and you could stay calm? The situation was the same. The other person had, in this case, learned subconscious reactivity. This reactivity got triggered within that person and thus it became stressful and irritating. In this situation, you lacked such a negative previous experience and thus no negative inner reaction got triggered.

The questions you should ask are:

  1. Would you always like to be that calm person?
  2. Would you like to respond adequately to all challenges?
  3. Would you love to have practical skills that allow this?

Inner wellbeing doesn't merely happen. Inner wellness is a result of properly acknowledging and promptly leading your own intrapersonal processes. Such self-leadership is equally beneficial to enable you to nip stress reactions and anxiousness activations in the bud.

When you invest in learning awareness-based intrapersonal skills, you become capable to spot irritations and distractions in your mind. This way you can deal with those potent reactions before they run wild and present inner problems for you. Such inner skills grant you the power to remain calm and face any challenge.

Your essence is calm

On this fully digital mind health training website, you can learn how to become the calmest person in the room. No matter what the situation.

Intrapersonal skills empower you to become the calmest person in the room and respond adequately even in tough situations!

A calm mind has the power to stay mentally sharp and keep mental health issues away.

A home full of calm-minded people is lovely to live in and a workplace full of calm employees is a pleasure to work for.

For employers, this new proactive approach to mental wellness is an excellent investment opportunity with up to tenfold ROI. The result of such investment can significantly improve employee engagement and productivity.

Employee engagement, best practice workplaces vs the usual teamsThe graph above is from the 2021 Gallup study. This employee engagement study demonstrates best practice has the power to make a significant and noticeable difference in employee engagement levels.

In workplaces where calm minds dominate we can see great work culture, lower stress levels, better self-leadership and more initiative as people can focus on what they love to do and see how it is relevant to their actual customers.

As employer calm and brights minds are your core asset

The starting point of inner wellness is an acknowledgment that you have a mind and it is worth investing in training your mind.

When you train your mind and the bright minds of your team you become empowered to replace mind wandering with being fully present and saving focused as long as needed (see the image below).

Does your mind wander or are you fully present?

Train your mind to achieve intrapersonal wellness

When you add subconscious habitual patterns that dominate your mind, you have very little control over your life. When your thought run wild, and your emotions are heavily influenced by other people's emotions and external situations and you lack conscious will. This is a result of lacking intrapersonal education.

You have naturally learned your thought patterns. Your imagination is based on your fears and unique experiences that aren't in contact with your current reality. When this inner mental struggle promptly takes you over, it is elementary to lose your inner ability to keep your mind well.

You have also learned all the emotions you experience. Most of us lack the inner mastery to lead our emotions at will or let emotions go as opened up in this new book. Thus, your emotions control you more than your will.

By taking time to discover your inner domain and learn how to retain your inner calmness, you can become the leader of your own inner processes. When you master your inner domain, you become capable to lead your intrapersonal processes and escape from inner reactivity.

Your ability to lead your intrapersonal processes allows you to choose how you respond in every situation and thus you have the power to stay calm and focused.

When your mind becomes calmer, you can access insights and creativity and this makes innovation and solution-focused work approach easier.

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Training inner wellness is the path to a calm and healthy mind.

Let us kindly remind you that only a calm and fit mind can be engaged and productive and deal with everyday challenges successfully.

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