The cost of being superficial

The cost of being superficial

The superficial culture of ‘seen it, read it, know it ’, runs the real risk of turning us into a human collective of jack of all trades, masters of nothing. WHY IS BEING SUPERFICIAL SLOWLY KILLING YOUR BUSINESS / CAREER?

There exists a universal skill, that each of us already possesses. This skill is the only "thing" that enables us to take notice and to dig deep into something. When reading is a general skill that enables to learn other skills, then this is a meta-skill, that enables to acquire all other skills (including reading).

Do you know what it is?

Have you discovered it?

WHAT? Every time when we notice something or want to dig deep, we use a special quality that is different from the thinking mind - awareness.

WHY? The use of it is essential if we aim to find adequate and workable solutions to our unique challenges present in our time-starved lives, not only temporary quick-fixes that are compensative in nature.

BUT... Articles and YouTube videos, with titles like, ‘5 tips to a well-motivated team ’ and ‘how to change your whole life around in 5 easy steps’ are superficial. They are shallow and often leave an impression that there is a magic pill to achieving what you want, without actual effort or practice. They tell you what you want to achieve, but not how. If no actual change ensues, then it’s the false impression (of knowing how to reach the goal) that you have been left with, while how to exactly reach your goal remains vague and impractical.

AHA! During moments when you did dig deeper, you used awareness (even if you did not differentiate it from thinking at that time). Every time you received a truly game-changing and deeply transformative insight, it’s source was again awareness. Insights come only when using awareness - being superficial restricts your access to it, limits your potential. To empower you to make use of this tool more often, more deliberately and consciously – that’s why education about intra-personal skills has been developed and is now brought to you.



What would you drop immediately, out of all the things you are already doing, if you were not blind to the results of your actions? How would it change your focus?



What would happen if you learned to use awarness deliberately?

It is up to you to gain this knowledge that is universal, will never lose value and helps you to make use of all other knowledge.





"For me awareness helps to understand what is going on and to notice things around me, that I did not notice before."  

Hannes Linno, Head of IT, FCR Media


The best part? ALL Wellness Orbit e-trainings are based on awareness. Just choose the topic beneficial for your company and start now (because, how can you afford your team to remain on that superficial autopilot at all?).