Mental wellness training that boosts work results

Why should I be interested in workplace mental wellness training?

Why should I prefer a proactive mental wellness approach when most of my team is and seems well?

Systematic proactive workplace mental wellness training improves productivity and employee engagement through improving mental sharpness.

Training everyone's mental wellness proactively is beneficial because it improves effective self-leadership and teamwork skills. It keeps your brightest minds fit and well as it also reduces stress, prevents burnout and removes most of the common work-related mental health issues.

This mental wellness training webpage easily allows you and your team to train inner wellbeing by learning mental strength and improving mental sharpness. Dealing with any kind of external pressure is easy when you have a fit mind.

Come and discover the proven intrapersonal path to training your brain and improving your work results. Here you can find how to secure a vigorous and healthy mind that works well and thrives.

The proactive mental wellness approach enables employee engagement and productivity.


Mental wellness should be seen as a proactive discipline that improves brain health.

It should be apparent that a fit mind can focus and intentionally keep the focus as long as needed. This reduces stress and brings along excellent work results.

Systematic workplace mental fitness training allows you and your team to discover how to deal successfully with work challenges.

This proactive workplace mental wellness training is a systematic and easy approach to use in the office or while working remotely.

Workplace wellness training benefits every person 24/7


With the global pandemic, the need to address mental health problems became undeniable. Let's observe your costs that you may be unaware of.

“Mental health and employers. Refreshing the case for investment”

As currently most leaders, HR's, and training managers were unaware of the cost of mental health issues, Deloitte UK produced a report Mental health and employers. Refreshing the case for investment. This mental health investment focused study revealed that the annual financial burden per employee varies between £702 ($915 or 780€) and £3,353 ($4,370 or 3,710€).

It looked thoroughly into investing in workplace mental wellness and this led to the discovery of a huge positive impact. Even reactive investments in the improvement of workplace mental health demonstrated a £5 gain for every £1 spent.

But that is not all, the feasibility study clearly demonstrated that the best ROI is found in a workplace-wide proactive mental health training and combining it with changing existing workplace culture. Here the report demonstrated even up to a £10.8 gain for every £1 spent.

The chart below illustrates the costs that you currently bear. Think with it. What if you can remove that cost?

Would you be interested to save up to £3,353 ($4,370 or 3,710€) every year for each of your employees?

The existing mental health costs that most employers are unaware of by sector.

Workplace-wide mental wellness training is an investment that can bring along tenfold ROI and improve your work results.


The systematic workplace mental wellbeing training approach here is unique. It is designed from scratch and allows employees to be more healthy and productive. People who discover the benefits of a fit mind can take more personal responsibility and thus be more engaged with the work they do.

Sharp-minded people can become more insightful and creative regardless of their position. Insights and creativity support innovation. Thus, investing in workplace mental wellness training can improve not only health but also deliver better work results.

Sarah Blakely, The Founder of SPANX said it well "We are all on the autopilot. If we do it like everybody else there is no innovation." In essence, training your mind unlocks hidden inner potentials and allows you to use them at will. It takes you and your team off the dominating autopilot mode and reveals a more conscious way to work.

The substantial benefits of workplace mental wellness training are visible on the right-hand side of the mental health scale (see the graph below). Studying this graph reveals that we all have hidden "mental superpowers" that mental fitness training can open up.

The mental health scale – reactive approach vs proactive approach

On the left side is the current reactive mental health approach and on the right side is the proactive mental wellness approach.

The mental health scale above demonstrates that the mental wellness training benefits are relatively unknown. Mental wellness training is much more than talking about mental health problems or mental health first aid training. In fact when you or your team members already require reactive treatment approaches, then you have not focused on improving mental wellbeing in time.

Don't wait any longer allow your team to make the shift and stay on the right-hand side of the mental health scale now.

The systematic proactive mental wellness approach efficiently allows you to stop losing key employees to the mental illness side on the graph above and improves the skills listed on the right-hand side of the graph.

How is it possible to be mentally fit?

Staying mentally sharp and well demands practical knowledge of your own intrapersonal processes that take place within your own mind. We all have awareness, thoughts and emotions, but those operate on the inefficient autopilot mode. We just need to discover the rules that apply within our minds.

The systematic workplace mental wellness training enables people to discover how their minds and brains operate.


Mental sharpness and inner wellbeing shouldn't be left to luck. Systematic intrapersonal education starts by learning practical intrapersonal skills. Those are the inner skills that permit you and your employees to respond adequately instead of reacting automatically.

Training mental wellness comes down to learning practical intrapersonal skills that you can practice with open eyes in all work situations. For example, meditation is a craft for soothing your mind, but you cannot meditate and perform challenging tasks at work at the same time. 

How do I benefit from intrapersonal skills?

Learning practical intrapersonal skills by taking digital mental wellness training will allow you and your team to learn how to deal with inner automatic reactivity and be more innerly calm when the ride is rough. 

Possessing the skills to relieve stress, notice the early warning signs of lurking burnout or anxiousness will permit the discovery of an efficient safety net. This allows you and your team to work well as people know how to deal with the manifold of external pressures.

This wellness website is designed to establish a sustainable path to your employee's mental well-being. It allows you to take every valuable staff member to the training with a fraction of the cost that you bear from mental health issues. Do you remember the Deloitte study, pointed out earlier?


Yes, it is. Such a systematic proactive mental wellness training approach is unseen. What drove us to develop it for you and your team?

Today the statistics convincingly demonstrate that every fourth person encounters some kind of mental health problem or illness. We witnessed that up to now the focus had been on treatment and not at all on systematic prevention of mental health issues and thus our founding members decided to change that.

Our key founder and global mental wellness pioneer Dr. Helena Lass and our team have developed an early proactive intervention that is effective in the work context. The theoretical side of this is published by Dr. Lass in a scientific paper 'Developing Intra-Personal Skills as a Proactive Way to Personal Sustainability - The Preventative Side of the Mental Health Equation' (Routledge; London and New York 2018). 

Mental sharpness and mental wellness are the foundations of personal sustainability.

The foundation of this holistic mental wellness approach represents a structured path to discovering various intrapersonal skills. Dr. Lass reveals the new efficient approach to securing mental wellness in a way that allows everyone to strive towards it.

It is a holistic approach that has been missing in our educational curricula and that needs to be provided in addition to our professional skills to all people whose main work asset is their head/mind. You can say, intrapersonal skills allow your professional skills to thrive.

The effective use of intrapersonal skills is significantly greater than merely preventing mental health problems. Application of practical intrapersonal skills at work will guarantee the vital change towards improving resilience and mental sharpness. For example, if you know how to focus, you can prevent your mind from wandering and get more done and reduce accidents while carrying out your tasks.

Mentally sharp and fit people have the power to improve productivity and access creativity and facilitate innovation.

You are most welcome to find more about the benefits of this in the free e-book "The Proactive Mental Wellness Approach at Work" (click on the cover image on the right side).


Personal Sustainability, scientific article collection by Routledge   Mental Wellness Gym e-trainings  The Proactive Mental Wellness Approach at Work


As you may be aware, going to the gym or practicing various physical exercises can significantly improve your physical fitness. A similar preemptive training approach can improve your team's mental fitness as well. However, instead of training the physical body, this approach is focused on training the brain/mind. Let us reveal the essence of it!

Take just 7 minutes and allow this workplace mental wellness video to sink in as Dr. Lass reveals this innovative approach to you.

Examining this video allows you to start saving money that you most apparently lose today according to the Deloitte UK report that we mentioned earlier.

Ask for a mental wellness training offer


If you head a team where the majority of employees perform mainly mental work (For example thinking, writing, analytics, negotiations, etc.), this is for you and your co-workers.

The remarkable fact that the human brain is neuroplastic means that you and your staff adequately train your conscious mind. By becoming aware of and then shifting the current unhealthy patterns in your minds, you obtain an inner power to start using your brainpower to the fullest.

Try this new mental wellness training approach before your investment decision

That is why we urge you to take the free stress test and demo training (click on the link below).

Don't postpone your decision as work stress, employee burnout and mental health issues can be a huge expense as demonstrated to you earlier by introducing the Deloitte report on workplace mental health investments.

"9:1 could be the return on investment in association with mental health. As a CFO, you don't see that very often" – Jonny Jacobs, the Finance Director EMEA, Starbucks

So, invest now by clicking the mental wellness training options below to receive a tailored offer or write to us – all queries are welcome.

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