Preventing burnout starts from stress reduction

Why reducing stress and preventing burnout is important for you and your team?

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This webpage offers an efficient solution to stress reduction and the prevention of burnout. The 8-minute video above allows you to discover a new revolutionary proactive mental wellness approach that supports your talents to stay well and fit.

How to prevent burnout?

Efficient prevention of burnout starts with reducing stress before it turns chronic and causes health and employee engagement issues. Employee engagement levels all over the world are just around 20%.

People who are stressed can't be engaged and end up burning out. Before the global lockdowns, in 2019 'Cigna 360 Well-being survey' carried out in 23 countries pointed out that 9 out of 10 employees feel stressed and their stress influences their daily work negatively.

Burnout also increases your health risks, different studies have proved that it has a 86% to 92% overlap with depression.

Prevent burnout with this efficient stress reduction and self-leadership course. Benefit from learning practical intrapersonal skills in a systematic way.

The origin of stress is your inner reactivity. The reality is that you and most people around you lack intrapersonal education and thus don't notice the impact of your lifestyle choices.

Learning how to lead your inner domain gives you the tools to live a successful life without burning out. Without excellent self-leadership stress and burnout keep lurking you until you live a busy life.

Stress and burnout are mostly experienced by successful professionals and leaders – when you work intensively and lack intrapersonal skills it is common to face work-related stress on a daily basis. You aren't alone.

Mental Health America's annual Work Health Survey from 2021 stated that 85% of employees notice that their stress affects their mental health.

Almost 83% of the employees answered that they feel emotionally drained from their work. Almost 99% of those employees who felt drained from work stated that they feel that their workplace stress affects their mental health and wellbeing (see below the stress and burnout graph).

Positive stress is the major pathway to burnout

Employers strive for employee engagement and productivity. There is nothing wrong with that. Being focused and productive is cool!

The problem is that you may use the wrong approach for staying productive. If your (team's) productivity is based on positive stress, you probably are on an unsustainable course.

Different scientific papers have pointed out that burnout originates from long-time exposure to stress. Are you aware that positive stress is causing more burnout than negative stress?

Positive stress is glorified as it initially releases energy. However, floating high on the tides can in the long run hurt you. Riding the positive wave of stress drops our natural need to relax because you feel like everything is going well and pushing yourself a bit more allows you to see even greater results. This belief is false and dangerous.

Until you and your colleagues lack intrapersonal skills, you aren't able to notice when and how your stress turns chronic. Also, a lack of awareness and noticing of your inner processes keeps you unaware of passing through different phases of burnout.

Burnout has at least five distinctive phases, it never happens overnight. Preventing burnout is easy in the early stages and becomes difficult in the late stages.

Constant stress is the warning sign of arriving burnout

Almost everyone experiences some levels of stress. It may be work-related or financial or social stress or even pressure caused by health or family matters.

There is an endless amount of stressors around us, however, everyone isn't influenced by those stressors in the same way. A grounded person with a calm mind is able to stay unreactive and realistic.

While we can do very little about stressors, we can learn how to remove our own inner reactivity that allows external stressors to influence our inner peace. Your ability to replace automatic inner reactivity with an aware response allows you to keep a calm and fit mind.

When it comes to focus and productivity, it is your calm and stress-free mind that delivers excellent results.

Burnout prevention training allows you and your team to reduce stress and keep your mind fit and well.

Only by starting with stress reduction now can you prevent burnout and improve employee engagement at the same time.

The benefits of inner calmness and mental strength that allow you to focus are obvious as in our current work environments most of us need to use our heads for critical thinking and efficient decision making. We also need to be creative and take initiative.

How to prevent burnout with online training?

Preventing burnout with online training involves all your senses and has the following components:

Self-evaluation questionnaire before the training for:

  • Evaluation of your individual stress level and burnout risk;
  • Evaluation of your ability to direct your awareness.

Answering the stress and burnout evaluation questionnaire is followed by instant feedback.

► 5 stress reduction and burnout prevention training videos:

Session 1: "Focus, Awareness & Attention"

Session 2: "Making Most of Time & Resources"

Session 3: "A New Way to Handle Stress"

Session 4: "Prevent Burnout & Fatigue"

Session 5: "Personal Responsibility & Teamwork"

Those training video sessions are illustrated with easy-to-understand graphics and come with practical guided exercises. 

► Quiz allowing you to consolidate what you learned from each session.

► Workbook for self-development plans and observations and group discussion guidelines for your team.

► A final questionnaire to re-evaluate your individual status after the training with feedback and hints on how to integrate the learned into your life and work patterns.

Discover efficient and easy-to-apply stress reduction methods for you and your team now.

Start your systematic burnout prevention journey!


Training yourself and your team here in this unique mental wellness gym is a well-designed experience that you can enjoy. It is suitable for all employees and leaves them relaxed and more productive.

You can access stress reduction and burnout training here 24/7, regardless of your location.

Preventing burnout and training mental wellbeing proactively has up to tenfold ROI. When you apply what you learn this online training becomes your best investment!

Please take a moment to listen to what our customers have said about the benefits they got and then invest in making your life and work more stress-free!

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