Mental fitness – the source for good life and business

Mental fitness – the source for good life and business

While physical fitness has been high on the list for people and employers alike, we still fail to see that we need a similar proactive approach also for our own mental fitness.

As the training of our mind demands a very similar approach to going to the gym we have developed the world’s first mental wellness gym for teams. The only difference is that the training object in this mental wellness gym is your mind, instead of your physical body. Like in all modern gyms your training environment here is relaxing and a training journey rewarding. Yes, also somewhat demanding, but that is the purpose if you want to develop a better version of yourself! The main difference compared to physical fitness gyms is that you can enjoy our ‘mental fitness gym’ over the Internet from the comfort of your own office or home.

How is my mental wellness journey designed?

You start every new mental wellness training program with a self-evaluation, which enables you to notice what you need to train in your inner domain. 



On completing the self-evaluation, there are training sessions with high-quality FullHD videos with a professional trainer Dr. Helena Lass.

After each video training session, you will go through a quiz – feedback from us to you so that you can consolidate what you have learned.

This journey is designed to help you to change your habits and understanding so that you can have a better quality of life afterward. You will see right away if you passed the quiz and if not then you are welcome to repeat the training session (fully or partly) once more. This way you are led from session to session to learn new intrapersonal skills.

When you have finished all your current training sessions you then take a final self-evaluation process. You again receive feedback on how you have progressed over the course of your training weeks, just like getting real-time feedback from your personal trainer in the gym.

And that is not all, with all the trainings there comes a workbook – a possibility to work out your own individual plan for your own excellent mental fitness. This workbook also includes group discussion guidelines that enable you to discuss in groups how to make this all relevant for your work and your workplace.


Intrapersonal skills based approach to mental wellness

Awareness based intrapersonal skills as taught by Dr. Lass are the essential skills to understand our own internal processes – by obtaining good intrapersonal education, the path to our mental fitness can also be learned and practiced. 

Maybe it is fair to illustrate it like this: learning intrapersonal skills is like learning any professional skills that you solve with your mind. It is similar here. You sit and learn solving tasks and challenges in your mind.

Why this way? About 90% of the time we use our heads as our main ‘work asset’ instead of our physical bodies. Even if your work is only 20% mental and 80% physical you still actively use your mind. You have thoughts and emotions running in the background. 

Mental wellness gym has a scientific background

The intrapersonal skills-based approach for looking after our own mental fitness was explained in more detail by Dr. Lass last year. She published her scientific paper: 'Developing Intra-Personal Skills as a Proactive Way to Personal Sustainability - The Preventative Side of the Mental Health Equation' in a book by Routledge that is distributed globally.



'Personal Sustainability' by Routledge 2018. Dr. Helena Lass in Norway, presenting her scientific paper during the 'Emotion Revolution' conference (photo: Ingvar Villido).

This scientific paper on mental wellness brought forward a need for a systematic proactive approach to mental health as something that everyone should actively strive towards. It shifted the focus from the dominating reactive mental health problem solving towards a more proactive intrapersonal education that allows you to focus on your mental fitness.

When mental health problems appear you are too late

This new approach is necessary as looking after our inner domain is something, which we tend to postpone or avoid altogether. Let’s look at the gym analogy again. When our physical body is already ill we need to go to the doctor instead of the gym. The gym is about the prevention of illness. The real purpose of the gym is nipping a problem in the bud, training your physical fitness while you are well.

It is the same with your mind – it needs to be trained while you are well. It enables you to have excellent mental fitness. So the main reason to proactively take mental wellness gym trainings is to be ready for all situations when the ride gets tough. Do you have such situations? 

We all do! You are not the only one. Probably there are no exceptions. That leaves us to believe otherwise is that some people fly through the problems while others get fried. Which are you? 

Yes, people who easily solve problems are similar to humans...

They just have better intrapersonal skills. They know how to deal with stress. They know how to cope with extreme exhaustion. They know how to avoid anxiousness or feelings that are depressive. Whereas you probably do not. Can you say the same for the rest of your team? Are they good or bad at solving problems without stress and burnout risk or do they need to improve their intrapersonal skills?



So, instead of waiting for the first signs of mental health problems or illness to occur, you should start learning intrapersonal skills right now! 

Yes, right now!

This will enable you to prevent the problems in your inner domain from arising in the first place. This is what the concept of mental wellness is all about! 

The benefit of mental fitness

Excellent mental wellness and intrapersonal skills bring several benefits:

  • You are more productive and engaged with what you do;
  • You are less distracted and irritated;
  • You become less stressed and your burnout risk is reduced;
  • You get along with others (in your team);
  • You feel alive, more aware and mindful of the actual situation.

All this is achievable for you if you look after your internal domain just as you look after your physical body.

Once you learn new intrapersonal skills, you can experience a life that has much higher inner freedom. It makes stressful situations less stressful inside your mind.

Better vibes are what we look for. We remember how people make us feel. We remember how they handle difficulties.

Improve productivity and employee engagement

Knowing how to handle difficulties in our inner domain boosts co-operation. There is less toxicity in work environments if people understand their inner domain and lead it well. It enables to get more done with fewer recourses.

If your team is more effective, your work results get better. Your work engagement improves. Your quality of life improves. Your ability to integrate your work with your life improves. That means your family life improves. As a result of a happier and more productive team, you will also see improved business results!

Does this sound great? It does, doesn’t it? 

Mental fitness then is about learning intrapersonal skills and practicing these as part of our everyday work and life so that you can function at your absolute best

You have probably waited for it to just happen and it doesn’t, so maybe it is about time to learn how to change that!


If you experience the training you might have a question, where can I meet like-minded people?

Meet other people and ask questions

As Wellness Orbit is on a mission to make looking after our mental wellness as something normal and beneficial we facilitate a closed Facebook group for all our mental wellness gym members. It is a place where you can connect to like-minded people and ask questions and discuss with others what should be our real inner priorities to stay mentally well.

This group is a small ecosystem of mental wellness and fitness related opinions for you so that you can have support even if your team’s mental wellness gym subscription with us has ended. It enables you to keep going and see that mental fitness is a journey, not a destination.

Yes, this Facebook group is closed for outsiders – it is an alumni group only. However, the good news is, it doesn’t matter what training you take or took or how long you stayed with us – membership of this alumni group is open for you as soon as you start any training

Find your inner motivation

You can say that every modern professional needs inner motivation. All Wellness Orbit e-trainings are designed for finding that! Yes, it is this kind of long-lasting motivation that helps you to get the best results in your life and work.

We hope this newsletter motivates you to focus on securing excellent mental fitness.

This blog post is written by Kaur Lass