10th October 2018 is World Mental Health Day. This year our proactive approach to mental health and mental wellness was covered by Jenny Darmody in siliconrepublic.com in the article "How to improve mental health in the workplace". 

In this article, Dr Helena Lass comments: "Mental wellness is always based on personal initiative and, at the moment, it is up to employers to provide access to such intrapersonal education, as only then employees can learn to take control over their own actions, mental health, and work results.”


When your employees learn intrapersonal skills and when you as team leader make pro-active mental wellness a priority for everyone in your team your company culture and work results improve. If your employees use mainly their heads to work, then the mental tool is their main asset and driver of productivity. 

Every single Wellness Orbit e-training is taught to you and your employees in a way that is simple, practical and most importantly, creates more mental fitness and improves productivity. That means that you can use more of your team's inner recourses and be more productive. 

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