Mental Fitness Training boosts employee engagement

What is mental fitness? How to improve your mental fitness?

Mental fitness is the calm and productive inner state that secures your quality of life.

Improving mental fitness becomes easy when you properly train your mind and brain on a regular basis. A mentally fit mind is sharp, works well, keeps focus and is creative and insightful.

A fit mind is always ready to take initiative

Only a fit mind can assume personal initiative and stay engaged without stressing out or burning out. Willing people with excellent mind health stand to be engaged and productive.

See the graph below; it convincingly demonstrates the essential difference between best practice teams and usual low engagement teams according to the 2021 Gallup study.

Best employee engagement practices vs the average employee engagement level in the U.S. and World.

The question is, have you done everything you can to ensure that your employees are equipped to be capable of solving the challenges they face?

Every employer needs to be aware that during the employment period anyone's individual capability to carry out different work duties may vary and even deteriorate due to worry and stress. Here systematic early prevention is better than dealing with burnout and a drop in employee engagement.

Systematic mental fitness training saves money and reduces stress

In every workplace, engagement and productivity drop can happen for many reasons, the most common one is that you as a person change, most commonly because of health reasons and thus you can no longer cope with the work.

Stress levels at work by different age groups.

Stress slowly turns into a wide variety of health issues that build slowly. Training your mind helps to spot changes in your inner domain and learn intrapersonal skills that support your self-leadership and work.

Altering your mental capacity and mental status overnight and without any effort isn't real. Your brain and body have certain inertia. However, the good news is your brain is neuroplastic and trainable.

On this mental fitness webpage, you can learn how to change your old unhealthy patterns by discovering new and healthier patterns that support your quality of life and work.


Training mental fitness at work represents a proven and profitable path to see improved employee engagement and productivity. People with fit minds can seize more personal initiative and thus become capable of accessing insights and creativity more easily.

When you and your teammates train mental fitness proactively, you can enjoy the benefits of mental wellness and thrive. Mental fitness improves resilience and personal sustainability and keeps your brightest minds working for you.

Excellent mental fitness permits to focus at work

A fit mind is a resilient mind, able to cope with external pressures without experiencing excess stress that can easily lead to burnout and mental health issues.

Your intrapersonal education will allow you to notice the signs of stress and then reduce your inner reactivity so that you can keep your mental sharpness even if you face loads of external pressures and need to deal with urgent deadlines.


When you invest your time wisely and learn intrapersonal skills, you can understand how to stay mentally fit and sharp.

Only a person with a fit mind can assume full personal responsibility and humbly acknowledge their essential role within a team. It is your individual initiative and the ability to lead various inner or intrapersonal events that will allow you to perform well.

When employees lack engagement, they might be at work in a physical sense, but their minds wander. Studies show presenteeism and lack of employee engagement are the two main problems in modern workplaces due to a lack of systematic mental fitness training and intrapersonal education.

The most beneficial way to transform this is a workplace-wide proactive mental fitness training that positively alters the current stressful workplace culture.

Employees with fit minds work productively without excess stress and burning out.

A fit mind is a productive mind!


The straightforward answer is that training mental fitness allows your talented employees will stay capable to solve challenges. Employees love to typically stay in workplaces that allow them to develop as persons and talented professionals.

Are you aware that our mental health scale naturally has two ends?

You and your employees don't end up being mentally healthy and fit to the illness end of the graph below overnight. Losing your mind health remains a gradual process and thus it is hard to notice to an untrained person.

If you sincerely desire to keep yourself and your team well, your mind health focus needs to change from the left side of the mental health scale to the right side where you discover inner "superpowers" that allow your team to thrive.


The mental health scale – reactivity vs proactivity

Oldschool reactive mental health approach vs the revolutionary new proactive mental fitness training approach that brings results.

Mental fitness training secures you access to the mental "superpowers", as demonstrated on the graph above.

There is no need to wait, there is a need to pick up efficient intrapersonal skills that support your work.

Your mental fitness training always comes here with the following components:

  1. Self-assessment questionnaire before and after each online training;
  2. Feedback on your self-assessment right after you completed it;
  3. Five high-quality and content-rich video training sessions with the mental wellness expert Dr. Helena Lass;
  4. Quizzes after every video training session that allow you to consolidate what you just learned;
  5. Workbook for your personal mental fitness plan (includes suggestions for group discussions).

Mental fitness e-trainings.

Measuring different intrapersonal skills and mental fitness indicators allows you and your team members to identify their stress levels, burnout risk, mental fitness status, etc.

The systematic and professionally designed learning process will permit you to see improvement in employee engagement and productivity.

Discover the unique mental wellness approach with a scientific background

Your trainer, Dr. Helena Lass, has also worked on the theoretical side of this new mental fitness approach. She has published the principal thesis of this new approach in a scientific paper 'Developing Intra-Personal Skills as a Proactive Way to Personal Sustainability – The Preventative Side of the Mental Health Equation' (published globally by Routledge; London and New York 2018).

This unique scientific paper establishes a compelling argument for a proactive mental fitness approach. This innovative approach is currently accessible for you with affordable prices and shifts the focus from problems to developing a fit mind. Now, you can benefit from mental fitness and discover a more sustainable way to work.

Let us remind you that this unique approach to intrapersonal skills establishes a sound and stable foundation for mental fitness. Please pause to examine this video to discover more about the new and efficient mind health approach.


Don't postpone your decision. The known benefits of mental fitness to employees and employers are:

  1. Seeing more personal initiative and purposeful action;
  2. Improved ability to keep the focus on any given task;
  3. More employee engagement and less stress;
  4. Improved relationships both, within the team and with your customers;
  5. Improved individual health and fewer sick leaves;
  6. Improved personal responsibility, capable to support creativity and innovation;
  7. More efficient and result-oriented teamwork and reduction of toxic work relations.

Naturally, there can be many more than the seven mental fitness benefits listed above, including improvement of personal life. Mental fitness will bring along the improvement of intuition, easier access to creativity, etc.

Taking your mental fitness will just require your time and willingness to develop your mind. Investments in mental fitness can bring up to tenfold ROI as we explained in our blog posts and thus such investment will be your vital business advantage.

On this online learning website for teams, your investment per person here starts just from £54 ($66 or 60€) and when you apply what you learn partly, such tenfold ROI is real according to our customers.

Employees and leaders with excellent mental fitness can be fully engaged, productive and creative.

Mental fitness training represents an excellent investment with up to tenfold ROI that allows your team to thrive.

How can I start mental fitness training? Just click on the link below to get an offer or write to us – all queries are welcome. You are most welcome to click on the training images/titles below and discover online mental fitness trainings and start using them right away.


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Enjoy the unique sustainable mental fitness approach and benefit from achieving productivity without the need to sacrifice your mind health in the process.

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