Time for self-care

Time for self-care

Hopefully, this holiday season will bring you joy and time for self-care

Taking time to be with family and friends is super important. So is keeping yourself well, especially as we all know that the end of the year can be stressful due to work-related deadlines for many of us.

Here is what we recommend for self-care:

1) Switch off your mobile device during the holidays. This enables you to be more present with your environment, family, and friends. 

2) Listen to the silence. Don’t look only for absolute silence, but instead try to locate the small gaps of silence in between words, sounds, or even thoughts. Every time we put music or radio on, watch TV shows, etc, we introduce an element that differs from silence. We consume in many ways, the sound being one of many – take care that in the 21st century where silence is considered a rare resource of nature, you don’t self-introduce noise pollution. Christmas in its essence is a time to look within yourself - silence around and within you enables it in the best way. You may notice that it is not easy at all to let go of all the thoughts and worries. Building a rapport with the present moment offers a valuable anchor. Notice where your feet are, the smell of a candle burning, and gingerbread cookies. The present moment is wherever you are – always available.

3) When you feel tense, take a warm bath, go to a SPA or even a sauna. This enables you to relax your physical body and the tensions it is experiencing. If you love sports then you can run, go to the gym or skiing or skating before that. It feels even greater after some sort of intense physical activity.

4) Drink plenty of tea and water

5) Take a longer walk (even if you went running earlier). If possible walk slowly in nature - in the nearest forest, park, beach, or riverside. There is definitely someplace peaceful where you can go. 

6) Take time to talk to family or a close friend. If this is not possible in person, make a phone call. You do remember that there are people who are happy to hear your voice? And if you cannot do this, write down all the experiences that you are grateful for this year. For sure there were plenty of good ones as well as the ones you learned from!

8) Read a good book. It may not be as stimulating as social media or TV, but it for sure allows you to gain deeper insights and inspiration. If it is a spiritual or self-leadership book you may learn something new about yourself. If it is mental wellness book you may learn how to re-evaluate your own well-being. If you feel that books are too long then here are some articles that you can read.

7) Remember to sleep well! One of the most common reasons for our chronic tiredness is lack of sleep. Lack of sleep also reduces our ability to focus, work, enjoy life, and stay physically well.

9) Remember what you really loved to do - find a moment and do this!

And if you still feel stressed after all of this, then you are welcome to take a stress test and spend 25 minutes learning about yourself. Or if you already have a membership with Wellness Orbit, visit one of the active trainings and take a moment to invest in improving the quality of your life.




We hope those recommendations will enable you to have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Thank you for being with us!



This blog post is written by Kaur Lass