Mental wellness got more attention than ever before

Mental wellness got more attention than ever before

How was your 2018? 

We often measure results of a good or bad year with external factors, based on what we achieved in the physical world: a new car, a new phone, or a new relationship (be it business/work or personal life related), etc.

How often do you stop to reflect what you achieved in your inner domain?

For example:

  • Are you are more productive and engaged with your work?;
  • Are you less distracted and irritated?
  • Are you more stress-free than last year? Last month? Last week?
  • Do you get along with others (in your team) better than before?
  • Do you feel more alive and more mindful?

If not, maybe its time to change that? What do you think?

What does self-development demand?

Remember – do you go to fitness training or to a gym while you are still feeling relatively physically well or do you start training only after you already have physical problems?

Yes, both options are possible, but what works best for you in your experience? What is more beneficial for you as a person? Probably training yourself to stay well, while you are still well. Isn’t it so? But let's look a bit further.

Isn’t it so that the purpose here is not even going to the gym – the aim is to be trained well enough so that you can face any physical challenge that you come into contact with.

We see that this is also equally valid in the case of mental wellness. You train yourself to face any mental or emotional challenge! Especially when you face work-related pressure, stress, burnout or anxiety.

We will write you about how mental wellness is beneficial for you and your team in our next week’s newsletter!

Meanwhile, let's have a short overview of the year 2018.

Last year mental wellness got more attention than ever before

Last year the UK had a massive mental health campaign that was led by the Royal Family. While it focused a lot on mental health problems and talking publicly about mental illnesses, it also revealed that mental health is something that 9 people out of 10 come in contact with.


If you do not face the problem yourself, it is highly likely that you have a family member or teammate at work who is or were affected by mental health problems or illnesses. That obviously leads to the conclusion that mental health in general needs a much more proactive approach as it at the end of the day it affects us all.

We all have mental health. Good or bad, that is the relevant question here! But what would happen if all of us had good intrapersonal education and practical intrapersonal skills that enable us to stay well?

We hope that in 2019 that will change. We hope that people start to focus more on how to prevent mental health problems in the first place as mental health problems affect so many people around the globe, especially the way we deal with work-related pressures, stress and our entrepreneurial journeys.

That is why we are very delighted that Dr Helena Lass and our team managed to get some media coverage for the new proactive mental wellness approach around the globe during 2018. At the end of the day, we all need excellent mental wellness!




Here are three articles that lead most visitors to our homepage last year:

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In the number of absolute readers, our articles published in the USA, UK, India and New Zealand outperformed those. What was your favorite article in our mental wellness article collection?

We would really appreciate your feedback as we plan to release more articles and knowing what helped you enables us to be more beneficial for you and your team.




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