Introduction of at Latitude59 start-up conference

Introduction of at Latitude59 start-up conferenceWellness Orbit box at Latitude59 demo-area

Wellness Orbit focuses on securing mental wellness for teams by providing digital training for the bright minds that work within your team. The fresh concept of the planned modern online training solution is pre-introduced at the demo area of the Start-Up Conference Latitude59 on May 31 and June 1, 2016.

Wellness Orbit will be a fully digital mental wellness e-training platform that is predominantly developed to answer the needs of entrepreneurs, companies, and other workplaces, addressing people and the way they work. 

In essence, Wellness Orbit is a mental wellness gym allowing to train intrapersonal skills of employees and entrepreneurs. Those mental wellness e-trainings allow companies and other workplaces can solve stress, burnout, anxiousness and disengagement problems.


Training the brains allows employers to open up employee's professional excellence and retain a workforce that is mentally healthy, agile, and creative, harboring an overall growth mindset.

The planned launch of the first e-learning course on our homepage is set for January 2017. This efficiently is the starting date of the global mental wellness revolution, which enables the fundamental shift from the currently dominating reactive problem-focused mental health approach towards the prevention and proactivity focused approach that is easily accessible.

The new mental wellness gym will offer proactive mental health training in a digital format

Wellness Orbit will be programmed from the ground up. Our focus is to come up with the best mental health e-training option out there.

Currently, we focus on designing a pleasant and easy-to-follow learning process. It will feature FullHD training videos, self-evaluation tests, and instant trainee feedback. The aim is to come up with a truly unique world-class mental wellness training environment that fits the needs of both employers and employees.

The team behind Wellness Orbit has previous entrepreneurship experience and strives to bring forward the new approach that Dr. Helena Lass has developed toward mental wellness. This approach is unique and based on a scientific paper that Dr. Lass has started to work on (publishing of it is expected in early 2018).

About Latitude 59

Latitude59 is the flagship tech event of Estonia. It has grown into the largest international startup and venture capital gathering in the region with world-class speakers & inspiring discussions.

2016 Latitude59 will have 1500+ attendees from all over the world. Our team is thrilled to engage with a multitude of individuals who share a keen interest in innovative and contemporary technological solutions.

Learn about the proactive mental wellness approach

Please feel free to visit us and share the news that soon there will exist an innovative e-learning environment that provides mental wellness centric workplace wellbeing programs.

Today and tomorrow you can genuinely enjoy lovely meetings with Dr. Lass in person within our designated exhibition space.

The Wellness Orbit e-trainings will be available for you and your employees 24/7 across the globe from next year! You can utilize an opportunity to witness the birth of the global mental wellness revolution!

Screenshots from the upcoming mental wellness trainings
Show me the upcoming e-trainings 


The news is forwarded by Kaur Lass