Intrapersonal skills enable professional skills to shine

Intrapersonal skills enable professional skills to shineOnly you can update your intrapersonal skills

It is time to take an 'inventory' of yourself to impact positively on your inner performance...

Your awareness is probably used now like the next generation of supercomputer technology that is running only a few outdated 'apps'. It is due to a reason that you let your brain/mind operate in the autopilot mode that utilizes a much-outdated 'monkey mind' app that is consuming most of your attention and it doesn’t leave much space for adequate behavior.

For succeeding in the modern and often efficiently more and more automated workplace, you have a choice – you either equip yourself with more effective tools/programs/apps that can boost your performance, or you will lose your job to an error-free robot/program/AI system. Companies and even state institutions prefer these modern-day tech solutions as IT runs systems that don't daydream, take sick leaves, or fail at a given task and its deadline.

Your grand opportunity to benefit

While these tech solutions are super-fast, they lack consciousness and fail to be creative and innovative. Robot/program/AI can so far only do what the programmer has stated it to do and here lies your grand opportunity!

Awareness-based intrapersonal skills are the 'apps' that you now need more than ever before. These awareness-based 'inner apps' will keep you focused, updated, and mindful of the actual situation.

When you learn to use intrapersonal skills, your value will rise as the top performer and team member. You can handle more information and respond adequately to any situation.

Lack of proactive mental wellness training causes procreation

Whilst you keep your own awareness in the 'sleep mode' you can't master your attention, keep your focus on the task at hand and use your creativity or access insights at will. Your inability to use awareness and intrapersonal skills means that your productivity is failing compared to robots/programs/AI solutions.

Worst case scenario, like any old computer, you slow down until you 'crash' and face mental health problems or illnesses that so often make people feeling unused and unnecessary in your workplace. Just like we update our computers, phones, and apps, we also need to update our own skills.

Your mind is more capable than you know!

Statistics show that on average only 15% of employees worldwide are actively engaged with their work1.

A lack of motivation doesn't come down to a lack of professional skills. We often possess most of the up-to-date professional apps on our computers and also have the know-how that we need for our purposeful work. We also know how we should act. On an occasion when we don't know what to do we can Google it or ask our colleagues to help us out. We can also learn new skills relatively fast. ... and still, somehow we often underperform.

Why is this so?

If we make a sweeping assumption, we could say that most people don't know what they are capable of. When was the last time that you studied your own inner domain? How thoroughly did you really study your own inner potentials?

How to get rid of inner malware or mental jamming?

Our awareness is like a very good 'operating system' that can run all other 'apps' smoothly, but instead, we let it run the 'monkey mind' app in autopilot mode. The problem is that this mind-wandering slows down the pace of your profession-focused actions and plans. You get interrupted by random events and become 'jammed'.

To get rid of jamming, you need to understand the inner architecture of Yourself. This further empowers you to notice and remove the existing inner obstacles (removing malware and replacing 'apps' that cause the jam with better ones).

With practical intrapersonal skills, your professional output can be maximized beyond your current 'norm'. Once you learn to use those inner skills, you will start noticing their true benefits.

What are the new skills for professional excellence?

The ability to notice and differentiate or access creativity and intuition or to take initiative are all awareness-based intrapersonal skills. Those skills need to be trained as those skills are the 'apps' that enable you to open up your professional excellence. Without those intrapersonal abilities, people can't exploit what they learned as professionals to the fullest.


We have developed the training course 'Getting Things Done' that enables upgrading of professional minds.

'Getting Things Done' is productivity focused online training

Accessing those intrapersonal skills really demands a guided inventory of Yourself. This mental wellness gym is designed for re-inventing human capacity. The e-trainings here enable you to carry out your own inner investigation and make personal development plans.

It isn't so much about mental analysis, but a practical approach that enables you to obtain adequate orientation and sufficient differentiation in real work situations. For example, you will learn to discern the instrument of thinking from your feelings.

Here you can discover in practice that your awareness truly is something totally different from your thinking during the guided practices that are incorporated into our e-trainings.

Intrapersonal skills as a solution

Let us encourage you. Whatever obstacles in your life, or whatever goal you may be striving to accomplish – you will become your best when you understand your inner domain.

Learning intrapersonal skills in a systematic way, as Dr. Helena Lass reveals in Wellness Orbit e-trainings, will enable you to understand what awareness is. You will notice how you can master your thoughts, feelings, and body, regardless of the circumstances around you. What could be done in your inner domain becomes clear to you (in the same way as IT experts know computers and programmers apps). This will enable you to take more control over Yourself. Once you do that you can become more engaged and focused and use your professional skills to the fullest.

How to start boosting the productivity of yourself, and your team?

We can sum it up with another example.

Awareness-based intrapersonal skills are the most universal skills of your inner world; you can also compare them to reading or writing. Your ability to read enables you to learn and adapt, just as intrapersonal skills enable you to learn and adapt. This is why success always starts with understanding your inner domain. It opens up a whole new world of possibilities unknown to you and your employees!

Make this year better than the last by joining the e-trainings enabling you to update your inner performance for lasting success for years to come.

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1 Source: How HR Leaders Can Win a Seat at the Table, Gallup, December 2017 – based on Gallup Report State of the Global Workplace.

This blog post is written by Kaur Lass and Chad Palmer