Annual membership and second mental wellness e-training are available

Annual membership and second mental wellness e-training are availableDr. Helena Lass, The mental wellness expert

"Mindfulness is very popular, but actually it is very old knowledge. It is about recognizing. Mindfulness is only the beginning of using awareness." - Ingvar Villido - the awareness teacher of Dr. Helena Lass


Do you desire:

  1. Employees who not just hear, but know how to really listen? 
  2. People, who never lose the growth mindset and eagerness to learn?
  3. People, who self-manage and take responsibility for their actions?
  4. A solution that caters to the self-development needs of different people?
  5. Real skills that support the full use of all existing professional skills?
  6. Real change in mindsets?
  7. The learning opportunity that is accessible anytime and from anywhere?

If so, then Wellness Orbit Annual Membership is the best solution for your company.

The Annual Membership secures your company the access to one new e-training practice (with 5 new training sessions) every 3 months, allowing unlimited re-participation in all received training(s) and provides access to all upcoming additional tools. In addition, the pre-paid Annual Membership saves you 25% compared to buying all trainings separately.

'Well Fit for Work' – the helps to secure mental wellness at work in the broadest sale

We are glad to announce the newest e-training 'Well Fit for Work'.  The second modern and digital online training developed and presented by Dr. Helena Lass consists of 5 sessions and brings into focus awareness based intrapersonal skills. Intrapersonal skills provide tools to change habits so those top professionals could face the challenges in the most effective manner possible. 

Check out the e-training: "WELL FIT FOR WORK"

Even this modern and well designed online training has it's rooted in mindfulness it takes your employees a step forward. It focuses on the very practical skills that people need to have to be able to work well when at work, and recharge well when off work. These skills that Dr. Lass talks about enable your team to have a “green light” for professional development. It explains the concept of awareness in a practical manner and improves the ability to lead emotions and thoughts.

This training is designed for companies who want to see improved employee engagement, confidence, and drive. As a byproduct, it also leads to mental wellness (that has nothing to do with mental illness; we will explain this a separate post later on).

Do you want to know how the buying and mental wellness training set-up process looks like? Come and take a closer look:


This blog post is written by Kaur Lass