Dr Med Helena Lass

How Dr Lass describes her values & journey: "Aside from being a medical doctor, I found my true calling when I started my first businesses (a clothing line Sume, followed by a private clinic Unego). That's when my inspiration really kicked in - everywhere I looked, I saw possibilities to improve lives and ways to contribute.

My own practice of awareness has resulted in being able to love learning and by now I know that I can acquire any skill that I set my intention on. It's also easy to discern what is important, spot trends and orient in changing environment. I have learned to release my automatic emotional reactions, so there is no unnecessary leakage of energy, bias in my perception or action. I have no fear of uncertainty or the reaction of the nay-sayers. Education about awareness has enabled me to recover my true Self along with my calling and now I consider life without awareness an ultimate tragedy - the root of confusion, emptiness and unnecessary sufferingI love to create new things, growing a business and exploring the prospects of AI & space travel.

Success for me is to see people apply their awareness more extensively and see our company grow so that we can serve humanity on an even wider scale, supporting people in re-inventing their real capacity.



Dr Helena Lass is the founder of our company Conscious Initiative PLC (owner of Wellness Orbit). She is passionate about entrepreneurship, medicine, functioning of the mind and the role of awareness in all of the above. As a medical doctor, she has been treating patients for over 10 years. However, about 5 years ago she stepped into the unknown and has dedicated her work towards developing a new, awareness based and pro-active approach to mental wellness and human capacity in general. On this radically new approach to the internal, her main mentor and source of inspiration is Ingvar Villido (a renowned awareness teacher with 25+ years of experience) and his practical-life centric teachings. 

Her aspiration is to lay a cornerstone for wider education on intra-personal skills and human capacity, applicable by everyone.

This new approach to education about the intra-personal bridges the gap between work and life, medicine and spirituality, own needs and contribution, money and meaning. She desires for people to be more satisfied in what they do, actively take part in life, suffer less, discover more about their Self & ways to implement their own awareness. 

Helena is also well known and sought after public speaker who has published a lot of articles related to pro-active mental wellness in Estonia.



Dr Helena Lass - educational and medical background:

  • Graduation from Tallinn English College 1998;
  • Obtained Medical Degree (1998-2004 - University of Tartu);
  • Residency in Psychiatry (conducted at The Psychiatry Clinic - part of The North Estonia Medical Centre 2004-2013); 
  • Specialist Diploma in psychiatry (University of Tartu 2013);
  • Specialist registration in psychiatry (Registered in Estonian Health Board, EU 2013); 
  • Practicing psychiatrist at her own private clinic Unego (2013- ... );
  • Founder, Development Director & Management Board member at Conscious Initiative PLC (owner of Wellness Orbit) (2015-...).

      +   Awareness studies:

  • The Art of Conscious Change Courses I-V and practices by awareness teacher Ingvar Villido (2001 - ... );
  • Books & mindfulness-related scientific papers etc.

Scientific paper: