Wellness Orbit's online training platform is dedicated to mental wellness and human capacity in a broad spectrum. 

All our mental wellness trainings are designed to enable entrepreneurs, companies and organizations to develop healthy and sustainable work patterns in modern knowledge-based and creative economies.

The aim of Wellness Orbit is to empower everyone in doing what they already do, only better. 

Our trainings instill the following values

  1. Personal initiative – the foundation of human capacity, productivity and professional skills (including entrepreneurship skills);
  2. Awareness – the foundation of all intrapersonal skills;
  3. Mental wellness – the foundation of health and individual wellness.


Wellness Orbit was born out of a need. When it comes to mental health and internal health in general, the main focus has been on disorders and the cure. This narrow approach has left people feeling that mental wellness has no relevance in life unless a mental illness occurs, up until now. 

In reality all humans possess an internal realm and experience intra-personal events ('intra', meaning inside) on a daily basis. Feeling emotions, learning, thinking, planning, focusing and leading our attention, having an ability to investigate, take initiative, gain insights etc can all affect our internal realms. Mental wellness in its rightful context means a certain ease in directing all of those internal processes.

Mental wellness is something that enables us to contribute and live our lives to the fullest. Wellness Orbit enables to access intrapersonal skills and mental wellness related know-how 24/7. We are accessible anywhere where there is Internet connection that is able to play FullHD video.

Wellnessorbit.com is a B2B digital video based online training platform developed by Conscious Initiative PLC in Estonia, oriented towards development of human capacity and intra-personal skills.

Estonia has a global reputation for being forward thinking and tech savvy. Known the world over as the start up capital of Europe, claims to fame include Skype, TransferWise, Taxify, GrabCAD, Testlio, and Pipedrive. Estonia is the first nation in the world to have e-residency and is a top player in the area of Internet security, earning itself its nickname, ‘e-estonia’. Digital disruption in our blood! 


Our aim is to disrupt the very stagnant arena of mental health with a new science based proactive approach towards mental wellness.

Wellness Orbit online training courses for employees are a unique coming-together of three very different worlds, medicine, entrepreneurship and awareness, strongly inspired by The Art of Conscious Change™ teachings. All our trainings are developed and conducted by Dr Helena Lass, our spark and soul.


Our mission is to improve overall mental wellness – on an individual level, in companies and organizations and in society as a whole. We see that companies and organizations experience huge financial loss from a lack of mental wellness and therefore stand to win most by making mental wellness available for their teams.

We provide skills for people to understand and direct some of the most important functions all humans possess – the intra-personal. By enabling education on awareness and intra-personal skills, we encourage exploration of what is our true human capacity is and how to express it in what we already do. 

We inspire people in your teams to explore their intra-personal skills systematically, so that they can be healthier, increase their initiative and be more creatively engaged in their work.

Our 9 promises to you and your team are listed here.


We see that wellness orbits around intra-personal skills. We see mental wellness as the foundation for purposeful action, not as a reward or separate from everyday tasks. 

Intra-personal skills help humanity to build a sustainable foundation for overall wellness, be better equipped to succeed and find meaning at work and in life. Our trainings are designed to proactively prevent mental health problems (such as stress, burnout, anxiety and depression).

Success for us lies in providing a pathway towards implementing the most powerful human tool in existence – awareness – with the consequent effect it generates for businesses, economies, education, environment, healthcare and individuals.


We want you and your team to be able to improve your human capacity and intrapersonal skills in order to secure good mental wellness and efficient use of existing professional skills. Welcome to the mental wellness gym!


Wellness Orbit is a member of Connected Health – an Estonian HealthTech cluster that is part of the European Connected Health Alliance and ScanBalt network.




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