Coffee Break Trainings

Wellness Orbit is soon going to launch 3 exciting trainings that every HR, executive or manager can easily take during a 10-minute coffee break.

 Coffee break 1: Stress and Employee Burnout

Coming up autumn 2019: Why is it important to address stress in your workplace?

► Coffee break 2: Mental Wellness at Work

Coming up winter 2019: What is mental wellness? How is it different than mental health?

► Coffee break 3: How to Make Employees Ambitiously Productive?

Coming up summer 2020: How to make your employees take more individual responsibility and be more ambitious?
Until the coffee break training is not available you can take your self-education about mental wellness to the next level here:

With less than 30 minutes you will experience:

  • Unique stress test with instant feedback;
  • professional video introducing how to avoid stress and burnout.



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